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Back to the Land: Southpaw Does Mystery Maple and PPP

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    Back to the Land: Southpaw Does Mystery Maple and PPP

    What's up everybody? Come on in and take a seat!

    I got burnt out on growing last year and this is my first effort after a much needed break. It's been a good spring, more or less. Some heartbreak to deal with, but I've got a new job, in a new city, with a new plan for the future, and a more positive outlook. But that said, I'm heading back to an old medium. That's right ladies and gents, these plants are being grown in plain old, reliable, no muss no fuss, organic soil. It's where I started, and it's great to be back in it, getting my hands dirty.

    I spent two years playing with coco. While I will still clone in it, and still use it to keep tiny mothers going, at the end of the day it stressed me out more than it probably should have. Bad PH pens, constantly mixing nutes, hand watering every day or other day, the temptation to use small containers, all of it started impacting my yield and bud quality. This is just an honest admission of where I personally went wrong with coco; it's a phenomenal medium that I encourage everyone to try once, and obviously, tons of people here grow amazing plants in it. It just didn't end up working for me in the end.

    The two strains featured here are Nirvana's 3Ps, which has been widely documented, and what I'm calling Mystery Maple. These seeds came out of a cross between the lone female I got out of the Magical Mystery Mix #1 pack that was distributed about five years ago, and a huge Maple Leaf Indica dad from a Sensi pack I bought about three years ago. Going off of the mother's smell, taste, and high, I think there's a live chance it was a Diamond Head plant. These should be great plants, if they taste and hit anything like their parents.

    3Ps at the bottom, Mystery Maple at the top. All were germed the week of 4/20.

    My CO2 generator.

    Here are the two biggest plants a little bit over a week after transplant. They are in Black Gold amended with dolomite and alfalfa meal, watered once with half-strength Neptune's fish and kelp. MM on the left, PPP on the right.

    These were flipped today, and once sexed the girls will be put into two gallon containers and flowered under a 150W HPS. I might toss in a CFL for side lighting also.

    Until there's more to tell, check out this Datura I've got going in the "other" garden. I'm taking shots of the entire "unfolding" process.

    Happy Growing!.
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