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    Hemps Coco Grow

    Hey, welcome to my second coco grow (Frist Grow).
    The grow will start in a few days, pics will follow

    Grow space 1,44m² (1,2m x 1,2m)
    600W Hps
    430/800m³ exhaust with carbon filter running at 430m³
    A fan blowing some air at my plants
    Canna Coco A+B
    Canna PK 13/14
    Canna Rhizotonic
    Canna Cannazym
    Advanced Natural Power Final Solution
    Ph- Bloom, Ph- Grow
    Plagron Coco Premium

    This grow I will grow some
    -Tangerine Dream from Barneys,
    -Trainwreck from Greenhouse and
    -Pure Kush from Greenhouse

    However i already popped some seeds for the grow after this one, namely:
    -Sugar Punch
    -Snow White from Spliff Seeds
    Im especially excited about the Sugar Punch since ive red alot of good stuff bout this one.
    And now i will list my seeds to make this post longer and because im bored xD
    I plan to test some of them in the future but at the moment i got more important projects goin on (SugarPunch, produce some autoflower seeds :P )

    Lets start:
    Northern Light Special, Spliff seeds
    Power Plant, Spliff Seeds
    Snow White, Spliff Seeds
    Ak, Spliff Seeds
    Bubblegum, Spliff Seeds
    Tangerine Dream, Barneys Farm
    LSD, Barneysd Farm
    Amnesia Lemon, Barneys Farm
    Super Bud, Greenhouse
    Pure Kush, Greenhouse
    Auto AK, Spliff Seeds
    Sugar Punch,
    Extrema x Heribei

    I think thats all for now.
    If someone can give me some tips about what i should pop next, or has any questions feel free to ask /tell me
    cya in a week or so when i upload the 1st pics
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    Nice, Best of luck ! =)


      Here we go, the first pic

      In vertical rows:
      Trainwreck, Trainwreck, Trainwreck
      Dutch automatic (a cripple, i guess too much nutrients), Auto AK, Pure Kush
      and the last 2 rows are Tangerine Dreams

      The plants grow really fast considering my low night temps, lets see how they develop
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        Its time for another update
        ( Grow1 ,Grow2)



          sooo, now after the roots are established the plants start to grow really fast

          The first pic shows a group shot

          On the 2nd pic you can see a Trainwreck. The TW started to develop large leafs and numerous sine branches.

          The third picture shows a Pure Kush. Also develops some side branches but it will stretch more than the TW and TD so im thinkin about topping it. Im not sure yet tho. Its kinda pale and has a very light green colour. I suspect it could use some more mg but its very sensitive to nutrients :/

          The next pic shows my Auto AK. It grows very fast and has very strong root developement. They are looking out of the bottom of the pots. They grew even trough the hydroton at the bottom and arer lookin very healthy. Its gettin a nice little bush, i hope it will stretch a bit more before the flowering kicks in.

          The last 2 pics show the Tangerine Dream. They started to grow really fast developing many strong sidebranches, not much else to say

          I guess in about a week i will remove some of the bottom branches that , in my opinion, arent growing strong or fast enough so the plant focuses its energy on the top branches

          Thats all for now
          Have a nice day
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            very interesting mixed culture. sorts from modest till nasty
            on the picture it looks like the auto-ak have the most of all capability
            hopefuly with the stoning too then^^
            but nevertheless watch out ur night temps
            My Coco Grow

            My Arbutus Coco Grow


              Best of luck with your second grow comrade!


                thanks^^ i will upload some more pics tomorrow, the plants already gerew a bit since the last update
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                  Here comes the update^^
                  pic1: tangerine dream
                  pic2: pure kush
                  pic3: auto ak
                  pic4: trainwreck
                  pic5: group shot

                  The plants are doin very good considering i wasnt watering them for 3-4 days because of the holidays^^
                  I really like the growth of the auto ak. The sidebranches are almost as high as the main branch.
                  ( Grow1 ,Grow2)


                    im back from my short holiday with some fresh pics from my garden

                    pic1: groupshot
                    pic2+3: Auto ak. I was really happy to see my auto ak flowering after i came back. It was a pleasant surprise to see them in bloom. The light is still on 18/6 so its a real auto
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                      pic1+2: Trainwreck. Grows nice and bushy with long, floppy branches. I love her smell its kinda like lemon aromatised black tea.
                      pic3: Tangerine Dream
                      pic4: Pure Kush
                      ( Grow1 ,Grow2)


                        Heya its time for another update

                        pic 1: groupshop
                        pic 2: Pure Kush
                        pic 3+4: Auto Ak. Shes growing nice and fast with strong sidebranches hehe. I like
                        ( Grow1 ,Grow2)



                          Pic 1+2: Trainwreck
                          Pic 3+4: Tangerine Dream and a TD leaf that i removed today.
                          I removed alot of leafs and lower branches during the last few days but the planzs still grow and look great
                          Some plants show deficiencies on the lower leafs because of me not being able to water them 2 times for 3-5 days during the holidays.
                          Nothing im worried about tho, the new growth looks good and the plants make a healthy impression on me .
                          ( Grow1 ,Grow2)


                            Looking good Hemp! I just made the switch over to coco so im tuning into some coco logs and this is one. How you like the Tange Dream from BF so far? Had some nice 70u full melt from it and that shit was some tasty stuff! Subbed!!



                              The Tangerine Dream is some nice daytime smoke and at some point the smell is really like tangerine peel. Sadly the smell didnt transfer to the finished bud...I guess i have to work on my drying technique a bit hehe.
                              This grow i got Final Solution from advanced natural power or somthin like that so we will see if i can improve the smell in the dried product.
                              All in all i wasnt impressed by the TD but since it is a massive yielder i grow it again

                              Btw. it was a wise choice to go with coco. Its easy, the plants grow fast and it forgives alot hehe.
                              This is my second grow in coco so im not that skilled yet, but if you have any questions feel free to ask, i will try to help wherever i can
                              ( Grow1 ,Grow2)