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"Zoid" Line, Aussie Indoor bred & grown.

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    "Zoid" Line, Aussie Indoor bred & grown.

    Hello fellow IC members ...
    Today i'll do a little smoke report about a new line, of pure australian landraces bred for indoor... They ve been grown indoor, from seeds, and i think were done in less than 10 weeks. I really thanks a lot the grower who gave me that, if he to show up he ll be there ...

    Read about this, cause you will hear a lot more of the Aussie Landrace in the coming years i 'm sure... What what ???

    Zoidberg Hybrid :

    Smell is not that strong, reminds me of aromatic herbs i m used to cook with ( basil...)
    Maybe also some detergent undersmell.
    Spicy taste / strong pineapple incense..
    Like a mix of Cheese with SourDiesel... The smoke is really smooth, but also really tasty, some kind of hashy/ fruity taste.

    Heady High, Munchies, come by waves... Pain relief... Could be compared to the high of the Sour Diesel, but i would say it s even stronger...
    It can be still really coming by waves even an hour and a half later !!!

    Waves, definition :
    ( this is for zoidfuel, but same for zoidberg )
    Originally posted by moonunit
    Very quick hitter, but it hits u only with about a third of the high, u think nice, all head everything looks brighter and im smiling. Then 10-15 mins later, your breathing quickens some what and the next third of the high hits, mostly head with some body, im thinking im very nicely toasted and my thoughts and motor mouth are soaring lol. Then 10 mins later, with a slight tight feeling in the chest the 3rd and final third of the high stacks ontop the first 2 and im now thinking maybe this is going to be to much, but its mostly body in the last part and the head melts into a more body stone for the next coup[le of hours with the head tapering off bout an hour before the body stone.

    Berry Candy:

    strong smell, mellow, something common with the zoidberg, but hidden behind a cinammon smell,
    some vanilla too, and berry hints..
    Candy describe pretty much well the smell ! It s so complex, i love it !
    Taste quite different from the smell, it kinda reminds me of the old schools strains from the carribean, but also quite like some thais.
    The taste is not that complex compared to the smell.
    i think my only regret, but i m sure that a tastier pheno can easily be found ..
    The result is an incredible smoke, which hit you straight, but still very functionnal, even if you re really stone...

    25 microns hash : Taste pretty much like zoidberg, but with some strongest hashy undertones...
    The effect is more on the stone side, really nice for medical purposes i would stay, could nt feel my body after a joint.

    WhiteFuel : Fly trap

    Smell is like smoke and acid, kinda strange but really nice.
    Very Solid bud with a good trichome production.
    Taste is really spicy, almost like the Sour taste of the SourDiesel...
    But also with some thai herb in it, which make it really earthy taste, you could say it was grown outdoor... The landraces connoisseurs would love that.
    The effect is quite strong, i d say not far from the zoidberg, heady and functionnal.. Still present after 3 hours, that's really incredible. You are really trippin and seems to forget about being stone, not far from de zoidberg... I had to do a summary and i did it pretty good, so still functionnal !
    I had the chance to get 2 samples, a 8 and 9 weeks flowering. The taste is alike, but the effect is even stronger for the 9w !

    White Fuel Aroma
    (cut too early - 5 wks ):
    Smells like detergent, a little lemon, really strong dank..
    still need to be dry.

    Conclusion :

    I m really sooooo glad i come along these samples, because this line is one of the best ever ! Also i hadnt smoke a lot for two weeks, i ve been smoking for 4 days now, and it still knock the hell out of me !

    My sour diesel which is one of the strongest quick sativa i ve grown, and in 11 weeks it was less potent than the 8 or 9 weeks zoidberg. I have no clue how a strong / sativa high can be achieve so quickly, impressive !

    The most interesting part of it it s that the genetic is not polluted by any of the dutch or US genetics, and it's damn potent... As stated before by another member, maybe some other cannabinoids are involved...

    The potency is AMAZING, i'm enjoying highs like my first time smoking for four days now ! And all the line get this potency in their genes... a MUST !

    Get ready to smoke some Aussie '

    More about the line (breeding, growing picts ) :
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    nice report titoon , ill bet your glad u came to australia now ,.. though id have to admit the quality of the strains your trying are not really commonplace in australia ,,, apparently u got lucky ,... hehe ..
    i was sent a bunch of seeds from these lines aswell try grow outdoors ,, ill be popping them in asap and get a heap of shots of the ladies in action ,.. from what ive seen so far from moonunit im sure im in for an impressive grow..


      Hi wally,
      thanks for posting so fast !!! You'll really like them for sure.. Such a lot of qualities, bred together in a pretty stable line.. moon is not on the clone thing, and he's totally right, because it seems that his seeds doesn t even need selection..
      I m glad to be in Australia too, such a beautifull country... And the landraces ^^
      Another thing : i ve noticed one or two male flowers in the buds, but no seeds at all, must be a trait from the outdoor inbreeding thing ""

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      Across the Atlantic and beyond : Hashish and Ganja Tales
      Carribean Sativa Tour !!
      Australian Strains Report, for Sativa lovers... !!
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        Good one titoon, glad you're enjoying yourself mate,,, btw I thought you were spose to be studying. lol),,
        I'm thinking it'll be an exciting season down here this year, can almost smell that zoidfuel from here.
        Life is what you make it.... be good... if not... at least be good at it


          sounds yummy


            Great stuff, its good to see more sativas in Oz...with growing conditions outdoors, its a crime to not have more world famous outdoor strains...actually most people can't name even one.
            Hopefully these kind of crosses will let your average joe blow indoor commercial "grower" get a chance to produce something special...less low quality stone and more mind-expanding high!


              now thats kick arse sure love 2 try em-make us proud


                Thank you for the great report titoon m8. Every bit of feedback we take on board and its good to know we are on the right track with these lines. The central line is actualy the pure fuel line but we also used the zoid line quite alot and load of zoid hybrids aswell. After the inital success with the fof3 male( selected using progeny testing) from the pure fuel line, we put the fof3 male over everything we possibly could in our stables before we got rid of it eventualy. The fof3 lines currently we are working and sending out are just the 5% we have had time to grow and work on from the intial crosses in the progeny testing we did for the fof3 selection , we have quite alot left up our sleeves aswell .
                We do actualy work with clones , but try not to keep expresions around in clone form for to long, unless they are females used for bud production. The thinking behind this is that say if we kept possesion of and kept using the fof3 male to this day, our breeding would become stagnent and lazy and never better than the fof3 could produce. I let the original zoidberg clone go after 10 or so years, when in actuality i only held it for so long for sentimentle reasons, as it was not a production clone, just a breeder and all its work was done in 2 years. If we hang onto an expression for breeding , be it male or female, we almost are saying, i can do no better than this for breeding materials or i have reached my pinacle ( we have not ), and hence one never will do better, or even strive for better, and the breeding gets lazy, and we end up with the same mixing and mashing of the same 5 or so lines over and over.
                The zoid lines can and will occassionaly throw late, totaly pollenless or sterile nannas. We have had to fight alot of intersexual tendencies in some of our lines but its mostly under control now and mostly just a few late nanna .
                ANother trait these lines contain , one that has been said not to exist by the likes of uncleben at the other site and a few others, but i wholeheartedly dissagree with them and believe it exists is:
                That sat doms need gentic age from the time the initial seed was planted to reach their full potential, usualy around 6 months on alot of our stuff. We evaluate over a longer period of time to take this into account as it does exist. We normaly grow the plant from seed in soild or coco, taking not a huge ammount of notice on the first run, then we run clones or reveges of these plant to do the actual evaluation of the lines and start selections. The samples titoon got have been what i have been evaluating amongst others over the last 2 months now and still had samples left of. Selecting the breeders and the production expressions. For example. the zoidfuel and the flytrap expression of whitefuel are both going to be used for breeding and for production, the berry candy is being used for just breeding and the zoid hybrid is just a breeder and wont be used for production either.
                Anyways glad u enjoyed em m8, hopefully i will be able to get some even better samples to u before u leave australia, as i said earlier, we still have looads up our sleeve ( i was only able to get a tiny cross section of our work to u at the time)
                much respect
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                  Im on Zoids..again.

                  got mates that get this stuff not for a while but its worth the $400 zips.


                    Looks great man! That WF Fly trap looks like some phenomenal herb.


                      At last. Real Aussie breeds! Would love to try it.

                      Fantastic report Titoon!

                      Moonunit, the more I read about these the better they sound.


                        Nice report man, someone should bring that shit down here to NZ!!! I NEED IT
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                          Zoidberg :
                          Smoke report, 1 week dry

                          The smell is not that strong because i think curing would help, but when you broke the buds the smell appears, really pungent, still too fresh, i can t describe it at all... so spicy, with hints of fuel/gasoline... reminds me of some diesel
                          Taste is like fresh herb, need a lot more curing... But !
                          The high is ... incredible again.. but this time it s so euphoric, you laugh and smile at pretty much everything funny or not, for sometimes 3 to 4 hours... i love it..
                          it puts you in such a good mood ! It also comes in waves, sometimes you really feel it in your body like, wow i m getting even higher, than it calms down... It is just so coooool !
                          We ve noticed that you are still high in the morning when you smoke before going to bed !!!
                          The zoidfuel seems a little more functionnal then the zoidberg or berry candy, but still my problem is that i keep on laughing at everything for a few hours, not that i laugh for nothing but i m trippin so much... Really in the head, such a rush in your brain, but also calming..
                          It s just THE perfect herb for enjoying life

                          Smurf > I m trying to work mate
                          Blackndn > Thanks man !
                          Saibai > I don't really know about the zoid outdoor, but as an aussie landrace it should be awesome...
                          kaneboy > thanks

                          moonunit > Hey man, what's up !!!! Really nice to see you on this thread ! You're welcome for the report, this is totally worth the try ! It's even really hard for me to tell which of your samples were the strongest are they are all good ! You got absolutely the best breeding material i would have dreamt of, this line got such genes... i would say the effects are totally different from the dutch and american herb, a stronger high, no body stone, functionnal, incredibly euphoric... Moon i've been looking for this herb for four years now, something similar in high to the jamaican, but finishing faster, and i finally found it... Awesome.... People really need to grow these.. any plans to release some seeds ? thanks again mate !!! Can t wait to grooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.......

                          Schlossi> Sure

                          GRoly> The fly trap is one of the strongest herb i ve ever smoked, after de zoidberg and zoidfuel... Incredible
                          hardrain > you ll see when other people will get this more nice reports will come..
                          fourtwentytrip > i'm sure it will be there soon...
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                            its nearly time to head outside and start getting things happening and is there any where us aussies can get sum em beans


                              titoon29 awesome thread and some killa pics u have glad to see some aussie strains crankin but ive never heard of any of those strains in my country...
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