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Colombian Gold and OG Chocolate Haze - Perpetual plan 8 clones - 35 in and 35 out

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    Colombian Gold and OG Chocolate Haze - Perpetual plan 8 clones - 35 in and 35 out

    Well it's been a long while since I've done a grow thread, like the good ole days. Here we go

    8/27/21 - 5 CG and 4 OGCH to be germed in 36 hrs. One OGCH didn't pop. I put in an extra right away, and it popped within 24 hrs. Paper towel, ziplock on slightly warm Tivo box

    Set up :

    STARTER DWC. I'm fully aware what I have isn't for even mid size adult plants, let alone full grown. I had to modify it w an extra pump, full functioning air stone and a bubble curtain. Now it's serious aeration, and I know how roots love the air more than they do water.

    Ph 6.3-6.6
    ppm 442 Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big at half recommended application
    Temp 77-79 42%
    300 w dual head LED on a tripod
    13" oscillating fan

    STAGE 1 :

    I will grow these to sex them, identify the hardiest and vigorous contender of each to be a mom straight away. The stragglers (or male saved for later to grow by a window) will be planted in bags to fully grow out and flower along w 16 clones. I will then take 8 more 21 days in and veg for 35. If the timing is right, I'll be moving 8 clones upon original harvest where the last ones were at. I intend to have interchangeable DWC 3' net baskets to a Superponics 16 for flowering. No need to fool with anything, just drop in and adjust nutes, Ph and light height. 8 in and 8 out every 35-40 days

    This grow will expand over time, so I'm only getting started

    I have a Maxisisun 1000 PB 100w just ordered for when the youngin's can handle more light

    What's to come :

    Secret Jardin 3x3 flowering and (32" Topolite OR a combined mother/veg closet)
    Maxisisun PB 1500 150 w and PB 4000 400 w
    2nd Superponics 16 OR Bubble Brother 4 banger DWC x 2
    Superponics 16 for flowering
    Mars Hydro vent, carbon filter and thermostat kit

    Day 2 dome on. The one CG on lower left, well it's tap root broke, but it came back. I wasn't too sure, so I cracked an extra seed. Now I have 6. I consistently kept high humidity for faster rooting. All that's in the tank here is Superthrive at 200 ppm

    Day 3 increased ppm by 200 adding Fox Farm

    Day 4 Dome is ready to come off. Fan is put on to start strengthening base stalk. A few have yet to shed their husk. I'm gently helping those the get stuck

    I'll UPDATE each week going forward, but I wanted to get this started before I forget like a classic stoner LOL

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    Dankmaster's come back grow

    Well unfortunately 1 CG has dampened off. I'm going to see if it recovers, but this is why germinating an extra always helps when this happens. Turns out the extra takes it back to the original number planned.

    As you can see, some got propped up, with the weird bends in the primary stem by tooth pick stakes. I'll train them upright w twist ties as the stem thickens to correct this.

    Dankmaster's come back grow


      Week 1 :

      One CG was stunted. I decided to open the cube and the roots were too small. I had hoped it would catch up, but the accident was unforgiving. Next time rapid rooters. No longer doing paper towel germination after

      Another I had to perform surgery, by carefully removing it from the cube. It had nearly dampened off, but I opened the hole larger and deeper near the bottom, I reinserted the tap root deeper towards air, and hoped it would pop out. It did just that, slow but has recovered. It's the smallest one bottom row on the left

      As you can see things look different...Maxisun PB 1000 is now hung up, with the older 2 as side lighting. I've fashioned the lights like a reflector by zip ties. I think combined it's perfect for about 5-6 moms

      Jardin Secret tent is up. A little confusing at first and seemed unstable, but once the tent is on the support bars, it's a NICE! Definitely durable material. Mine is sealed, no leaks. Had to check and make sure I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. Have yet to do the ducting and cable flange, but making sure placement and cord length is right. I don't think you get to redo once the cut is made

      Temp raised by 2-4 degrees. Very impressed w reduced heat output. Running between 77-81 30-40 RH, and no higher w doors shut. I may be considering scrapping veg tent and using the opposite end of the mom closet as the veg chamber. Not certain yet, depends on if the PB 1500 raises the temp too high and I can create enough air flow. IF 85 total I'm happy, otherwise I'll just use the tent. Cuts on my costs, so I'm hoping it can work. Light is 25" and at 80% intensity

      A couple spindly sprouts, and one is bizarre beyond anything I've seen. It's grown in a S shape. I tried to straighten out, but it's not going to happen without breaking the tender stem. The seedling initially took a 90 degree turn from the base. It was proving to be a challenge to stake up, but finally some needing 2-3 picks held in place.

      Ph stable 6.3-6.5
      Ppm increase 100 to 552 w half recommended GH cal mag for seedlings

      My contenders :

      Center row on the left and middle top row for CG
      The OGCH appears uniform but mine is middle and top row right.

      How long they stay in this starter unit depends on the roots. When it's apparent the roots are close to being difficult to pull out, getting tangled up and and filling too much space, it's then time to go to 2 gall grow bags w Happy Frog and perlite at 2/3's to 1/3 to finish out growing to be sexed. I estimate no longer than 1.5 weeks before I MUST move them out, but we'll see . Everything is going so well. Couldn't be more pleased. Keep watch, for this will be my BEST and BIGGEST. I'll blow my 3x3 ebb flow table NFT insert out of the water, and that was about 10 dry oz. It was my only grow w a 35 gram AK47 cola

      See you next week
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      Dankmaster's come back grow


        Week 2 :

        One day after I made my first weekly update, what started out looking strong took a turn. It started w the 2 CG's in the back, and I could see the cal-mag deficiency coming on w the first set of single blade leaves. I decided to go w 1/4 strength cal-mag, and lower Ph down to 5.8-5.9, then wait. No that didn't work and continued to show, so again another 1/4 added. Still no dice. I decided to dump the res and add full strength cal-mag and half strength FF grow big and big bloom 2nd week Sledgehammer feeding chart, meanwhile the root mass is starting to get entangled w each other just as I thought and it getting harder to freely pull out each net pot, then I noticed roots growing out of the tiny holes making it much harder to pull out. I had to cut those small baskets apart to free roots and use other net pots that don't even fit the sites, cut the bottoms half way out so I could slide the roots back through

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0916.jpg
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ID:	17943135

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0917.jpg
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ID:	17943138

        The whole thing is a piece of crap, maybe a cloner for up to 2 weeks, but I'm sending it back after planting the 2 stranglers and getting a real aero cloner bucket. Even more, the Ph and TDS/PPM 2-1 meter was wildly inaccurate in readings, jumping up and down from 800-1500 ranges, and I realized it's not for measuring PPM/EC, only Ph. I honestly had no idea what the real PPM reading is, so I immediately went to Amazon to get the truncheon PPM stick I'm very familiar with, having it sent overnight sensing the urgency. The minute it arrived I went to see to my shock I was dangerously close to toxicity of EC 3.0 1500 PPM, I dumped it yet again. Now w the stick I can get the right PPM reading so I go back and make a light solution, in the meantime I prepared to switch over to 2 gall grow bags, Happy Frog, extra perlite and dolomite lime to buffer acidic Ph of mix, tested it to 6.75. Wet the mix down enough w plain water and planted the best 6 candidates.

        The 2 I've suspected are marked w black tape. It can change depending on growth behavior, hardiness to deficiency and stress. The one OGCH is incredibly stout in node spacing, some of shortest I've seen next to Fig Widow, It looks to be closer to an 1/8" and possibly 1/16th. Large indica like fan leaves. Has been the most resilient to deficiency, being last to show up. I believe it's a female. In fact all OGCH may be (feminized ?) None appear to be showing those early male characteristics. The CG even though temperamental to cal-mag deficiency have pulled through, but I do see one that's starting to stretch some. I thought I had started 4 of those but it appears I did start 5 OGCH, so only 3 of the CG.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0927.jpg
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ID:	17943144

        OGCH marked w black tape up close..the node spacing HAS my attention!

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0934.jpg
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ID:	17943145

        CG marked w black tape up close

        Click image for larger version

Name:	the6candidates1.jpg
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ID:	17943146
        The best 6

        The grow area has changed again. Instead of Maxisiun PB 1500, which had no dimmer, I exchanged for Colofrog 1000w which is air cooled. Getting rid of the PB 1500, the other two (1000 PB and 4000 PB) are just fine. It was driving the heat way up and it was hard to cool back to my old days of growing at 89-90. My primary tent is complete now, and I have decided to exhaust right at the source under the light, just like I did with my 630 MH/HPS although that had a glass bottom w flanges on the side of the hood, still works the same in principle drawing out the heat. 3 clip ons in each corner w evaporative cooler outside is keeping at 75-79 and slight increase in humidity, though I have the tent thermostatically controlled to regulate from 74-84 and 55-30% RH. Light distance 24" at 70% PB 4000. Will foliar feed 1/4 strength to 32oz spray bottle Superthrive, 4 drops of Grow Big and 12 drops of Boomerang and pinch of epsom salts though the deficiency issues after the lights go out and use plain water at the roots every 4-5 days, letting the mix and lime provide part of the food while the other half is direct to leaf absorption.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0919.jpg
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ID:	17943143
        2 smaller plants join the others later...

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Primary tent2.jpg
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ID:	17943142

        Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0935.jpg
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ID:	17943140
        Tent is complete. On to phase 2

        All I can do now is just be patient for the transition to soil, provide top feeding through to recovery bypassing the roots that were nearly burned. IF what I understand is right, the Happy Frog mix provides enough food for about 2 weeks. To me it doesn't look BAD after 2 weeks considering I've seen much worse happen in my past and very near death at times. The plant proves how it can rebound from bad mistakes. My stupidity was relying on a meter not designed for precise PPM readings and using a formula of Fox Farm Grow Big NOT designed for hydro. I used to trust this nutrient line and swear by it, but it's not the same. Heard lots of talk about Nectar Of The Gods, and I looked more into it and liked what I heard. It' a grower developed in Oregon for growers, so I'm going to that 4 basic line (Zeus, Medusa, Hercules and Gaia) half gall each. Anyway after a week of knocking myself out to get the tent ready, and a hawk over the nute deficiency to get it under control I can finally relax some. Time has a wonderful way of showing everything will be fine after mishaps.

        see you next week
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        Dankmaster's come back grow



          ​​​​​​Week 3

          Well I did what I said, and see for yourself....

          Click image for larger version

Name:	The_8.jpg
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ID:	17948734

          The foliar was the way to go here...and I think it's the better way to go than messing w the roots, especially w cal-mag hogs. I also think I could foliar for first 2-3 weeks of flowering in 2nd cycle instead of messing w the res flush of the 1st one. Even though weaker I think foliar could make up the difference in strength

          6.6 Ph
          77-81 RH 49-55
          PPM 800 EC 1.8
          400-600nm (yes I have a PAR meter)

          A couple of things : HF is HIGH water retention soil. Even after 1 week and only less than 32 oz of water given it's saturated. Pick up the pot method doesn't work here. Far too dense to tell by that alone. I could easily see how a beginner w no patience or understanding of the wet and dry cycle could OVERWATER here. I definitely wouldn't recommend this soil mix to any beginners not knowing how much to water. As I said 2 cups of water, one of aerated micro brew and then another of 1.5 x strength of NOTG to wet the top layer and deliver nutes to the root zone. Those bottom layers are still saturated from the original watering of the mix. Must add enough lime to balance Ph too. I think next time I'll cut it w black gold and 1/2 more perlite to make it lighter. The trick to using it is water w slightly more acidic Ph to buffer w lime and using less water than what's normal. It's good soil, but I understand the complaints now. Pro Mix is far better for the beginner and forgiving of mistakes

          Anyway here we are all tied down. I decided to strap leaves down and expose the growing shoots rather than remove and reduce the photosynthetic production of the fan leaves. I've topped 5 of 8. 3 are still waiting at 4th and 5th nodes to fully open to top those to play catch up. Again, the stragglers and I already could see it from the start

          As you can see I have 4-6 shoots fully exposed to the light. Once those lowers catch up, I'll release the leaves from being held down. I am doing LST, twisting the central stalk and pushing down on leaves to open shoots shadowed by those.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	CG pheno A topped.jpg
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ID:	17948733
          Pheno A

          Click image for larger version

Name:	CG tops.jpg
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ID:	17948732
          Pheno B

          The veg and mother closet is now done, being fully mylared

          Click image for larger version

Name:	mother-vegcloset.jpg
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ID:	17948731

          Clone shelf waiting for aero cloner

          Click image for larger version

Name:	cloning shelf.jpg
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ID:	17948727

          Not much else to say, just waiting for the lateral shoots and taking the shape of that classic bush profile. Then on to finding out who's who. I won't water for another 7-8 days at least

          The potential mother contender for OGCH is quite clear, and I think it is female. I could be wrong

          Click image for larger version

Name:	OGCH tops.jpg
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Size:	65.2 KB
ID:	17948728

          Click image for larger version

Name:	OGCH growing shoots.jpg
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Size:	68.4 KB
ID:	17948730
          This is very stout

          The potential mother for CG is between the two pheno's, although I may keep both if females. I think the one on the right end after scanning pics of CG in veg is the pheno. Remains to be seen. I'm impressed w both, except for high needs of cal-mag, but the foliar is fix for that.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	CG pheno B.jpg
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Size:	64.6 KB
ID:	17948729

          See you next week
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          Dankmaster's come back grow


            Well it's now been a full month today....

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Bushes.jpg
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ID:	17953333

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Bushes2.jpg
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ID:	17953329

            Extremely bushy profile. The stretch just isn't there...I'm wondering if there's any males. These plants aren't showing it, at least yet...

            I've been crushing and pinching like mad, and the trunk is quite swollen up already. I've crushed the auxiliary branching and tied them in a bundle towards the top, like a bouquet of tops, while removing weaker growth that hasn't caught up and keeping a few for cuts

            Click image for larger version

Name:	OGCH 3B.jpg
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Size:	81.2 KB
ID:	17953328

            Click image for larger version

Name:	crunchcripbase1.jpg
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Size:	65.8 KB
ID:	17953327

            The one CG has responded well that I've picked from the start... I told ya I see early potential. I think it's FIM'ed, my inadvertently first. It's center shoot is still going after splitting. It's quickly becoming a monster

            Click image for larger version

Name:	CG 1A FIM.jpg
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Size:	80.1 KB
ID:	17953331

            Click image for larger version

Name:	CG 1A cripscar.jpg
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Size:	57.9 KB
ID:	17953325

            The OGCH I picked out is also showing it's swollen nodes, but one next to it is coming into its own, huge solar leaf and lots of bushy tops

            Click image for larger version

Name:	OGCH 2B.jpg
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Size:	71.8 KB
ID:	17953326

            Only 1 cup of water all week for each. This soil is truly for the lazy one. If you're hands on, it's tougher. Not doing foliar, trying to mist the salt off the the leaves

            The number and letter correspond to this

            Click image for larger version

Name:	sexcuttings.jpg
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ID:	17953330

            Click image for larger version

Name:	sexingbox.jpg
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Size:	33.5 KB
ID:	17953324

            I read you can sex an early branch at 3 nodes, so I'm doing it to see if it works without messing w the photoperiod. Thev cuts from each have been put in a box, w a cipl on led over the top on a shelf with black plastic over the top. And 8 days from now, I should know who's who of those 6. The stranglers caught up, but have yet to get branches long enough to take cuts from

            I should be ready for cuts by the 2nd week of Oct. Due to high demand of Superponics I've had to buy 4 DWC buckets or wait an entire month to get the first cycle started. I figure I'll just borrow the buckets for close to a month. Any more delay, I give up LOL and will get 4 more and call it done OR cancel one, go low tech for vegging and higher tech for flower. Getting roots moved by then will be next to impossible

            Click image for larger version

Name:	overheadshot.jpg
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Size:	115.8 KB
ID:	17953332

            See you next week even bigger
            Dankmaster's come back grow


              Have a bit of a pre-update. I believe I have pre-flowering showing, but it’s been a long time since I have done the identifying


              Click image for larger version  Name:	9E4354F2-1DCF-4F4E-A904-823E9D6849FC.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	62.7 KB ID:	17956456
              This one looks obvious to me...


              Click image for larger version

Name:	6E22F0C1-F932-44DC-921E-4266056EC863.jpeg
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Size:	61.6 KB
ID:	17956467


              Click image for larger version  Name:	2FF1F1BC-AE37-455C-A78E-0C959AAD8666.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	17956457


              Click image for larger version  Name:	19DD0312-8B66-4031-B3EB-37FCC23FF5B4.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	59.6 KB ID:	17956460

              Click image for larger version  Name:	440494B9-8FCF-4C16-9C90-C1CF60CE2AFC.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	66.9 KB ID:	17956461

              Last one was one of the stragglers, that’s caught up

              Click image for larger version  Name:	CE50B2EB-C979-4246-9858-17910B275E35.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	68.3 KB ID:	17956458

              Let me know what you see. Thanks
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              Dankmaster's come back grow


                Week 5 :

                Well out of 9 seeds, 1 dampening off......ALL 8 are female. My batting average is out of the park here. This has never happened in the past...

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1011.jpg Views:	22 Size:	118.9 KB ID:	17958919

                The 2 I called from the beginning are indeed female, and showing the most compact structure...Dank again proves he can see plants w potential right from the start

                2 pheno's of Colombian Gold and 5 pheno's of Chocolate Haze

                2E is the least desirable to keep, so I will supercrop, bend, twist and flower it out. The legginess is showing badly. It's actually worse than the male CG. Left on its own, which I decided to do to see how it grows, some twisting, but again didn't I say the seedling was weak ? The other decided to rise above, and show it's true potential. I'll find out next cycle

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1021.jpg Views:	22 Size:	83.4 KB ID:	17958913

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1013.jpg Views:	22 Size:	105.3 KB ID:	17958917

                This is the male CG...wait, did I say that’s a male ? NO it’s not. I was tricked, which means drumroll please...100%

                Click image for larger version

Name:	9FD0A0F6-8695-49FB-B198-1C638656336D.jpeg
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Size:	65.4 KB
ID:	17959748

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1020.jpg Views:	22 Size:	52.1 KB ID:	17958914

                15 clones are now cut, although I'll admit getting back into how that;s done isn't so smooth having to re-cut some from mushed stems. I do check frequently, and I'm glad I don't assume any cut is sealed.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1017.jpg Views:	22 Size:	58.0 KB ID:	17958911

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1018.jpg Views:	22 Size:	88.3 KB ID:	17958916

                3 of each pheno will vegg for 2-3 weeks in these until I get my Superponics order

                Phase 2 complete. I will be migrating the clone crop and Xmas/Krip project to Overgrow. You can follow the progress there if you like

                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_1019.jpg Views:	22 Size:	84.2 KB ID:	17958918
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                Follow my links here for now. Once I’m ready for phase 3 I’ll make the transition documenting my grow. Thanks
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                Dankmaster's come back grow