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    Originally posted by SmokeyPufmaster
    Go to it gang........

    Im on it...Thanks for the quick reference Zep!!! I think I'll do the Mazar next....hmmm


      Originally posted by SmokeyPufmaster
      Think I will sticky it for awhile. These are excellent terms to reference when writting your Smoke Reports. Go to it gang........

      Thanx Smokey!!
      That's what I was hopin' for when I bumped it.
      There's sooo much good stuff bein' cut and reported on,
      I figgered this'd help a bit.

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      A day in which we have not laughed.

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        are we close to the IC Strainguide... planet Earth's most complete .

        rock & roll Smokey ~

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          You missed like 500K descriptor words there!

          I. C. MAG: W E S T E R N C A N A D A U N I T E

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            Can anyone help me with this?

            I need a good example to associate with the following types of smells... Just not in pot form. I mean, I need to smell an accurate eample of what someone would label "Earthy, Hashy, Spicy"... like actual things, not types of bud... if this makes sense :S

            "Hashy" - Anything besides actual hash that can be used as an example?

            "Spicy" - Type of spice? Smell of several spices together? Spicy as in 'hot' ?

            "Earthy" - Easiest one I suppose? Soil clay ? Dirt?


              Great job on this post, I think that this is a must read for anyone who's just starting down the road of cannabis connoisseurship.


                yo any of you have any clues as to how to smell certain fertilizers/chemicals?

                recently saw some greenhouse afghani that smelled like fish... damn fish oils put into the grow.

                which ferts/chemicals smell like what?
                Joint project: bkindication and tripleaonly.
                Currently soaking seeds of SSH #8 x Haze, SSH #1 x Haze, and (Skunk x Haze) x SSH then growing out...

                Looking for medical sensi star seeds/cuts in Cali.

                Looking for the best phenos of chem/sour/pre-1998 bubbas.
                always open to suggestions... mainly looking for the highest count on the active ingredient


                  Nice Thread but i dont agree with all the descriptions/summaries, still nice work!
                  Oh i better add, i aint looking to be arguing its just i see some of the descriptions differently, thats all, like i said nice thread man!
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                      Wow, you should title this The Descriptive Dictionary for Cannabis Consumers and Beginner Breeders. lol. Great job!


                        Fantastic job mate..
                        very detailed and in depth, a true connoisseur!

                        p.s anybody that can tell me anything about "World Of Seeds - Obsession"?


                          I don't know why but the list really had elements that it could easily share with a similar list on some grindr forum on a thread about reviewing fellatio at the local get together spots....

                          Puckery ?

                          I like powerful, it's a synonym for brawny and there is no entry for ‘brawny’. Presumably this is to conserve effort and space since it would probably be:

                          BRAWNY - kind of a synonym with POWERFUL

                          Great list btw.
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                            Here some charas production in Ukraine. Nothing very special or strong, but effect is very different some like very different sativa. maybe not best smoke but anyway very different.

                            additional photos I did it one year before. This year I don`t did so many of this stuff. I am anyway have enough smoke in this year without it.

                            Don't want starting new thread for this. Not so important i think.
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