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    MilehighGuy's Organic Soil Journal

    Welcome to the Next Chapter of my Organic Perpetual Journal.

    I decided to finally end the Re-Invention Thread I had going because I felt that I have finally found my home with organic soil mixes and I want a place to journal the important events from the start of my first complete soil mix without using a bagged soil.
    I’m waiting for a few last ingredients to arrive by mail today, but I’ll list everything that will be going into my soil mix. I will leave out the actual amounts until the day that I amend and see how it all goes.

    Recipe thanks to Gascanastan and his amazing thread.
    I'm learning so much lately over here -- >>

    1. Sphagnum Peat Moss - $24 for two 3.5 Cubic Foot Bails
    2. Large Bag of Vermiworm Fresh California Red Wiggler Worm Castings- $29
    3. Live Worms and EWC with Compost in a 5 gallon bucket from the local worm guy $50
    4. Fresh top soil from a friends organic garden just full of good stuff. Free
    5. Local 1.5 year old compost from mainly leaves, grass and sticks. Free
    6. Big Bag of Coco- Croutons $10.00
    7. Big Bag of Vermiculite - $10.00
    8. Ancient Forest – Had this around my house NOT USING THIS. DECIDED ON LOCAL FOREST DUFF
    9. Powdered Bentonite - $10
    10. Ground Oyster Shell - $10
    11. Ground Gypsum - $15
    12. Crab Shell Meal - $30 25lbs
    13. Kelp Meal - $10
    14. N Bat Guano – Had this already
    15. Fish Bone Meal - $10
    16. Sul-Po-Mag - $12
    17. Neem Seed Meal - $25
    18. Alfalfa Meal - $12
    19. Bag of Cowboy Charcoal - $15
    20. Bag of “HydroLite” Zeolite Silica type Material Similar to Perlite for Aeration. $30

    I’ll be mixing a fresh AACT with some EM-1 to inoculate the soil and help it compost for 1 month before I start using it.

    I’m just learning about the EM-1 and Effective Microorganisms, it has me excited.

    Once the soil is mixed and composted I’ll be filling up my 10 Gallon Dirt Bags and Running them all out.

    For water, I have a personal water filter machine that is very effective. .05 Micron and I’ll be filling up a 30 Gallon Reservoir and Running BluMats for Flower and Hand Water for Veg.

    T5 Lights in a 4x4 Veg Room

    3 x 600W PlantMax with Phantom Digital ballast for the Flower room. Air Cooled Hoods. 4x8 Tent

    Throughout the Grow I’ll be using Silica and Aloe Vera Juice for Foliar.

    I’ll most likely brew a tea up for the Transition to flower.

    I’m learning much right now and would sincerely appreciate any input or questions that you have as I hope that this is my best run yet.

    I’ll update my Strain selection once the soil is ready and I choose my first Ladies for the Batch.

    EDIT: I'm also running a version of Coots soil mix.

    1 Part Sphagnum Peat Moss
    1 Part Compost
    1 Part Lava Rock
    1 cup per Cubic Foot of the following:
    Neem Cake
    Kelp Meal
    Crab Meal

    Added about 1 cup per Cubic Foot of Oyster shell and 3 cups per of Gypsum.

    After that I filled up 10 gallon container and left 4 inches or so to top dress with Earth worm castings and still have room for watering.

    I like Cootz Mix, and will continue to use both and eventually mix them together.
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    New Organic Soil Journal

    Hey man just found this thread, ill definitely be watching to see how this goes for you... I'm also making my own soil mix currently but looks like it make take a bit longer than yours. I went the simpler route and just gabbed the KIS nutrient pack for 40 bucks it amends 4 c.f of soil

    VERT Grow Thread!
    ECSDxSSSDH test thread!

    Any posts made by me are purely fictional in nature and by no means is anything I say to be taken seriously. I do not grow or condone the growing of anything not legal. Any and all pictures I post are pictures widely available on the internet and any discussions I am involved in are purely hypothetical or are commentary in nature and should not constitute advice or be considered advice to assist in activities that are deemed illegal.


      Sounds awesome man
      Instagram @whodatisco
      Who grows Glue better than you. (current)


        Good Luck!

        enter here

        Originally posted by NSPB
        The purpose was to metaphorically stack the deck with the best possible hand in the plants corner, so when we simply mimic rain, the plant can go all in.

        NSPB Full Life Formula


          That's one hell of a soil mix. You're about to have some monsters in the tent and I can't wait to see them.

          Many people would sooner die than think; In fact, they do so.

          Bertrand Russell


            So Stoked right now.

            Just ate a strong brownie.

            Driving my truck around to my workshop in a minute to unload a Huge Bin of Fresh Compost and 10 Gallons of 3/4" Red Lava rock.

            Then, It's time to get my mix on, finally!

            I'll be brewing the tea tonight so I wont actually Tea my batch until tuesday, but by the end of the day, I'll have several huge containers full of soil with the lid on, ready to compost.

            I'll snap a few pictures of the mixing just to get some photo's up on here and I'll snap some pic's of the seedlings that will be the first in this batch.

            @ Soursmoker - Glad to have you here, saw your post in the living organic thread and It will be nice to see how your second soil batch does this time.

            @whodatis - Thanks Mang!

            @ Marlo - Stoked to see you here, I've got your theme song playing in the background just to get me pumped up right now... and for those that don't know. The WoW thread has the best music haha

            @ Funk - I'm getting better everyday, but his mix has been really fun to research and bring together. I can't wait to witness the results.
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            New Organic Soil Journal



              Your mix will serve you well - top-of-the-line base materials coupled with viable humus and a good slant on mineralization.

              Done. Finis. Ovah.



                Currently Soaking some crushed up Cowboy charcoal in fresh water with some liquid sea kelp and a little bit of liquid Humics.

                Smoking a nice bowl right now of some of my frostiest Swt#4 x C99 ever. Really happy with it.

                Then, back to work, So far I have the Coco hydrated and mixed with the Sphagnum, Worm Castings, Worms, Top Soil, Lava Rock and HydroLite rocks. Time to get busy!
                New Organic Soil Journal


                  Originally posted by ClackamasCootz View Post

                  Your mix will serve you well - top-of-the-line base materials coupled with viable humus and a good slant on mineralization.

                  Done. Finis. Ovah.

                  I'm excited that I'm starting to understand why it will work, as opposed to just following the recipe. Thanks for all your input.
                  New Organic Soil Journal


                    Got it all mixed last night, good work out too.

                    Realized last night that I could not find that bag of Ancient Forest, I must have used it for something, so I'm going to go get some Forest Duff Tomorrow morning from the forest around here and finish the final mix up before I Tea the Batch.

                    Pictures tomorrow.
                    New Organic Soil Journal


                      Originally posted by MileHighGuy View Post
                      Realized last night that I could not find that bag of Ancient Forest

                      One of the best scams in this deal - Ancient Forest is simply a re-badged product that is sold under several names: Alaska Humus, Alaska Magic, etc.

                      Microbeman ran a series of tests on this product - Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss & Alaska Magic (Humus)

                      Save yourself big money in the future. I got nailed on this bunk 3 years ago and I bought it direct from Elaine Ingham's marketing company down in Corvallis, EarthFort




                        Good News then! and thanks for not saying anything until I was without hahaha

                        I'll be sourcing my own local Forest Duff tomorrow. I might as well get some more firewood Will I'm at it too.
                        New Organic Soil Journal


                          Bout to go check on some seedlings and snap a few pictures.

                          Here is some Organic Bud Porn... Swt#4 IBL x C99 seeds that I made. Smoking a bowl right now.

                          This lady is always one of my frostiest

                          The picture just doesn't do her justice, she is absolutely COVERED in trichomes.
                          New Organic Soil Journal



                            Current project: ..Right here. Seriously, just click it.

                            Completed: . . ... More vert lerv . . . . . . . Blumats, vert, n' dirt

                            "Then they took me by the hand, and they invited me right in.. Then they showed me something, I don't even know where to begin.."


                              Sounds like it's going to be nice in here! Pulling up a seat