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Don't forget to bring a tent.

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    Don't forget to bring a tent.

    Hi ICMag

    Like camping?

    Well wrong thread.

    I've had a few grows here on ICMag and have accumulated a few things over the last couple of years, namely a love for growing... in tents!

    As I started growing again I thought I'd get another to add to the family with it being an extra veg chamber for interesting mums and young plants. Using my old fan and cooltube with a 250w hps (ordered the wrong bulb by mistake - will rectify this with a metal halide someday) - it's a Dark Room Street - budget brand and not as high quality as the Budboxes, however it suits my needs fine. Currently test temperatures with all tents running full blast with all fans on, and all lights on 24/7. So far they're all holding at approx 80-85f ambient temperature. (when the 600W is changed to 12/12, and the 250W to 18/6 this will reduce the overall room temp a bit) - Canopy surface temp is approx 75f.

    Here's all the gubbins I use to grow:

    And thanks to a kind individual who helped me get a head start on my new grow, I've got a few little plants. Two AK48s and a DSD in the middle, in 6.5L pots. Usual setup - 600W HPS, little bit of LST, potted into Plagron Bat-mix. Given them a spray with SB Invigorator - light nutes to start soon.

    At the turn of the year I couldn't keep my garden up for health issues, and as a consequence lost a few plants and seedlings. So I decided to try and germinate my remaining old seeds - my Strawberry Cough seeds from Dutch Passion didn't germinate, although 1 might still come through. These were over two years old now and not stored in any special way so I didn't hold out too much hope.

    Five of the Barney Farm Sweet Tooth all germinated, same for the BB Cheese. I'm going to run these through in a sea of green, in smallish pots and use them for making hash. They're in the Budbox mini - 200W Envirolight cfl (blue).

    I've also been gifted lots of seed crosses (thanks to all) - so many different strains now I'm not sure which to do next. I'll germinate a few more soon. Any questions feel free to ask - until my next update

    Nice tent! Following this one for sure!
    I'm looking to pick up a Homebox XS in the very near future.
    What kind of scrubber do you have set up?
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      Yo sammet

      Dude that is not camping, that is the rainforest there bro, I do like the shot though

      Got my early seat at the Sammet grow this time
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        Brrr camping in a rainy forrest..I'd rather stay in one of y'r tents! more warmth more light
        How are you liking the DR80?? Does it hold it's light well?? There's a thread inhere somewhere where there were several people complaining about possible light-leaks in these cheaper tents??
        I've just bought me a "Silverbox" has the same kind of coating as y'r DR80 believe..
        Anywayz, good to see ya got another thread started and some more meds on the way

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        Originally posted by dank.frank
        I found that growing plants IS actually addictive...using them...not so much.
        Originally posted by esbe
        We are not criminals, we grow our own shit and dont want to support gangsters and terrorists. We are freedom fighters and nature lovers and our hobby does not hurt one single person.


          cool tings gwan.

          looking forward to the grow bro.
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          grow life!


            Plotting up for this one, the ST is one of my favourites.


              i like how organized our setup is. I need to do something like this instead of having like 3 veg areas and 2 flwoer rooms, im gonna check e-bay for a cheaper used one or make my own though.
              Good vibes people


                bring out the marchmellows
                heya Sammet i'm tagging tent setup's mate :smile:



                  Hi Sammet , great thread like always !
                  Your photos make me curious because I must buy a tent and other materials...
                  I have some questions for you :

                  About the SJ dark street, is it lightproof ? Can you see lights from outside when the lights are on ? For you, can be used for a whole cycle veg + flo ?

                  I see you have the odorsok filter, a very interesting thing but , does it work ?
                  Because there is a lot of different opinions in the forum, some people say yes, some no.


                    hi sammet;
                    your budbox is 100cm X 100 ?
                    how many girls do u grow in budbox ?
                    will you keep all girls in DS80 during all vegging stage ?


                      Tagged....Hey Sammet, its good to see u back in action again bro, hope ur health is better and ur feelin up to the task!! I miss seein ur plants bro, always sooo nice...
                      How did that CH9 Flower turn out?? I still wanna try some of their beans, look like good stuff....Anyhow, Im glad ur back and Ill be round in here with the rest of the boyz!!!!
                      See ya bro..Peace

                      - Z
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                        Hey Sammet, Glad to see you started back up, I'm grabbing a seat!
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                          Wow theses alot of different kinds of those tents. They are cheap enough that Im considering buying one or two. Ill want this thread and see how well they do. Looks great so far!!
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                            im a tent lover so im just gonna sit back and see whats good
                            she offered her honor.. i honored her offer ..all night long i was on her and off her...mary jane that is


                              hey dude when did you pot these? they look almost the same size as mine
                              what a coincidence we did it again lol

                              I've gone for another dutch dragon I took this picture today yours are a couple
                              of days older I think mine saw light the first time on thursday:


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