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sackO goes toe 2 toe with!?

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    sackO goes toe 2 toe with!?

    Lots of different flavors of medicine or puffage, or puffs, or what i say is my prescribed prozaC in which i really do not take or want to take nor have a prescription for just a figure of speech..
    Who im going toe 2 toe with..?? just you keep reading and see

    Ok after lots of thought and consulting with my plants.. I have decided after 5 years of no grow and show to do a thread. I have been here since 2004 back when all your friends posted in their threads, and you could find everyone on the 1st page of the new posts... LMFAO!! Now i have to search my posts to find my friends now.. Anyhow I am not professional at this by no means, and well i only grow for myself nobody else.. I do share when it is necessary but mostly puff alone... I have prolly grown out and puffed more than 50 diff flavas since i started growing and that dont include all the bagseed or i should say shwagseed i grew..

    I have grown seed frombag, heavens stairway, seeds direct, seedbay, and been gifted by some very SPECIAL people... I have tried many "elite" clones but i still havent tried quite a few as well.. It is to fucking hard to keep up with all the new flavas, that many of our friends in the IC community are creating.. I grow very small enough to keep me HGIH throughout the year... I have learned tremendous amounts from my good friends here... As for nutes i use fox farms with ea and en which is like chicken noodle soup for your plants.. .. I dont add anything but i will brew up some teas...soil i just switched from pro mix to happy frog from fox farms and must say i do like it thus far i add EWC and perlite along with a starter food mix and go beybey..

    my garden outdoors is at a location a hop skip and a jump away from my casa... So it is nice to be able to even jog over and see my gurls if i want..
    Also my indoor is at said spot i only use a 250hps in flower due to limited space but it is perpetual so nugs come outta there quite often.. So i dont need big light that would be overkill and me not greedy.. .. I have been though many of thread here @ IC and some of you fellas and fellaettes can straight up kill it and grow some fucking great puffage.. I have muncho respect for many of you. I think you know who you are i think... So that being said Its time to get this party started...

    My flavas going are
    1-Orange Blast -female - swan song seeds female
    2-PP x C99 - mosca seeds female
    3-ICU - mossy jems
    4-Bubbabx1- chuckyou
    5-sputnik -female
    6-swt3 x princess diesel -pops - seedling
    7-blue shiva f2 - baby with 2 sets leaves
    8-Limon x Sour Thai - seedling -swan song seeds
    9-sour thai male - swan song seeds

    Ok here are a few to start with..

    ^^ above is a baby bubba bx1left then a pp x c99 right from top view. The side view the lefty is ppxc99 it started with no grow tip and then it split the main and popped a grow tip.. she is a survivor so ima see what she does.. the righty side view baby is bubba.. man im stoended..

    below is sputnik side view
    sputnik from the top.

    below is side of sour thai confirmed now male
    top view of sour thai

    below is side of orange blast
    top of orange blast

    below is a group shot..

    Hope you likeY what ya see so far.. bbl with some newer shots these were from last week of march i believe.. So they do look somewhat different.. peace n pufs

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    click the link!
    sackO goes toe 2 toe with!?

    I got my seat, Looking like a lot of nice flavours there bro.


      Nice variety ya got going. Gonna keep an eye for this as I want to see how a few turn out for sure.
      I may have a fear of HEIGHTS but that doesn't stop me from getting HIGH!


        Nice selection!
        And off to a good start, too

        Good luck with the grow and have fun with em sackster.

        I b lurkin'
        Another Macho Man approved post. Oooh Yeaah!


          Nice sackO im subscribed,,, Is that a chute boxe t-shirt in the background...?
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            Hey sack that's a very nice selection of genetics to play with. I'll be pulling up a seat for the rest of ya show.



              nice sacko, looks like a tasty selection.
              It's good to be's nice to be nice....


                Looking good Sacko

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                  great looking plants you have there. can't wait to see more!

                  what are your plans regarding that sour thai male?

                  good luck!
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                    Right on man glad you decided to post up I'll be watching along with interest Sack0!
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                      Im On Board Sack! Looks like a fine show in the works! Orange Blast huh,thought I knew everything about Zep!!!


                        How absolutely fabtastic Sacko..
                        They are looking very good. And will no doubt turn into absolutely killer nugs...
                        How long will you veg for?



                          Good to see you growing again. Pullin' up a chair also...mitsu


                            on board

                            keep it green
                            pick it pack it fire it up come along and take a hit from the bong

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                              Sacko itsa poppin in yur grow brotha...manoman..good to see ya postin...DD
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