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    My big ladies/green poisons) are making me worried.
    everything started like 2ws ago when I monitored some flying tiny tiny things (maybe a type of mites/or just dust) plus kinda weird objects all around the stem(my guess was scales, 2nd guess cyst nematodes or fungus), I applied rock effect(Pongamia pinnata), nothing had changed, so 2 days after i went for vertimec(Abamectin). Still flying objects and stem things stayed there.
    3days later I decided to go for a mospilan(acetampirin). after I could see changes both things got reduced, but only for 1 day.
    I reached for some less chemical also revital option - INPIRO PS(sodium benzoate/ i hope i got it right translated). It helped so I repeated it again after 3 days. The flying things are gone, stem objects are falling down by pressure sprayer, but they reappear in about 48hs. starting to consider its not scales, not nematodes(however I found some in the soil, disgusting...) but fungus and I am applying something to improve their condition - magnicur energy(propamocarb530 g/l , fosetyl-Al 310 g/l)
    36hs later they look like this:
    white dots. starting to appear, color of leaves are not very healthy looking, not nice green color. several leaf damages.
    No pests at all. my yellow monitor paper had been clean as new for more then 2 months

    I am using guanokalong all complete, mixed with 1/2recommended dose of dolomite lime plus very small part of worms casting from biobizz(only to premix mycorhizae in it) also azos basterias.
    and I hadnt really feed them yet, only tea was applied with more azos, wormscast ofc, touch of guano and blackstrap molasses. and humic acids
    and my usual water ph is 6,3.
    ps: recently, maybe 1 month, I started adding Cvitamin(ascorb acid to remove chloride instead of preparing a water day ahead. I add it, leave it bubble for an hour or so then I use citric acid to make it correct.
    I ve got UVC lamp i used to sanitise it before the start. got any experience using it for few mins with flowers?

    also i added pics of another plants I got for hunt there. some of them got to horrible condition after last magnicur.

    please, got any thoughts my following steps should be?

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    Hi Vikizameriky nice to meet you
    come in the Grow Chat (if you see me) and i will look at your pictures with you
    i see some plants in great shape and some not (I am not expert or a mod)
    but I will give you my opinion on your plants and your problem....see you soon Smoke
    Click image for larger version

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      Looks like you are using water with a pH that won't allow the nutrients to become available. Try using rain water by slowly transiting from the water you are using now.😎