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The long and the short of it - PNG, Laos, Cambodian, Durban, Nepali, Leb27, and Flo

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    The long and the short of it - PNG, Laos, Cambodian, Durban, Nepali, Leb27, and Flo

    Today's the day and this is the thread!

    It's been 3 years since I've popped any seeds, and let me tell you, I'm excited!

    Here's what's going in the dirt:

    Papua New Guinea, collected in the Goroka highlands, and reproduced and shared by Azure (~20 weeks)

    Afropips Durban Poison, F2s from Dave Coullier's repro project (10-14 weeks, depending on pheno)

    Flo, bought as bulk seed from a dispensary (8-10 weeks)

    BlueHemp Baglung Nepali, reproduced by the Derg Corra Collective (8-10 weeks)

    Leb27, NLD line selected and shared by a friend. (~6 weeks)

    GN Laos Luang Prabang (20+ weeks)

    GN Khmer Gold (14-18 weeks)

    I'll be sowing 3 of each of most of these to give me a decent chance of getting at least 1 male and 1 female. The GN lines are very old stock though, and I'm not sure how they've been stored for the last decade or so. I'll be sowing 10 of each to see how many come up.

    I was hoping to do this in the safety of my own home, but family comes first and my wife has anxiety issues already, so outdoors they go. I've scouted a few promising guerrilla plots and I'm still trying to decide between planting one each of a few different varieties in each spot or a few of the same variety. I'm hoping to make seed with the Long flowering NLDs, as they won't finish where I am. (~40° N, humid subtropical climate, with an average first frost in the last half of October). At the very least, I should get a handful of calyces and some pollen for later projects.

    If I can make seed of each variety, I'll be thrilled. If not, I'm hoping to make some crosses between the long and short season varieties. If I could work just enough Lebanese or Nepali into the NLDs to get them to start flowering in July and finish in the first half of October, I'd have some great outdoor plants for northern climates. The Leb is a bit of a tricky candidate, though, as I'll need to pick through the offspring to weed out CBD dominant individuals.

    Also, if none of the Laos or Cambodian come up, I've got a Hmong Thai line and Hmong Thai x Highland Laos that are a lot more fresh.

    Thanks to Dave, Azure, RC, and everyone else who's generosity has helped me to reach this point.

    Hope you enjoy the ride!

    Edit: I was going to add seed pics, but I went over the image limit. I'll put them up in another couple posts.
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    Count me in
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      Seed pics







        Seed pics cont'd


        Khmer Gold


          After a 24 hour soak, all but one each of the GN varieties had sunk to the bottom. They were all planted in six pack seed trays today. All other seeds were direct sown in soil yesterday. Currently, they're out in the 84 degree sun.

          Just waiting on germination. Shouldn't be long now.

          Oh, and I started three extra nepali because I had three extra spaces in one of the six packs. This should improve my chances of getting one of the purple/black plants to use as a parent.

          Hope everyone's week is going well!


            Weekly update!

            At the moment there isn't much to show. Most of the fresh seed has sprouted, though there are a few stragglers. I've poked around at the old GN seeds to check on them, and they're still there and look fine. I gently popped a few with my fingers and sanded the edge of a couple that wouldn't pop. I was beginning to lose hope for them, but this morning, I found that one of the Laos has germinated! The little radicle looked perfectly healthy, so I may well have at least one Laos this year.

            The Durbans seem to be having a bit of a hard time. The first one to pop put out healthy cotyledons, but no root.

            The second one has put out a root, but it's stubby, like the tip died off. We'll see where it goes from there.

            The third one still hasn't germinated. I'll sow a couple more today, and hopefully they'll fare better.
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              Next up: Nepali

              So far, 5 of the 6 Nepali seeds have sprouted. They look great. Some are a little stretchier than others, a little more vigorous, or perhaps more NLD leaning. A couple sprouted with some really apparent purple coloration. They're greening up now, but you can still see it on some of them.


                Next: Leb27

                Here are the lebs! Two of them are super stretchy. I'll be putting them into their own 4" pots today, making sure to bury them deeper. These also showed a lot of color when they sprouted.


                They're doing great. Not much to say. They're a little stretchy, but they're good looking, happy seedlings.


                  And finally, the PNG:

                  Two of three are up. The third has germinated, but hasn't fully sprouted. They certainly have the longest, narrowest leaves of any of the seedlings. They're also the brightest green.

                  I'm tempted to pop some Hmong Thai and Skunk Haze to take the place of the lagging GN seeds, but I think I'm running out of time for such long/late flowering plants.

                  Any thoughts?

                  See you next week!


                    Originally posted by DARKSIDER View Post
                    Count me in
                    Thanks for joining in, Darksider, hope you like what you see!


                      I'm in too! This is going to be great!
                      Ace Seeds - Zamaldelica Grow Completed


                        Great to see you Azure! I'm following your outdoor thread over in the ace forum, and if my plants look half as good as yours, I'll be thrilled.

                        Today, I repotted the lankiest of the Lebs into a quart pot, buried about halfway up the stem. I'll have to do the same for the Flo soon, too.

                        I also got impatient with the GN seeds, which still look great, but show no signs of sprouting. I dumped out the Khmer Gold, put fresh soil in the six-pack, and sowed 3 of RC's Hmong Thai x Highland Laos in one side. I was only able to find 6 of the Khmer Gold seeds, so They're doubled up on the other side. The Thai x Laos seeds are only a year or two old, so we should see them sprouted by the next update.

                        Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Questions and comments are always welcome!


                          Originally posted by djimb View Post
                          And finally, the PNG:

                          Two of three are up. The third has germinated, but hasn't fully sprouted. They certainly have the longest, narrowest leaves of any of the seedlings. They're also the brightest green.

                          View Image

                          View Image

                          I'm tempted to pop some Hmong Thai and Skunk Haze to take the place of the lagging GN seeds, but I think I'm running out of time for such long/late flowering plants.

                          Any thoughts?

                          See you next week!

                          If you dont have at least 3 months of flowering time to devote to the SkunkHaze, or Hmong Thai, Id probably avoid starting them. Is this Sam's HazeSkunk? Ive grown it out before and it needs around 4 months of flowering time to be ready for harvest.

                          Glad to see you got plenty of other healthy seedlings to grow out. Alot of nice variety you've got going on. You prompted me to dig out some seeds of my fridge so Ill have some more variety in my garden. Just started some HazeSkunk F2's, ShitxHazeSkunk, DPxGD, ShitxGD.
                          Afropips Durban Poison & GN Thai Stick Grow Journal


                            I agree with the above post, with the NLD strains you'll have trouble getting them to set seed in time, let alone produce anything. Even with the regular northern hemisphere stuff it's pushing it. Depending on the weather, if it's hot and dry you could make out pretty well. At any rate I'd plant the seeds you have lots of as opposed to a few rare keepers.
                            This keeps coming up in different threads but I had success starting NLD's outdoors in July then moving them indoors in mid October to finish flowering by December/January. Maybe by then you'll have convinced the better half it isn't as big of a deal as she thinks it is. You could accomplish some nice breeding I'd love to see the Leb crossed with the SE Asian and New Guinea you'd have fascinating genotypes.


                              I'm not clear on the original provenance of the Skunk Haze. I got the seeds from Golden Beaver Farm in Oregon. Considering they said their Maui Wowie came from Gypsy Nirvana (most likely Nirvana via Seedboutique), I could see their Skunk Haze having originated from a pack of Sam's HazeSkunk freebies.

                              I am excited about all the variety, though I may have gone a little overboard. I'll definitely get a good feel for what's going to perform well here. The weather's so different from the PNW, where I lived til recently, I really don't know what to expect, aside from the fact that the winter will be awful.

                              I look forward to seeing some of the new varieties in your garden, especially the HazeSkunk F2s. I've read a lot about Sam's Haze crosses, but aside from Dropped Cat's Thunk, I haven't seen any being grown.

                              Thanks for the input! I knew it was a long shot when I started the seeds, but I have enough the PNG to spare a few, and plenty of the Hmong Thai x Highland Laos.

                              I keep lowering my expectations with the tropicals though, and now if I get some pollen, I'll be happy.

                              I grew some Colombian bagseed a few years back, and it took about 2 months for the earliest male to start flowering from seed. If the timeline on the PNG and HTxHL is similar, that'll put me in mid september, and there's a chance I could still pollinate some lowers on the Lebs, which I agree would be a very interesting cross. If not, I could always store some til next season.

                              Of course, there's also a chance I won't end up with a male from 3 of each variety. I think Dave's PNG run came out something like 75% female. In that case, I guess I'll find out just how cold hardy they are.

                              I keep hoping I'll make progress on the indoor front, but unless the laws change here or we move back west (also pushing for that), I think I'll be doing strictly guerrilla grows for the foreseeable future.

                              Thanks for stopping in, guys!