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Get Rid of Fungus Gnats For Good Using Mosquito Dunks

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    Gnatrol is 10-40ml per gallon I believe. Use immediately or within 24hrs at most, it will gunk up the res. Same active ingredient as Mosquito Bits/Dunks but in higher concentration. Bits/Dunks are better as a preventative but overall an inferior product.

    Bti products are inert, you are not applying a live organism or inocculant but a dried powder high in a insecticidal crystal produced by the bacteria before processing with heat to make a stable form.


      Cinnamon is much better option than Bti and it nukes them so fast that all larvae
      dies in few days so you can actually sees your plants come fast back to health
      and optimum growing..

      for flyers use yellow sticky traps and you will rid gnats very fast...

      Am haved infestations so strong that mine yellow sticky traps was black in colour
      from them.. millions of bastards.. and then comes Cinnamon dusting and after
      two days you dont sees them any more they come from soil...

      Cinnamon haves some alcaloid that fucks up larvae so hard they cant live long..
      and flyers you pick up with yellow sticky traps..

      Thing is that Cinnamon kills shroom that gnats use for food and hence that
      they starve of hunger and never fly out..


        My results are in!

        Rather than repeating,,,

        I am now a fan of Mosquito Dunks combined with Neem seed meal to control pests.

        I am thrilled to be finally gnat free.

        Both my mom/clone and my flower boxes have the same results

        Thank you all.

        Vape on kids.
        Just because your paranoid
        Doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.