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xOOx's fluro fiesta

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    xOOx's fluro fiesta

    well, it's time ... winter harvest!

    and my first grow log ..

    i've been here long enough .......... might as well do this next grow as a diary! it may not be as impressive as most of you are used to, but i do things in my own weird way, and it seems to work for me. as most will notice i am very consistent, and it's hard to get me to change my ways.

    it's very possible some people might get some ideas from this, and try to start smaller before rushing right into the big watts.

    i don't smoke as much as the big boys, but i do try to smoke everyday, at least a hit or two. and that's all it takes from this girl to feel it nicely, over indulge and i find myself sitting on the couch with a blank stare and a smile trying to follow whatever i'm watching, rewinding the tivo every so often! i never let my tolerance build up by abusing, so i can get away with one plant fruits for a loooong time. some days i may feel like a hit, some days i don't.

    the strain:

    this is an unknown NYC bagseed that i discovered from seeds i've saved over the past 15-20 years. this girl has been with me for a few years now. i only smoked uptown sourced buds which varied somewhat over the past 15+ years, but all had the same odor to me. my boy is latino and this is what you have to be to get the best "dro" from the area. the buds produced by this girl carry that same odor. peppery/spicey with a hint of roadkill skunk/cool menthol soury fuel/metallic grease mixed in. sometimes garlicy, sometimes fruity, but that opinion changes for me, if its close to any fruit, i'd say more of skunky/rotten soury/tangy lemon head type of odor with all of the above.

    the high is extreamly relaxing, euphoric, face numbing, floaty, dreamy and soaring, and very uplifting. it lasts a long time, and it tends to creep up on you over 10 minutes, and comes at you in waves. if you are alone and not in a party situation, you may find yourself staring away and thinking very odd thoughts and making spiritual connections. i always thought it was as good as or better then anything i've ever gotten commercially, and most who smoke it have agreed. "haven't been that high with so little in years". at first i was convinced this strain was one of the secreted uptown females, but now i'm not so sure - anyways, it's good enough for me to keep her around. it has a very unique taste, and smell which sets it apart from most of what i've seen in the last few years. it is not that big of a producer, but i've been happy with the yield, especially with my fluros.

    the smoke is very smooth, and does not burn your throat at all, very easy to inhale, and tasty, even after just dried, w/no cure.

    the medium:

    this go around i'm trying miracle grow moisture control soil. straight out of the bag, no amendments. what i've noticed so far is the nute level seems a little higher then the MG original potting mix version. both types say 3 months of nutrients included in the soil. the only thing i add is a little gnatrol mixed into the 1st water, because off the shelf MG soil is usually infested with fungus gnat larva. this nips it in the bud before it becomes a problem, and you got those little fukkaz flying at the whites of your eyes. i guess you could use mosquito dunk water instead of gnatrol, but gnatrol is wayyy more effective. trust me. they are toasted after one or two treatments.

    the lighting:

    flowering will commence in a small closet with three 4 foot dual tube home dePOT shoplights in a pyramid formation around the plant, similar to a phototron. it has approx. 192 watts of power total.

    odor control:

    odor is controlled with an ozone generator with a good timer. it releases ozone at rate of 30 seconds every 25-30 minutes. the burst rate is increased as the plant gets bigger and more smelly. i've never had to go more then a 2 1/2 minute burst, every 30 minutes. it doesn't eliminate the odor 100%, but it contains it to the closet. no surprised guests. i have a backup of everything in case of any 1 part failure (a second ozone gen, lights, timer)


    surprise! there is NO ventilation in the closet, no intake, nada, not even a fan to move air around. so it's SILENT. this is the only way i can pull this off. the only sound you may hear is the ozone generator buzzing for 30 seconds-2 minutes depending on the stage of flowering shes in. even in this warm stagnant ozone laden atmosphere.. she still grows and flowers, and has strong enough THICK stems to hold up her buds. i don't think this can be done with any other type of lighting, as HPS would be wayyy hotter, even a 150.

    the temps vary from 70-84 depending on lights on or off, and how cold it is outside.

    the pics:

    my trusty lighter was thrown for size ..

    you are looking at the mom, 2 young 1 week clones, a fresh snipped clone in the back right shotglass.

    notice the leaves of the left clone. very shiney and oily. looks like poison ivy!! she smells like a skunkish fuel, even this small in veg. if your rub the stem and sniff your finger, it leaves a menthol like cool odor, similar to a peppermint patty meets wet fresh cut celery stalks. its an ok smell, but not one you can simply explain away as it builds up over time, and will smell like a dead skunk in your house eventually. odor control should be implemented.
    the 8 inch mom will be throw in with the new clone just as an xperiment, if it flops she will be removed ..yes that shiney oily leaf was looking near death and yellowish just the other day.. it turned back to happy -- all by itself!

    the mom:

    she lives under a single tubed 4 ft fluro for the 9 months in between harvest. i remove one of the tubes giving her a mere 32 watts of light. actually all of the above are still under that single 32 watt tube, and doing just fine. she is approx. 8 inches tall, and probably almost 9 months old in a 5-6 inch pot of MG potting mix. after the first few months in MG soil I add a tsp. of osmocote time release pellets (14-14-14/veggie) to keep her alive and kicking. once a week i water her, and give her a haircut to keep her small. just like mowing the lawn, by the next week.. she has grown some new hair back. if i want her to give up a cut, i just don't cut one or two of her shoots for a week or two, and by then, snip that off and put it in a shotglass of water to root. if i don't give her a haircut, she will probably be able to give up 12-15 cuts in 2 weeks, but watering has to be more frequent. the more green on top, the more faster she drinks her water. this go around i'm going to try and flower her in that root bound pot, to see how she performs.

    the clones:

    i took two clones, with a backup in a shotglass behind them. the one on the left was just as yellowish as the one on the right a few days ago, but it's finally adapted to the new high nutrient moisture control mix. the one on the right will turn just as green soon. it's starting to turn already. she's a pretty tough girl and works out most issues on its own if just left alone, no mad chemists! one of those clones will be put to flower in the next week or two and the other will be housed in a pc mom cage under a 13 watt fluro for safe keeping during flower, it will become the NEW mom.

    the growth pattern:

    at first, she will start off slowly. the leaves look very indica as they grow, and can get quite fat. fat enough to cover your face. first 5 leaves, then 6, then 7, but as flowering begins, those leaves vanish and she becomes way more thin bladed and extream sativa in appearance. she fills in very slowly, but by 80 days i've already taken her. i didn't see much change from 70, so i may take at 70 next time. she beefs up late in flower, one day you are thinking she is never gonna finish, then the next week she looks like the classic xmas tree pot plant. she doesn't get as sparkly as some of the strains you are used to see'n, but she has her trichs, and she packs a nice buzz, to me at least.

    the stretch isn't that bad, a 5.5 inch 1-2 week old clone can be flowered immediatly, and winds up about 28 inches tall at day 70. it also depends on the pot size, a bigger pot will give you a bigger plant. i usually use 1-2 gallon pots, but this go i'm trying one in that 6 inch tiny pot, just as an experiment this go. i think i told you guys that already. lol.

    all are welcome,
    ..and i hope you all enjoy my fiesta!!!!!

    xOOx's fluro fiesta!

    i'll be the first one in!
    good luck, we will all be watching your flouro grow
    What strain blows Frank's mind???
    Originally posted by George Carlin
    “Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky who watches everything you do,
    every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a special list of ten things he does not want you to do.
    And if you do any of these ten things, he has a special place, full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish,
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    But He loves you. He loves you, and He needs money! He always needs money!
    He's all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle money!”

    R.I.P. George Carlin
    the funniest man to ever walk god's green earth.
    R.I.P. Buckeye


      I'll 2nd that good luck bro I love flouro grows I will keep a eye this one too
      The Vault: Truck's Genetics - Urkel x Crystal Trident, Dream Cross(Blue Dream x CT)... Bodhi Seeds- Yo Mama... Reservation Labs - Green Crack x SCK, Astili, Mucho Mango... Bobblebeans - Sour Bubble x Grape Skunk, Purps x Grape Skunk... ThunderKid's Collection Cherry Kush S1's, Lemon Larry(Swerves Cut) x Cherry Kush, Blowfish S1(only have 1 of em wish me luck)


        i thought i posted up in here already bro,my bad.
        thats an impressive lookin mama you have there bro.
        gonna be watchin fasheezy,i scribed up and didnt post...i cant believe that....stoner move right there brotha
        peace -T-

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        My teacher told me i was nothin but a piece of shit.seen her the other day,drivin a piece of shit.

        In Aztec mythology, Tonatiuh was the sun god. The Aztec people considered him the leader of Tollan, their heaven. He was also known as the fifth sun, because the Aztecs believed that he was the sun that took over when the fourth sun was expelled from the sky.
        He was a sun-god, and heavenly warrior; God of the Sun represented by the eagle. Poor and ill, Tonatiuh cast himself into the flames, and being burnt up, was resurrected. Daily Tonatiuh repeats his passage across the heavens, down into darkness, and back again into the sky. With him Tonatiuh carries all brave warriors who have died in battle and all brave women who have died in childbirth. The greatest heroes Tonatiuh carries with him to the greatest heights. to Tonatiuhican.



          thanks for stopping by everyone!!

          (echo, echo, cricket, cricket)

          cf, tdurkle, tona & lurkers!

          hmm, some superstars are watching,
          now im nervous

          i'll start posting up some more pics soon.. kinda jumped the gun on it, it's still early as you can tell .. clones are only 1.5 week old or so since rooting, i hope to get one of them and the old tired mom to true day 1 by this wednesday, but if life steps in, it will have to wait until after turkey day ..

          so tally data is... 7-10 days from 3.5 inch cuttings to first roots + 1.5 week in real dirt. so counting actual life from first cut, or first root is tough. im thinking once i see first root, at that point, it is an actual independant plant and capable of self-sustaining itself if placed into any growing medium. so give or take a day, they are 10 or 11 day old clones.

          .. i've been prepping the room slowly..tiny bit each day..vaccum it out, & i sprayed it down w/lysol.. no chances for molding bud this time, gonna freeze most of it this go after its mostly dried and cured. will be tryin that defrost and smoke method.

          just been dragging my feet now, i know what has to be done before i can start counting days, but im bein a slacker..

          oh, that little clone in the shotglass is starting to nub some roots i think, its only maybe 6 or 7 days in the water. will take some pics of that before it is sacrificed, don't think i'm going to need it .. both new clones look healthy..

          oh tona, no big deal! i 4got to sub. to my own thread, does that beat ya? lol

          xOOx's fluro fiesta!


            East coast fluro you say? Yes please! x00x special little lady,..(your mango
            I'll take a seat here. oh yea them guys. I think their harmless! do your thing bro


              update time!

              yeah, well, not much of an eventful update --- but an update none the less ..

              just to let y'all know..this is a very old school and cheap way to grow some herb. if you're thrifty, you can probably do all this for less then $100 if you don't care about the odors. please don't think that i'm some type of homeless dude growing with stolen power in an alley. i can go out tomorrow and buy multiple 1000 watters, fans, and not even blink. it's just that my current life stage will not allow that bold activity to take place, this is why i watch you guys for! besides, this is just as challenging ... believe me.

              " keepin it small' y0! "

              here is the clone that's going into flower. tonight will be the first night she and the old mom sees 12 hours of darkness. she is about 12 days old in soil and probably 5 or 6 inches tall/wide.

              so............ on to day 1!!

              here she is from above .. fan arms straight out... only 5 leaves now, because she is young, but she will have some huge indica like fans w/7 leaves before she starts to transform back into her sativa heritage and get the single blades.

              notice the fan leaf tip bend ...

              she's starting to show her tell tale hooked leaf trait that i spoke about in the past. not really sure how common this mutation is, it may be more common then i think, if so ignore me. i've done a search on the site for 'leaf tip' and found a thread with someone else asking about that mutation on their strain. it was a Blue Moon Rocks girl (BOG strain). not sure what else is in that strain, but i'm thinking its just a general mutation that may be common in the blueberry line as a whole. maybe this is the indica that is mixed in with her hazy sativa blood? interesting enough, the tip always curves to the left.

              now the little backup clone ... she's about 7 days in that shotglass. 3 inches tall?


              and closer.... roots are just starting to pop out!

              now in a day or so, i could just pot her up, and count that as day 1 in soil.. then in about 12-14 days she would be ready for 12/12 at 5-6 inches tall like her twin.

              i flower them small so they don't go nuts stretchin' .. they just wind up vegging a bit in flower before they start anyways. i'm shooting for 27-28 inches at harvest. i've never really let it go longer in veg to see what would happen, i just don't want to deal with a beast.

              all together now! the clone and the mom that are going into 12/12 tonight:

              oh yeah, that shotglass clone was executed this morning. i always hate doing that, but she wasn't needed after all. the other clone is safe in the mom chamber for the duration of flower, she is now the new mom.

              as i said, not much going on just yet.. but it's a start. so far the miracle grow moisture control is doing ok. the nutes are def. higher then the potting mix. the fans are starting to stress a tiny bit, but it will work itself out once it gets a little biggger, i hope. oh yeah reminds me of the nickname for the ghetto soil. miracle-dro(c) baby ! LOL

              enjoy .. and don't eat too much turkey,

              xoox <gobble, gobble>
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              xOOx's fluro fiesta!


                Love the florescent threads! Keep it up man!



                  i be watching as well

                  :EDIT: how often do you change the water in that shotglass ? :EDIT:
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                  Peace ? Bear

                  Originally posted by 5th
                  I am not a medical patient, and I am sure to fuck not complacent with any bullshit laws.



                    ..time for an update..

                    i know ya'll just dying to see them with all that big bud pr0n going on in the other threads, LOL.

                    welcome krush, charge!

                    sorry Brother Bear!! didn't see you asked a question..

                    well the answer is.. i change the water out of the glass every 2-3 days, or if it gets a little cloudy. i usually rinse the stem off under the running sink tap for a few seconds, and then refill with some fresh tap water. it eventually roots .. sometimes some goo may form on the stem .. like a gelatinous ick film.. i just rinse it off as best i can, and put it back in.. roots still come, and once its in dirt, that stuff dies off..sometimes you might see what i'm talking about form on seeds that you soak in water too far it's been a harmless fungus/bacteria - and it only happens at certain times of the year for some reason ..

                    so on to the pics ..

                    here they are hiding behind the 3 shoplights. i haven't turned on the 3rd yet, so they've been behind 2 active shoplights this whole time! hard to believe, just one shoplight on it is more then enough so far. she's a low light lover. if you notice they aren't right ontop of the girls either, quite some distance from them..

                    here she is with my trusty lighter to compare ... 27-28 days true 12/12, stretching is just about ending. she's exactly 2 feet tall now. not bad? from 6 inches to 2 feet in 28 days..still in the 1 gallon pot...she's on target for harvest in just 42-55 more days .. i will flip on the 3rd shoplight in a week or so when she starts flowering a little faster..just want to keep the temps a little cooler in the beginning this time..

                    miracle dro soil (moisture control)/tap water seems to be doing ok. a little yellowing, but it's the older leaves, its probably the ph is a little off - but its ok, she will adapt to the environment in a week or so if thats the worry, she's tough. she's just eating herself already. i don't want to fertilize any extra because it will grow more leaves instead of budding.. i did that once before, oops. so you figure, 7 days to root from cutting, in dirt for a couple days, then right into 12/12 at 5-6 inches, and then 28 days later ...

                    top half ...

                    ..and now for the mom experiment.. she's didn't stretch much.. probably because of the hardwood stem.. she's about 11 inches tall now. i might prune out most of the tops and leave maybe 6-7 dominant colas, it seems like theres too many going on. thanks for the idea tona!

                    close up of the mom from above ..

                    some things i noticed .. the mom and the clone both shot the first pistil around day 19 12/12 - so it doesn't make a difference .. no veg, or 9+ months mom veg. they will start flowering around 19 days of 12/12 exposure. one interesting thing.. the mom seems to have more trichs on her, and more on the fan leaves... so that's interesting to note.. but it could be that she's just smaller, and they are more compact .. illusion..

           i went back in the closet to make sure they had enough water .. low and behold, someone must of climbed down the chimney and put some sort of ornament on one of the branches .. i don't know he got in, being so fat and all.. LOL

                    wtf? closer look ...

                    just a little tribute to our retired friend!!
                    we still want an encore!


                    Happy Holidays All

                    stay safe,

                    xOOx's fluro fiesta!


                      update time.......

                      <cricket cricket>

                      you know - some people have growlogs that are like whole magazines or books within themselves!

                      but i got a little pamphlet log,
                      or just a brochure log...

                      please take one..

                      hey you, sir, excuse me, please take one..where you going, yo come back!!


                      day 57!!!!!! getting there... she's about 26 inches tall now (not including the pot), and that's probably it for top growth. pot size definately has something to do with height and width. smaller and wayy thinner/less bush this time. i'm wondering if just vegging it to 26 inches and flipping would have hardly any stretch at all in a small pot like that, maybe next time? i hope it doesn't turn into 'attack of the 5 foot monsters', lol. it would probably take a month or so to get to 26 inches.

                      another plumping/bloom of the buds is due soon, probably around day 65ish, she plumps later in flower..she will be chopped at 77-80. little budlets will definately do the job if smoked now, but will wait for more of it. i'm contemplating taking it to 90+ just to see what happens.

                      not bad so far, 5-6 inch cutting -> 26 inches in 57 days. no veg.. fan leaves are throwing in the towel all over, but the buds and blades are green.. so alls well..

                      here are those twin buds, middlish of plant ...

                      tip top of the cola...

                      a little closer .....

                      and for the original mom plant.. well, i guess the thick hardwoodish stem has prevented it from doing any type of stretch. it stands about 11 1/2 inches tall just under a foot.. was an interesting experiment...could probably fit 20 or 30 of those moms in the fluro footprint, and then it would make interesting bud yield, but you know.. watering all of them every 4 days, ugg..pain in the ass.. i'm watering the other one once a week..real low maintenance. seems that moisture control soil retains water well with its moisture absorbing whatever the hell is in it crystals, lol.

                      well, that's it for now...

                      20 +/- more days!


                      xOOx's fluro fiesta!


                        I'll take a pamphlet

                        whatcha growing in ? and nutes ?
                        Peace ? Bear

                        Originally posted by 5th
                        I am not a medical patient, and I am sure to fuck not complacent with any bullshit laws.


                          haha! hey BB

                          using miracle grow 'moisture control' this time...(miracle DRO)
                          straight outta the bag,

                          and just tap water..

                          right from the sink!! ICE COLD!
                          i haven't even been letting it sit for 24 hours i'm so lazy.

                          she takes the beating for sure..
                          pretty simple ya?
                          blasphemy, i know .. i know

                          i think i said all that in the first post tho..

                          this soil is hot, and the ph is weird,
                          but it still chugs along..and end result = :stoned:

                          sometimes, just letting it grow thru ugliness rather then trying to correct stuff seems to work better.. when you start playing mad chemist you know.. shit works itself out at the end.. just cross your fingers!!

                          xOOx's fluro fiesta!


                            when you start playing mad chemist
                            thats when shyt goes down hill for me too
                            LOL it is a weed right !!

                            sry to make ya repeat it
                            Peace ? Bear

                            Originally posted by 5th
                            I am not a medical patient, and I am sure to fuck not complacent with any bullshit laws.


                              ya mon ..

                              like the song.. let it be!

                              it wants to live after all, and will try to figure out how to make it on its own.

                              i have a theory.. i think a little stress now and again brings out more potent thc juice in its veins.. or it could be the miracle dro? lol

                              xOOx's fluro fiesta!