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    Growing Inside the Box

    Time to start a new thread. For those of you new to the garden, I hope to keep the pictures flowin, and invite you to sample the food and drink on the back table. The VaporCannon is a lotta fun to play with too -

    I'm about three weeks in on the current flower cycle. Currently I'm using Age Old Grow for early feeds, guano tea, Age Old Kelp and Supernatural GreenStay, and a bit of TopMax weekly during flower.

    Each group of photos day18, day18, day22:





    The AK47 is from seed, am99 and c99 were mother plants, SSH is a reveg. Pistils are flying everywhere already, hoping I can pull the two 99 plants in a month or so.

    Thanks for looking - c u soon!
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    Flowering now!:

    !Thanks to my friends! ...

    well i missed alot of your last thread sorry for that my friend
    however this one i am tagged in right up front

    what a beautiful start too


      I got a spot by the VaporCannon!

      Hey Mr. GreenJeans,
      Thanks for the hospitality!
      I know this is going to be good!

      (BTW, I've got some SSH going too)


        whoot some decap and strawd in the hand
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          Well I'll just be over in the corner roll'n us a few.

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            Hiya Brother Bear
            Thanks for the props! Glad you're here, I'll try to keep the peep show intriguing!

            Hiya Peat
            Thanks for visiting buddy - gotta get over and check out your ssh. Glad you found the VaporCannon - it'll set ya straight

            Heya Major
            So glad to cya buddy - and with the goods in hand WHOOT Let's strut on over to the Cannon and toke ourselves up!

            Hiya Black Ra1n
            Whoa - roll'n us a few - those look a lot like Cohibas Thanks mate! puff puff pass - whoa, very tasty!
            Secret to happiness #1 - Love the one you're with.
            Secret to happiness #2 - Do not eat shit, it makes life stink.
            Secret to happiness #3 - Grow a nice stash.

            Flowering now!:

            !Thanks to my friends! ...


              tagged brotha.ssh lookin the bomb for a reveg homie...i will be over here with bruh bear and the O.G.A fellaz smokin up a storm.peace-T-

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                WHAT UP MR G

                I am here for the ride too brotha!!!!

                Be hanging with the other bros, picking popcorn buds, lurking be for chumps
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                  well i am a newbie pulling up for long haul looking forward to learning!!
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                  knowledge is power!
                  i grow for medical use and am in full compliance with my states requirements



                    now all is well!

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                      Haven't had me a vape cannon blast in a bit!!!
                      Glad to be here!
                      Be kind to one another.
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                        Tagged!! good to have ya back Mr GJ

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                        I found that growing plants IS actually addictive...using them...not so much.
                        Originally posted by esbe
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                          Hi my friend good to see you and your beautiful plants..! You still got that same A99...awesome stuff..!
                          - Under a Serpent Sun We Shall All live as One


                            Hiya Tonatiuh
                            Thanks buddy! We'll have to put some of that SSH in the Cannon when she's done!

                            Hiya Dr D
                            Whasup my friend? Glad to have ya buddy - popcorn buds pshaw - there's a bag of fist sized mongrul bud in the closet - hep urself!

                            Hiya loco81
                            Glad to have ya buddy - u r a hydro guy - I'm gonna be learning from u sooner than later!

                            Heya Sleepy dude
                            Thanks for ur support my old friend! Barbie sez u r a good kissah - u been taken the girls out for a spin in the Jeep?

                            Hiya Anima
                            Thanks mate, me too - let's hit that cannon til we reach excape velocity!

                            Hiya High Lowlander
                            Thanks much Low - great to be seen! Glad to have ya on board!

                            Hiya -BG-
                            How ya doin buddy? Great I hope! Yes, still have that amnesia99 Pineapple Happyness in a Bud! Good to c u my friend!
                            Secret to happiness #1 - Love the one you're with.
                            Secret to happiness #2 - Do not eat shit, it makes life stink.
                            Secret to happiness #3 - Grow a nice stash.

                            Flowering now!:

                            !Thanks to my friends! ...


                              Here we grow again
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