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  • Ph-patrol
    Just got on IG a couple months back..Feels like a tourist trap to is what it is.
    I figured out how to post with my computer not my's just another place but Icmag is the real deal and home.

    Would have loved to see the out come on the Mango biche...


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  • accessndx
    Too many IC expats...running for the IG border. LOL. I feel like an old man without all the tweets and facebook notifications.
    Oh well, whenever I scoop a new phone I'll probably join the pack. I'm still running the IOS 7....can't get the new IG app without 8 or higher I think.
    Regardless, I'll always be here where the story can be told in the old ways before light and time

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  • Babbabud
    Seems like IG is just a place to show off pics .... here we can get the whole story

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  • Medium Pimpin'
    sorry for not being around much folks.
    the forums sure fell to the wayside, seems everybody is on IG or SC now.
    myself included.
    still alive and kicking and doing my thing.
    same fucking soil for getting close to 3 years now, give or take. i dont remmeber.

    pretty much sea green, mammoth p and water these days.
    if u guys want, pm me for my Instagram nick.

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  • Happy Times
    Originally posted by Medium Pimpin' View Post
    Been a hot minute since i posted anything up.
    same old tent, same old dirt, chugging along for over a year now.
    all Glue and 2 Corey's making some filler for head.
    just over 7 weeks
    View Image
    View Image
    View Image

    So, only a year and half later.....

    Same soil for a year? How does that work? I dig growing in soil a lot so can't help but be curious!

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  • DoubleTripleOG
    Just cruising thru, pimpin'. Curious as to what you have going at the moment? Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

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  • Tonatiuh
    lookin good MP...them sours are about to blow up.
    looks like some good smoke ur trimmin up.
    i have a similar portable e nail...i have the dabadoo.its the same thisng pretty much.
    ill put a pic of it up in my thread.

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  • DoubleTripleOG
    That rig is awesome!! What wattage battery you rockin' with it? Do you know the name of it, I want one already, lol. Those HS x R buds look sweet, is it real "loud" ?

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  • Medium Pimpin'
    Sour Dank
    It very well could be too much N, i dont really ever add any back tho lol.
    Maybe i shouldn't toss the fan leaves as mulch when defoliating anymore.
    Not really sure what else to do.
    I'll get where i need to be eventually.

    snapped some pics while tearing up the bong this morning.

    i want to show you my slick new "on the go" rig i bring to my overnight pimpin' job.
    works wll but tears thru the battery to hit it.
    i literally have to plug it into the usb after a good session.

    now that we're headed into some cooler months, its time for a run of sour!
    flipped 8/8

    and some Hawaiian Skunk x Rom getting ready for trim.

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  • SourDank
    Maybe a little too much N in the soil causing her to keep wanting to spit out new growth? Not that that would explain the weird 1 and 3 blade fan leaves tho. I've read and reread CF's thread about that cut so many times, awesome she's still around. Looking forward to seeing her when the soil is figured out

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  • Medium Pimpin'
    last run of TK x stardawg ix in coco, fed perfect grower nutes according to their chart

    pre chop pics of classic seeds Hawaiin skunk x romulan

    pretty much it for now.
    i'm testing some 818 og x sshf3 for Relentless seeeds.
    i threw up a bunch of pics in his subforum if you want to peep them.
    nothing too exciting yet.
    but these girls went in the place of the mango, and they look great.
    no bullshit fan leaves, looks fucking fantastic

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  • Relentless
    that's interesting MP. Im no expert with sats, but maybe just hang in there and they will explode? what day are they at?

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  • Medium Pimpin'
    i knew if i wished hard enough dreams can come true!
    Thx sailor

    Thx alot buddy. always appreciate people popping in the thread and enjoying what they see.

    You're not kidding, but the final smoke is awesome.

    sup brother, good to see you.
    unfortunately that mango is gone. i'll explain more soon.

    Sour Dank
    Same cut, Weird nailed it, it's Roasted O's famed cut.
    i do miss RO, havent seen him on the boards in along time, good people.

    heady blunts
    sup fam! i usually run 2 tiers of trellis anyway.
    the trick is not to glue any of your pvc fittings, this way i can pull the pvc out of the angle connectors and place the pvc into the connector vertically to hold the screen up and out of the way to work on the girls.
    this is until they fill the screen of course, then it doesnt move til chop.
    i use 4 and 5 way 3/4" furntiture fittings in all corners. it's always an expandable system this way and easier to work with.

    Thx for the tidbit of info, most of the girls smelled of pineapple.
    they are chopped and hanging as i type.
    i took cuts of flowered branches in hopes of a reveg for the winner(s)

    OK now, i've been having a problem with sativas in the beds lately.
    i've had excessive stretching to say the least.
    girls keep growing and not flowering well for the time in.
    i culled the mango haze, wasnt far enough along for me and she started spitting out weird leaves.
    1-3 bladed fansand stacked bud sites took off stretching.
    i got no time to add weeks onto flowering and had shit that was rready to flip.
    she had to go, was very disappointed with myself, but i still have her in house.
    no harm no foul but bottom line dictates decisions around here.

    i'm not really sure what is causing this, i even had the flowering cycle at 11/13 to no avail.
    they look healthy and happy, but clearly are not.
    i think i'm finally going to have to do a soil test to see where the beds are at.
    i dont reamend a ton of shit in between runs.
    some rock dusts, kelp and compost really
    i dont think that enzymes (pond cleaner dry formula with barley) would cause this, i use it sparingly when i first plant the bed to help break down old roots and keep the nutrients cycling.
    indica dom shit does great in the same beds, it's only my sattier girls (hazes)
    hopefully it works itself out, nobody likes culling crops lol.
    thk god i'm a workaholic and have multiple jobs or my ass be broke as a joke with these fuck ups lmao.

    any ideas? feel free.
    in the meantime some pics

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  • MOneYMiKe
    Jeje you pop up here and there like a gopher ya brother....

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  • Weird
    Originally posted by SourDank View Post
    I second that, would love to see how the Mango is doin now as well. Is that the cut CF made the thread about years back or is this one of your selections brother?
    it is the roasted o cut

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