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Get Rid of Fungus Gnats For Good Using Mosquito Dunks

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    I am using those dunks as we speak in coco and perlite with great success. crushed up in the medium and one in a tea bag in every reservoir. IT'S NOT THE DUNKS! Back off on your nutrients and take a close look at your nutes and test for any compatiability issues. Other than that the pests may be so well established in your rhizosphere that they are the cause of the alkalinity issue. i.e. biological waste. It will take a while to straighten out any bad problems. shitty.


      been using crumbled dunks for a lil over a month now (when i first saw 1-2 gnats) and they have done zero to curb them in my coco. now i see 5-6 per pot at least when watering. made sure to treat every bit of coco new and old, got rid of any stagnate water, perlite layer to make the topsoil seem dry, and they just keep on coming. they have been driving me crazy and im about to jsut give up on getting rid of them, they don't seem to be doing much harm but it's seriously making me hate coco, never had a problem this bad in other mediums.


        about to try them in coco, hope they work...

        oj, even if the dunks are working, it is still possible that a few gnats could come in when you enter/exit the room, right? i wouldn't rely on the dunks alone, especially for an active population, i would add sticky traps, and an aerosol pyrethrin spray (safer brand is good) if in veg/early flower. and also you can keep the top of the coco pretty dry, not just seem dry. sprinkle some on top very loosely and don't disturb it and for me it usually results in a very thin dry layer on top which helps somewhat to cut down on the critters. good luck.


          These are a great tool and natural too!


            Originally posted by mikessong View Post
            i would add sticky traps
            yah i bought some of those, they worked great for 1 thing and that's ripping leaves of my plants when i took them out for their daily watering killing adults... not so much, got maybe 2 per strip after a week.

            don't want to use any spray chems as the girls are flowering and the gnats don't seem to really be causing any harm. checked the roots multiple times and they are fine too, "if it aint broke..."

            the coco i got was dried compressed brick, not even wet bags and i'm positive the dry bricks are what was infested, so these are some resilient little fucks. gonna bomb and clean up the room after these girls are done, buy coco from the new shop i go to and if it is also infested then just going to move to a hydro setup as those generally are effortlessly pest free in my experience, as long as you yourself don't contaminate the room with dodgy clones or pull stuff in on your clothes/skin from outside.


              Hello all,

              Just wrote a thread about my expeerience with Gnatrol....Great stuff...stops the fungus gnat lifecycle and they are gone.

              Got mine on ebay cheap...24 bux delivered fast too.

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                gnatrol and dunks is the same thing...


                  anyone use them in coco with positive results??
                  ROUND 3:DJshortsBlueberry in coco w/Blumats COMPLETED!!


                    Does anyone know if the Dunks mess the pH? Do they raise/lower the pH?


                      Originally posted by benzo View Post
                      anyone use them in coco with positive results??

                      I am a soil grower, but I use coco to clone, and I got a bogglegum motherplant from a local grower and it had gnats

                      I read this thread, and bought some dunks, and crumbled some on every open soil, and coco surface I have.

                      been over 2 weeks now, and I still have a gnat infestation, and it seems to be getting worse

                      I just dr. doom fogged the shit out of the clone closet, and I'm going with more crumbled dunk on all exposed soil and coco surfaces.

                      but so far this is NOT WORKING!!!

                      I am going to build an isolation chamber so that I can put new strains in there for a few weeks to kill off any hitchhikers

                      I HATE GNATS!!!
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                        I've been trying dunks for about a week now, can't really tell if it's working or not yet. I have never had a gnat problem in my life, but I bought soil from Lowes in a pinch and I guess this is my penance for it. Did a sandcap on all the pots, sprayed insecticide, hung 'no shot pest strips' nothing. Sticky traps are covered in them, fuck cheap soil... Never again.


                          I've been using dunks in my rez, using coco, for quite some time. But it wasn't tell I started grinding it up and top-coating the pots that I have actually got rid of these all fungus gnats/and root aphid problem...

                          another thing I did, when I was in soil (had root aphids bad) was too tape the edges of the pots with yellow (painters) tape, the root aphids crawl and stick on the tape so they can't escape! also loop a piece of tape reversed around the base of the plant - keeps-m from crawling up the plant.

                          this worked really really well.


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                            lol. I think I have already mentioned that this takes 4-6 weeks to kill em all off.

                            This is not instant death, but should be used as a preventative to keep from having infestations.

                            Once infestation has occurred, then it is going to take at least 4 weeks to get rid of them.

                            Typically I find that infestations of gnats seem to go ahead unchecked, till you get about 4 weeks, then, wham, they are gone for good.

                            Use dunks before infestation occurs as preventative and you won't ever get gnats in the first place.

                            It is good to hear that they killed winged root aphids too, that is the first report of it being effective against aphids. good work.


                              Thank you all - I just started reading this thread and i hope it is an answer to many of my problems - I just happen to have an old mosquito dunk for my outdoor water barrel - so just now i shredded some on my indoor plants in the hope that it will help. Have been growing for many years, but starting late last year, all my plants (only a few) started to die or wouldn't grow, and the same this year - and it has been so frustrating and depressing. I thought I had fruit flies buzzing around, so wasn't concerned about them, but no matter what I did, my plants just sat there after a couple weeks of slow growth - then nothing - no growth, no vitality, no nothing. Here's hoping it helps.

                              To add a little more info to this message. I had been using soil from my compost pile with some potting soil to grow, but always had to deal with rolly polly's (sp?) who just love tender young shoots - so I decided to go with all store bought soil. last year I purchased a bag of Miracle Grow potting soil (not organic), some mushroom compost, added some sand and mixed it all together and made new pots. The first few weeks the grow looked great - deep green, good leaf, nice growth. Then everything just stopped growing - the color started to fade, the bottom leaves turned yellow, but the plants didn't do anything but sit there. I tried all kind of amendments but soon I couldn't add anything cause the soil wouldn't dry enough to add water. I started more plants, but they never got going - though they didn't die. I kept looking for clues online but couldn't find anything that fit. This has been going on for almost a year - until I found this thread! I looked more closely at what I thought were just fruit flies and I do believe they are fungus gnats, so am treating for that according to this thread. I have hope again! I'm guessing the gnats were in the Miracle Grow potting soil because I have read that many people have trouble with Miracle Grow. I've started a new batch with cheap potting soil (no additives) and will continue to treat for gnats. I'm really glad i came upon this thread! What's the best all around liquid fertilizer for indoor growth?
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                                I spent two hours yesterday sterilizing soil, two aluminum pans at a time (in the oven). Thank god I have an extra oven and I didn't have to do it in my house because the smell was pretty bad. However, I believe I've struck a fatal blow in the 'War on Gnats'!! Between the dunks, the spray, the traps, and the sterilized soil, I think this is finished.

                                Again, my days of cheap soil are over, I don't care if I have to drive 50 miles to get my Promix compressed bails. I've never had one gnat when I use it.