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    Originally posted by VerdantGreen View Post
    I just identified the pests in the pictures, i cant help that there was three different ones !
    (thrips are the insects in post 10, the dead ones in op are gnats, post 19 is whitefly and gnat)

    i don't answer stuff like this unless i am sure.

    Pictures from post 10 aint mine :P but thanks anyways!


      Originally posted by mimistow View Post
      Maybe its a leafhopper as someone mentioned earlier?

      The best advise I could give any new grower is to find someone willing to help with at least a decade of growing experience. Opinions are like assholes we all have 1. If you use a good organic Natural Miticide, Fungicide and Insecticide, for Organic Gardening is a must IMO, it will not alter how your flowers smell/taste when used properly.. I use AgroMagen Growsafe as part of my IPM routine, Contains all-natural and organic food-based ingredients. Once you get a reg schedule going most issues will be gone. Most of your IPM will be done in veg. Clean plants going into flower rarely have issues. You can continue treatment all the way to week 4 flower. If your having issues after your environment isn't setup well.
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        Originally posted by mimistow View Post
        Well i cant think of a way to bottom feed with these kind of airpots cause at the bottom they have a plastic net that holds the sail that's 5 cm above the ground. Also soap wont affect the young flowers?
        You need to think outside the box good buddy. Until you get your cloth pots as you have previously mentioned, you could use a deeper saucer eg. if your mesh is at 1" from the bottom, use a 3" deep saucer. That being said, I don't like sitting water in my tent, in a saucer or otherwise. You could always siphon off the standing water with a wet/dry shopvac. Barring that, if you plan on saving this run, transplant them into a cloth pot. Although, not a preferred wtg, its either that or continue struggling.

        Wrt soap won't affect small flowers??? Soap leaves a residue behind. Its your dope not mine. Do whatever you want to do. Whatever floats your boat

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          Most of us swapped over to oil based long ago...Soaps can cause plant damage even when used properly. Compliance testing has forced many to abandon soaps. Its the Wetting agents used that causes issues. If you can find a soap with no Surfactants would be a better option IMO. Food grade insecticidal oils is a better product and wont cause issues with compliance testing, Growsafe doesn't alter aromas/flav on any size flower.

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            Guys i want to thank you for all these great information.You really helped me .I hope you all the best!


              Hey mimi!!

              The soap spray may turn some of your white hairs a little brown, but that's not as bad as what the bugs will do if you let them go....

              Its kind of a give/take type of situation once you get an infestation....

              And the small amount of damage from eradicating the bugs on this grow, will hopefully put you in a better place for the next grow without any type of infestation


                Originally posted by MrBungle View Post
                Hey mimi!!

                The soap spray may turn some of your white hairs a little brown, but that's not as bad as what the bugs will do if you let them go....
                I never use Safer's after about week 2.

                Would rather smoke Spider Mites than soap.

                ALSO - dip tanks work GREAT. one of the reasons being - it's like a tidal wave for the bugs.

                IOW you can use Just Water for the dip tank. Though not easy with a plant 10 feet tall in a 200 gallon pot.

                Once there's bud matter affected, I don't use soaps. I do use LADYBUGS, if I can get them.

                In an indoor grow, well, yes you do end up with ladybugs all over the place.
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                  The plants are 45 days old.. and look to be about 2 weeks into flower.....


                    Anyone, not a commercial grower can eradicate Gnats in 1 simple step. The more plants you have the longer it will take. You do not need to use anything but a stick, I guarantee it. If your medium is not dry enough do not water. Keeping your medium wet is why gnats breed in it. They do not lay eggs very deep. They are surface breeders. Plant size plays a huge role in how often they need to drink in a day. In veg, they do not need to be fed every day. Small Plants can take up to 4 days before needing another feed. Anyway if you have gnats do this. It's the same advice I've been giving for many years.

                    1. WATER PLANTS
                    2. USE A STICK TO FLUFF 2" OF YOUR MEDIUM
                    3. REPEAT EVERY TIME YOU WATER.
                    4.THANK ME LATER .

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                      Really cool advice, hammerhead! I imagine it works in two ways - stirring the media damages eggs, and fluffing it up encourages it to dry out.

                      Monterey BT has worked wonders for me, haven't seen a gnat in a week. Adding some growsafe to be safe, and the medium fluffing as part of my routine from now on.
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                        Ive been doing that for at least the last 6 years. Ive not seen a gnat since. Gnats will not breed in dry medium. The trick is keeping the top dry while the rest is still moist. Gnats will not bother with a dry top. Any eggs deep in your medium will not survive.

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