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The Elbow Room; Round Infinity (Rare Dankness; Sin City; CBD strains; CMH lights)

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    The Elbow Room; Round Infinity (Rare Dankness; Sin City; CBD strains; CMH lights)

    Howdy ICMAG peeps!
    I'm relocated and startig to settle down in my new digs....
    setup a 6 lite room with 4 1kw HPS hung horizontally, 2 per 4 x 8 table and on the far side of the room one vertical raw bulb 860 watt Ceramic Metal Halide (powered by a magnetic 1k w MH ballast) and a 315 watt Agro Elite Ceramic Metal Halide powered by a ballast made by a company in Boulder, CO. Both CMH bulbs are made by philips.

    On the far right of the room in a 4x8 flood tray I've setup plants in rockwool cubes on top of slabs of rockwool being fed by drip lines, drip to waste; plan on feeding one time per day with botanicare Pure Blend Pro until it runs out, then probably switch to dnya gro nutes:

    most of the plants in rockwool are buddah's sister, altho there are some Boss's sister in there and a few flo og's as well

    The rest of the room is all in organic soil, the majority of is recycled and re-amended from my last run in the "fresh start" room.

    I'll be growing some new and new-ish strains from Rare Dankness (Corn Bread, Jenny's Kush, Harlox, and 2 phenos of Flo OG), Sin City Seeds (Las Vegas Bubba Kush, Boss' Sister [Buddah's sister x El Jeffe]) as well as a slew of other strains; any one who's seen my past grows will know that I cannot limit myself to single strains and I love diversity.... love the different flavors.

    other strains in the mix are Harlequin (high CBD strain, 1:1 ratio, about 9% each), calio (nice clone only i got, tons of resin last round so it made the cut), my keeper pheno called "Caregiver" of Flo x Grimm Reaper, perhaps a flo in the mix... im sure there are a few im leaving out... like the Lemon Skunk x Lemon Larry OG Skunk that I've labeled "3L".

    All the plants in round black pots are sexed and ready to go, the ones in bigger white square pots are from seed and unsexed.

    you can see the vert 860 w CMH bare bulb in the back producing a very different quality of light compared to the 1kw HPS

    I've mulched with alfalfa hay this round on all the organic plants that have been sexed, and plan on mulching the rest when sexed.

    Also, i feel it should be said that all the plants shown have recently been transplanted and heavily loved on and treated for pests... prior to that they were in "stasis" underneath t5's while i got my personal life in order for a few weeks.

    I plan on veggin only a short time longer, just enough to get a good round of clones off these ladies before flipping them into flowering....
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    forgot to mention that I have a lil outdoor going and will post updates from it here as well... most exciting is the Gorilla Glue #4 that is outside....


      Looks like you have settled in real well!


        WTF took me so long
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        Completed: . . ... More vert lerv . . . . . . . Blumats, vert, n' dirt

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          Nice to see you back at it. Seen some FIRE come from Jenny's kush and cornbread so far. Good luck.

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            Looking really good avinash! like the strain selection this round.. I always enjoy watching your grows.. subbed
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              GOOOOAL! THREAD


                always see good things from you A , subbed for sure
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                  Looking good! Digging the slab setup. If you've got a minute, I'd love to see a few pics of your water system.

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                    Greetings. Your new location looks fine. I haven't seen you on the web much lately so that explains it. Who makes your soilless mix now?


                      Glad to see your settled in and running! I will be hanging out for the show.

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                        Originally posted by BOMBAYCAT View Post
                        Greetings. Your new location looks fine. I haven't seen you on the web much lately so that explains it. Who makes your soilless mix now?
                        i'm not really using a soil-less mix, not sure why u ask but;
                        im running organic soil that i mixed myself, most of it is recycled and re-amended from last round and heavily aerated with rice hulls, perlite, AND hydroton. the rockwool slabs are made by grodan

                        today i build the rest of the driplines for the soil side...
                        organic soil side of the room will be be on drip lines as well to keep soil at a nice moist place; but I also plan on hand watering in teas as the grow goes along. The drip line is kind of a fail-safe for the soil to remain moist no matter how busy my life gets this summer and in the future.

                        Originally posted by Headys View Post
                        Looking good! Digging the slab setup. If you've got a minute, I'd love to see a few pics of your water system.
                        I'll get u a pic asap, but to describe it;
                        submersible pump to 1/2 inch vinyl line to a T that creates a loop around the plants, from that loop i use 1/4 inch lines with no emitters, just the hose tied to a stake or the base of the plant; watering will be one minute once a day for the rockwool and probably a lil bit longer like 2 or 3 minutes per day (or maybe every other day) on the organic soil.
                        all the shit for the drip lines i got for cheap (imo) from big box hardware stores; im guessing it would-a cost more to supply from local hydro stores.

                        also, im starting to pop some seeds:

                        next up is Sour Bubble and Blue Moon Rocks from BOG and "golden triangle" from bodhi (triangle kush x appalachia) and perhaps some CBD crew (CBD yummy or CBD critical mass) gear I picked up a lil while back.

                        Thanks everyone for tuning in...


                          How do you like using the straw for mulch indoors? Does it break down as quickly as it does outdoors?
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                            im using alfalfa hay as a mulch, so far so good.... not sure how long it will take to break down but i have noticed it seems to be bleaching from light green to just straw yellow inside under the powerful lights

                            took clones today, an entire tray of the buddahs sister which has proven to be a very rewarding and interesting strain to grow AND smoke.... its stretchy and lanky in growth, wide node spacing, stretches alot the first couple weeks of flowering; but REALLY packs on the density and weight in flowering and is finished by no longer than 10 weeks (ime so far). ALSO surprisingly the buzz is remarkably indica style, heavy and dopey, not quite couch lock but def a heavy body buzz to it. smells lemony around week 5 or 6 of flowering and finishes more sweet citrus candy smelling, hints of durban poison smell in there and perhaps a lil trainwreck-y smell in with that lemon candy.
                            so ya, the buddah's sister is a keeper for know and that has led me toward a particular interest in the strain "boss's sister" made by sin city seeds; it's the buddah's sister (mom) crossed by el jeffe (father) which is a rare dankness strain; not 100% sure of the background of the el jeffe, i thought it was a williams wonder cross but can't find anything to back that up now.....
                            also sin city claims the boss' sister to be a very high yielder... in veg it is similarly stretchy and lanky altho both female phenos i have have broader slightly more indica style leaf structure than the buddah's sister which has VERY slender sativa looking leaves.

                            also cloned from 2 female phenos of Las Vegas Bubba Kush, also from Sin City Seeds... truly i don't know what to expect from this, i've always been a fan of the knockout stone of Bubba Kush, and in the past i've had more grapey fruity phenos of BK that are not simply the earthy coffee musk of your average bubba kush and have always hoped to recapture something like that.

                            got the first round of clones of my small R4 (wu #5 pheno) mother:

                            this strain produces HIGH amounts of CBD and VERY LOW nearly insignificant amounts of THC, which may seem crazy to most people, but... it can be processed to produce high CBD concentrates that are very useful and the strain could potentially could be grown legally as "hemp" but processed into medicinal concentrates.

                            aside from that somewhat undesirable trait (no matter how useful) the r4 strain is also slow to veg and does not branch out latterally very well at all; altho all node spacing is VERY tight there are not many lateral branches at all for creating clones or other tops on the plant.
                            I was warned of this "shitty growth" from the strain when it was given to me; also was warned about the leaf mottling or veriegation, another very interesting train of this strain

                            detail of R4 leaf veriegation/ mottling:

                            All in all the R4 (wu #5 pheno) is a strain that I'm keeping around simply to spread it around to other people who want it in the community here in CO, just as I've done with the harlequin strain, which imo is a MUCH more well rounded and useful strain. I warn people about the R4 just like i was warned.
                            the "ACDC" strain is similarly 30+:1 ratio of CBD:THC with THC levels low enough to possibly qualify it as "hemp" legally however it has much nicer growth pattern and structure than the R4 (so I'm told, haven't gotten my hands on the ACDC yet).

                            Took clones off the Harlox female and am having the 2 MALE phenos of Harlox tested to find out which has higher CBD and is therefore better for breeding CBD rich strains.
                            Took a TON of Cornbread clones; another bubba kush strain (from rare dankness) im optimistically searching for that wonderful sweet bubba flavor and heavy stone.
                            Got some clones off the female Jenny's Kush which is looking great, sativa leaning leaf structure but with close node spacing.

                            Probably will take an entire tray of the Calio and another tray of the 2 keeper Flo OG phenos. Both are very vigorous strains that take root from cloning very well. Many plants from the two strains have survived the move in and out of "stasis" and fighting off the pests they have been exposed to, and are starting to look nice after being transplanted and are ready to clone from now.

                            Oh yhea, and seeds are up...
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                              last batch of seeds was 100% germination of:
                              alphakronic steven hawkings kush (harle-tsu x sin city kush)
                              alphakronic dog father
                              alphakronic "queso kush" spring mix
                              "Khalisi" - Afghan Jihad x Purps IBL

                              I'm looking forward to the Khalisi alot... and all the alphakronic gear is not mine, it's for a friend who needed some help popping them so i did the task. lots of high CBD seeds in the mix....

                              next tray of popping seeds:
                              BOG Sour Bubble
                              BOG Blue Moon Rocks
                              CBD crew CBD yummy
                              "old school" bubble gum
                              Rare Dankness Grape OX

                              Took that tray of clones from calio and Flo OG
                              let the clone army march onward; with seedlings in tow.