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Biological control of fusarium outdoors

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  • Great outdoors
    So far, they looked better this morning, and now 2 hours later, still in the heat of the sun this top came back up to 98%

    Click image for larger version

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  • Great outdoors
    So this is pretty serious for me. I grow my 4 legal plants a year outside to have smoke for myself and the family for a year. No redo here.
    So I have spent hours scouring the internet on studies of biological control of fusarium in banana's and tomato's.
    I am only interested in organic solutions as I am no till and if I kill biology I can say goodbye to these plants.
    One of the simpler solutions seems to be Mycostop. Of course not available in Canada.
    But through the studies I have read I have come across some heartening info.

    Some things fusarium does not like
    Higher pH
    For this I have and will be adding wood ash

    Things that have shown to help Seaweed treatment
    Out competing biology
    For these daily compost tea and seaweed

    Here is the plant we will use as a guage. Golden Cobra 🐍
    The lowest branch was giving some top droop but I don't feel it needs to be culled yet and seems a good indicator of what I am doing.
    So yesterday morning started the compost tea and some wood ash. Last evening some more seaweed made with EM and compost tea again this morning.
    This top came up 95% yesterday once the sun was not directly on the branch. This morning it was about 98% but once the sun hit it,it dropped to the last picture. Click image for larger version

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  • Great outdoors
    started a topic Biological control of fusarium outdoors

    Biological control of fusarium outdoors

    So a bit of an unwanted experiment I find myself in. My outdoor plants on my 10yr old no till mounds have given the early signs of fusarium.
    A few mornings ago I thought my plants needed water as a couple lower branch tops were drooping slightly. Moisture meter said slightly dry confirming this was probably the issue. I watered and the plants were slow to recover and did not fully recover until evening. I still didn't take it as too big a deal as we have been in a recording breaking heat wave for almost a month with temps to the mid 40's C.
    The next morning they did a little droop again when the sun hit and that was when I knew there was trouble. By the next morning a few other plants showed the same symptoms. So I chopped some lower branches and sure enough there was a little brown discoloration on the vascular system.
    Here's the psicodelecia plant showing the droop and the cut stalk with browning.

    Click image for larger version

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