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Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil

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    Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil

    Hello friends. A short introduction before we kick this grow off. I have been a member of Icmag and grasscity for about 6 years but never had a legit grow. Well I decided to finally build a room after years of telling myself there wasn't a good place in my house to do it. I decided to change user names because to many old friends knew my previous user name.

    If you dont have a sense of humor then this probably wont be the the thread for you because my blunt sense of humor is going to offend you. Its all jokes though. Every race, creed, color is fine by me but will probably get made fun of somewhere in this thread.

    OK, now about the grow. The room was dug out of a crawl space under my house. It was a BITCH! pick axe and shoveling is no fun, especially when there is no room to work in. Well anyways, got the hole dug and threw an insulated frame around it and split in into two rooms. the veg room is 3x4.5 and 8 feet tall with a 400 watt MH. The flower room is 3x5 and 8 feet tall with a 600 and a 400 watt HPS. Three Weeks and 2 grand later. Here she is

    Strains go as follows:
    5 Jack Herer from sensi seeds
    1 Feminised Super Skunk from Nirvana
    1 Feminised ICE from Nirvana
    1 Feminised White widow from Dinafem (attitude freebee)
    1 Feminised Autoflowering Hobbit from Kannabia (attitude freebee)
    1 Feminised Autoflowering Mikromachine from Kannabia (attitude freebee)

    Total 10 plants. 4 of them (all Jack Herer) will be in a DWC tupperware bucket. I will be running Botanicare CNS17 Grow, CNS 17 Bloom and Cal Mag along with fox farms Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom.

    The rest will be in Organic soil. My recipe is borrowed from one of these threads i stumbled on and i just altered it to my likings. Its

    6 parts Pro mix BX
    2 1/2 parts Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    2 1/2 parts perlite
    2 parts Earthworm Castings
    Powdered Dolomite Lime (1 cup per cubic foot)
    Less than 1 part Bone Meal

    I will be feeding them organic tea with the recipe ( also borrowed from another member and altered. I would credit him if i remembered who it was)

    Veg mix:

    1/3 cup High N Mexican Bat Guano
    1/3 cup Earthworm Castings
    5 tsp Algamin Kelp Meal
    (That makes the "dry mix". You can make all you want and save it to use later.)
    Mix with water @ 2 cup of dry mix into 5 gallons of water to make the tea.
    To the 5 gallons of tea add:
    5tbs. Diamond Black Humic Acids
    5 tbs. Blackstrap Molasses
    a little bone meal
    Use it every 3rd watering

    Flowering mix:
    2/3 Cup Mexican Bat Guano
    2/3 cup Earthworm Castings
    2/3 cup Indonesian Bat Guano
    5tsp Algamin Kelp Meal
    (That makes the "dry mix". You can make all you want and save it to use later.)
    Mix with water @ 2 cups of dry mix into 5 gallons of water to make the tea.

    To that 5 gallons of tea add:
    5 tbs. Diamond Black Humic Acids
    5 tsp. Black Strap Molasses

    Use it to water with EVERY watering. (A little Bone Meal every 3rd watering)

    Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil

    where did you put the dirt from the dig???
    congrats on the new room, looks like cooling won't be hard down there.
    best wishes!
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      I'll be checking it out. I like that you picked Clayton Bigsby as your name and a picture of Chef! Talk about adding value to the home. That looks like it was hard work man. Best of luck with the grow!
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        Originally posted by Chunkypigs View Post
        where did you put the dirt from the dig???
        congrats on the new room, looks like cooling won't be hard down there.
        best wishes!

        The dirt from the dig is in the crawl space next to the room and yes cooling is perfect down there. i have 2 400 watt and one 600 watt and the room stays at about 74-76. 62-67 while lights are off

        More pics since my orginals got deleted.

        Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


          Ok I know the entertaining part inst until the babies grow up, but since i have a few auto strains, i figured i would keep this thread up-to-date for the few ppl interested. (like myself)

          Auto Hobbit

          Auto Mikromachine

          Jack Herer in DWC

          Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


            White power


              best of luck CB, looks like plenty of back ach went into this project and I cant wait to see that jack on DWC

              bests opus


                Originally posted by TribalSeeds View Post
                White power

                Haha Clayton couldnt of said it better himself!

                Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. The babies are starting to come along! ill post pics within the next couple days.
                Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                  Since the grow room is 3 feet underground, it made it pretty much impossible to lift a 15 gallon Tupperware container out to change the water. To make things easier i made a little pump with a hosepipe to pump the water out of the room and out from the crawl space. Makes things much easier.

                  I also tapped into my sink water that goes through an Aqua-Pure water filter which takes out most chlorine,dirt/rust sediment. i connect a hose pipe to the same water that comes out of my sink and lead it to my room to fill the 15 gallon bucket up.

                  Pics of the plants comming soon
                  Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                    So I just got done with some Bald Eagle hunting and decided i would take some pics of my babies.

                    Haha I joke, i joke. But seriously I did take pics.

                    Today is DAY 25. First are the autos. Both of my Autos are in Organic Soil. I gave them the first dose of my veg tea yesterday. The Auto Hobbit is growing very nice and has already showed shes a female. The Mikromachine hasnt showed sex yet but shes growing very nicely and looking sexy.

                    AUTO HOBBIT

                    AUTO MIKROMACHINE

                    Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                      Next up are the rest of the organic soil plants. They are doing very well and i just gave them their first veg tea. They all look great but the White Widow and the Super Skunk are the best looking with the best growth. The only problem is the ICE is being a little bitch. Although she is healthy, she has slow, smaller growth than the rest. Little whore is taking for granted what all the others seem to love.

                      Here are the pics. BTW, if you see any black spots on the leaves, dont worry their just droplets of the tea i fed them.

                      JACK HERER

                      SUPER SKUNK


                      Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                        WHITE WIDOW

                        Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                          Now for the DWC plants. All the other DWC grows ive done, ive used Botanicare line of nutrients with great results. Well this run i decided to switch to Fox Farms because of the Big Bloom and Grow Big. Needless to say IT WAS A HORRIBLE DECISION! I mixed my feed in with the water and after an hour the PH was at 4.5! so i added ph up and got the PH to 5.8. I left for a couple days and came back to find my plants had PH lockout. i checked the PH and what do you know, its at 7.0! So i switched back to the Botanicare CNS17 Grow along with their CalMag and the ph has been at 6.0 for the last day or so. Im HIGHLY dissapointed with Fox Farms hydro nutes but i still think ill use the Kangaroots and maybe hit them a couple times with the Big Bloom when they start to flower.

                          Heres the pics. All the plants in DWC are JACK HERER.

                          EDIT: I took all the jack herers out of the bucket and tansplanted them into soil so no need to RE-UPLOAD those pics. I kept 1 jack in a 5 Gal DWC bucket and shes doing great. the rest were transferred to soil. 1 male, 1 hermi, 2 females.
                          Clayton Bigsby's Underground Grow DWC & Soil


                            hell yeah man, talk about sweat equity!

                            no doubt very inspirational for those who feel like they can't make it happen on their own.
                            if i could rep ya, i would!

                            must've been hard to dig out all that dirt being blind and all
                            "It was the straying that found the path direct."
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                              ... H O L Y shit man... you did what EVERY Guy dreams of as a kid.. a secret cave

                              FUCK YA - AMERICA!

                              Nice work. Details and dreams.
                              Patience is Essential
                              Genetics are Everything.
                              Success will Follow