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Mandala Seeds - Hashberry Grow Summary and Smoke Report

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    Mandala Seeds - Hashberry Grow Summary and Smoke Report

    high, hola, olá, salut, ciao, tag, dag, privet, marhaba, habari, o t’ojo meta, ote kwana, sannu, sawàt dii, senang berkenalan dengan anda, dozo yoroshiku and last but not least, yo icmag friends, romans and country men! I hope everyone is safe, happy, high and sitting comfortably.

    so this is another mandala seeds strain smoke report. i had fantastic plants from recent grows of satori and speed queen and on the strength of this i dipped my toe back into the Mandala catalogue and picked up some Hashberry. for the full grow thread please click here.

    the breeders description of hashberry is below:

    Originally posted by MandalaSeeds
    Hashberry – Mandala Seeds

    Type: mostly indica
    Contains land race genetics from: North India (Kashmir)
    Cultivation: indoor/outdoor (up to 45° latitude, balcony, greenhouse)
    Light: 400 W/m2
    Flowering time: 60-65 days/September - 1. week October
    Yield: 400-450 gr/m2; 14-16 oz/sq. ft. (dry weight)
    High: the classic chill-out weed; an expansive indica stone with a powerful high that sets in with the first lungfull of smoke; the buzz is first light-headed and very balanced before switching to a stronger narcotic phase towards the end of your flight.
    Aroma: fruity-berry; blackcurrent jam; hashy
    Medical use: Hashberry shows medical potential against anxiety and sleep disorders; it has calming effects for pain relief.


    With this exceptional new strain we are building upon our successful breeding lines to offer growers an indica that combines the best of many traits. Hashberry is the unique result from a rigorous selection of desirable parents, with special attention paid to preserve the hybrid vigor our strains are so valued for. This indica will grow to a medium height and is a good choice where space matters and excellent for SOG. Hashberry develops a tight and heavy head bud with dense buds located on her firm side shoots. You will notice that many plants cover the bud leaves with a coat of THC glands and these will fill your pollinator/bubble bags generously. This strain still remains easy to manicure, and the dried buds have great “bag appeal”. The buds reveal a refreshing fruity-floral scent during the flowering period. After proper drying and maturation their fragrance transforms into a delicious hashy-berry like aroma. Hashberry not only has hybrid vigor, but is also very heat resistant and easy to grow. We recommend keeping humidity levels and watering low during the last 2 weeks of flowering to prevent any mold in the compact top buds.
    i chose this strain in particular for a number of reasons; first i suppose is the potential flavour, a rich hashy berry or black currant flavour would be nice to add to the collection and previous experiences with Mandala has led me to have quite good faith in their strain descriptions (rare in itself!) so why not have a look. second main reason was the potential for heat resistance, an easy going summer crop would be a bonus as the borg are regular visitors in the surprisingly hot, dry summers of late. the third (but perhaps less rational) reason to go along with the bud porn was an interesting story about one half of the lineage of this strain.

    Originally posted by Mandala Seeds - Heads Magazine
    In the late 1980s we were in San Francisco and ran into a middle-aged hippie in Haight-Ashbury. After a friendly chat he offered us a bag of seeded weed and disappeared. We rolled a joint right then and then and walked down the street. The only thing was, we couldn;t feel our feet anymore - we were flying! From these seeded indica buds we developed over the years the genetic base for the mother of Hashberry.
    as the recent mass word of mouth promotion of the chemdawg cuts and before that the kush cuts illustrates how much respect a mystery bagseed line can get be it from motorbiking mountain men or in the case of hashberry, Haight Ashbury hippies. this fun story combines well with equal interest in the other side of the cross; a Kashmir male. i have a lot of respect for breeders using land race genetics to add a little extra spice into what feels like a stagnating genepool and Mandala add a healthy twist of old school in most (all?) of their lines it appears.

    this seems to be the most well known and documented Mandala strain and it was probably icmags Mister Postman providing some tantalising bud shots (click here)that tipped me in favour of this paticular Mandala strain.

    grow specifications:

    medium -
    soiless, JI + perlite + worm casts

    pot size -
    start in 10cm, veg to 12" in 6", finished in 8".

    style -
    lazy SOG, mild lower branch pruning to encourage single colas.

    lighting -
    30wpsf flo @ seed
    ~50wpsf mixed spectrum HID @ veg
    50 + wpsf HPS @flower

    nutes -
    biobizz grow/bloom, rhizotonic, cannazyme, PK1314.


    the seeds were healthy, plump, firm and tiger striped and all bursting with expectant life as I have come to expect from Mandala and came in the same style pack as my previous purchases.

    breeders pack & seeds:

    germination was good with 9 of 10 germing and growing straight from the medium, of this 9, 8 started healthy and 1 was a little runty but soon caught up. in veg they were pretty consistant, there was one trifoliate but it soon grew out of it and then they grew fairly strongly with a decent shot of hybrid vigour. plant structure was pretty consistant, the difference in veg showed as a broad leaf/thin leaf trait as well as examples that were mid points between the thickest and thinnest leaflets. broadly speaking branching was fairly consitent across all examples, in this tech side growth is not encouraged in order to form columnular shaped plants and as such this side growth did not develop strongly however this is a plant that could be trained into bushes (though this may require topping as the main stems are very sturdy) or left to grow naturally into heavily branched shrubs. anecdotally next time i run this (and the Satori) they will get larger pots as root growth is exceptionally vigorous. i am tempted to run some in DWC just to see the root balls in all their glory! i suspect this is one of the key things behind the general vigour and hardiness of the plants. all examples i took clones from also rooted nice and quickly too, not quite haz manor cheese fast but they beat out almost everything else that was cut at the same time by a couple of days.

    In flower two dominant flower structure became evident, these could easily be identified as bat and spear flower structure difference though there were mid points just like with the leaves. stretch was fairly mild and easily controlled, they gained maybe 75% of their pre flowering height and when they were finished (cut down) they were a little over double the height they were when they went in to bloom. despite the mild yet significant variation in flower structure all females (8 or 10) were of roughly similar height and certainly wouldn't pose a problem in terms of getting a reasonable canopy.

    amongst these two main flower structures flavours and aromas varied around a common sweet, fruit, berry theme. The bats lean towards a sweet berry/gum flavouring and the spears to a more tangy citrus fruit flavour. the full spectrum of flavours represented is wide and goes from bouquet of berries to a distinct blackberry to a lemon cleaner that would rival jacks cleaner and then to a sweet but more skunky flavour. these sweet skunk plants (3 of 8) were nice but could be considered a little generic against what is both flavour of the month now and reasonably available in other lines but two (more if you are less selective) stand out plants showed great aromas flavours, these were selected and will be reported on in more detail, one is a great combination of a bouquet of berry and fruit flavours with a tart citrus hit backed by a mellow hash undertone and the other has a deep blackberry stink again backed by a soft, mellow hash undertone. the final three all showed fruit and berry tones but less pronounced than the selected two. all had great resin coverage and most had a hint of hash in their palette of aromas. the charas were beautiful and i have high hopes for the blackberry pheno as a hashmaker.

    i don't do weight but all types yielded above average and only one individual plant didn't quite match it's sisters. i didn't push her and had some ph issues (busted ph trunc) but she still filled out nicely. dialled in a think she will get FAT! overall they weren't needy plants at all, a low feed regime is required in all bar one case which was a hog.

    all hashberry were taken at around 65 days (trichs were some clear, most cloudy, very few amber, as i like it) after a fairly long time of tapering off food to try and bring out the berry flavours. The spears were done a few days earlier than the bats but again not much in it, at least not enough for to make me take them in stages. i left one of each type (or a bit of where more than one plant wasn't available) to go a little longer and very little extra weight was added and resin coverage remained constant. The spear type was the nicer to trim and the bat type a freaken pain in the ass but then I detest trimming, charas were lovely though.

    example thin leaf/spear type:

    example thick leaf/bat type:

    grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

    You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.

    i will report on the smoke of the two selected types seperately as the appearance, aroma and taste are quite different despite the highs being similar though still subtley different. buds have been curing for 4 - 6 weeks.

    the more generic plants had a half way position in most factors and could be considered watered down versions of the below.

    smoke: hashberry - blackberry type

    appearance: this pheno is quite dark in colour, mid to dark green with an almost orange hue, an effect which is heightened by the remaining striking orange calyx. generally the buds are fairly full, firm and dense but some buds have an appearance that says this could perhaps have gone another few days but trichs were where i like them, without too much amber, so i won't judge anything by this. talking of trichomes, resin coverage on this pheno is great, a bunch of full headed trichomes that are just waiting to be dry sieved! bracts are swollen but not exceptionally large, they are however plentiful making the flower strcuture great for hashmaking imho, lots of surface area. overall, a good but not perfect appearance rating.

    aroma: on opening the jar this pheno has a deep hash aroma mixed with a delicious hint of sweet over ripe blackberry. the buds themselves have a fairly mild hash/berry/sugar-sweet aroma which when you break up or grind the buds becomes an exceptionally full bodied hash and blackberry aroma.

    taste: once rolled into a joint the taste stays with the same theme as the aroma; a smooth yet deep hash and blackberry berry taste that leaves a sweet yet hashy after taste in your mouth and on your tongue. the smoothness is surprising given the full bodied, hashy nature of the flavour and allows less regular tokers to take a decent hit without choking!

    high: the strain description for this one says the classic chill out weed and as my experience with Mandala so far dictates, that is bang on. potency is more than enough to knock down the inexperienced smoker but for most regular/seasoned smokers the straight up potency and high is nice and mellow. there is definately a point of no return though, too much will have anyone crawling to bed i reckon. the high comes on smoothly and is initially a light giggly head high with plenty of body and mind relaxation. the high is never energetic but is clear enough to allow for good conversation and plenty of laughs but keep smoking or let the high run it's course and it does become more of a bed time weed.

    potential medicinal uses: this pheno shows good potential benefits for muscle relaxation, night time spasms and mild pain relief. my partner wants to keep this around as a joint before sleeping is very beneficial in stopping night time (MS related) spasms and allowing for a good, deep nights sleep and also for waking without stiffness in muscles and joints.

    smoke: hashberry - bouquet au berry et fruit

    appearance: this pheno is a little paler in colour than the blackberry pheno with fuller but less numerous bracts. these buds are firmer and more dense than the previous pheno. trichome coverage again is great and just as before most trichs are full and ready to be knocked off and pressed!

    aroma: when you open the jar on these the aroma like on the previous pheno is full bodied and deep except this time the aroma is all sweet berries with a hint of citrus fruit. the undertone of hash is still there but much less pronounced and leaning to a sweeter rather than earthy hash aroma leading to a slightly softer aroma. when breaking the bud up the sweet berry and citrus aromas become more equally mixed with the tang of the hash aromas creating a nice balance of flavours.

    taste: when you roll this up in a joint the sweetness remains in part, but the citrus fruit/berry/hash combo takes on a slightly sour berry edge particularly on exhale. the taste is quite full bodied but not quite so much as the blackberry pheno and has an added sharpness which can cause the occasional cough in less than chronic smokers.

    high: the high on this pheno is very very similar to the previous pheno but starts a little less clearly. rather the high is a little but more of a creeper that has a little giggly, slightly drunken head but mostly seaps into the body leaving a warm relaxation. too much of this and you won't even make it to bed!

    potential medicinal uses: though the body relaxation shows some potential for pain relief and spasm relief this pheno is only recomended for late evening use due to its heavy body load.

    overall i like this strain, it isn't my usual thing and i think from the Mandala range i prefer the highs from the differing highs of SQ and the Satori however my partner loves the blackberry pheno more than almost anything in the garden for a smooth evening smoke. most of my friends, my partner and myself prefer the blackberry pheno and i think she will be a great hash maker, to test this i sifted a small amount of some bud leaves and lower buds and pressed the resultant trichs and the small amount of hash that was made was beautiful. initially the hash is very gold but once hand pressed darkening into the kind of hash we used to see imported now and then in my youth, maleable in your hands and so rich in flavour. there is just a hint of sweetness in the sharp hashy taste of the hash (which is full melt). i think anyone who runs a packet of these and like sweet/fruit/berry flavours with a hashy undertone will find something they like for there tastes amongst the resultant plants. the mild flowering aroma (and subsequent taste) difference around a common theme allow you to pick the absolute best for your particular tastes and op.she is staying in the garden for now for further testing over the summer. her new best friends for a while will be heat and mites and we'll see how she fairs!

    thanks mandala seeds, mike and jasmine, for another super interesting strain and for continuing to keep your vibe so wicked.

    thanks for reading icmag, any questions or comments you have go right ahead. stay safe, happy and high brothers and sisters.
    grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

    You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


      Once again, another fantastic smoke report there A.N.Other. This is one I have in my stable that I am definitely looking forward to cracking when I am able.
      current catch all grow thread

      SSSDH x GROM/Digiberry from Stank Bros.


        Great rep., bro
        But do try Sadhu- youll be VERY surprised
        Keep the rep. coming
        Peace and rest to us all :kos:
        we need it badly :yoinks:
        But well probably drown before anything els. :fsu:


          wow man, ANother amazing report! your reports are my favorite to read, the intricate details you include give a certain comprehension for the strain that would take me awhile to nail down smoking it! you report the way i wish i could, keep them coming bro! hashberry sounds and looks stunning!


            what a great report, thanks man!

            im trying hash berry outside this season.
            .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

            Click the gif to learn much more about HFH:


              awesome. Thanks.. The beans are burning a hole in my fridge, now..... As soon as possible, they will be buried in rich soil.


                THIS is a model smoke report. Thanks very much for taking the time out to describe an apparently wonderful strain.
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                  Can you do ALL the smoke reports from now on?

                  That's definately one of the BEST smoke reports that I have ever read.

                  Absolutely dead on... I couldn't agree more. I have the blackberry pheno that I use as my bedtime smoke as well, and it makes for a good night's rest.

                  Nice work... A.N.Other.
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                    this strains pretty dope, ive read up about it and see that its a winner


                      bon soir GOT BUD?, thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments man, get 'er out of the stable into the dirt! you shan't be disappointed

                      salut Goyakla, thanks for the nice comments, sadhu is definately going to get a run at some point, as will all the rest of M & Js catalogue (except p'raps M#1), i have to find a SQ and Satori mother as well so the future is pretty Mandala'd! thanks again for stopping by bros.

                      habari High & Lonesome, thanks man, much appreciated. i can't take all the credit though, i have a bunch of more than willing testers (guinea pigs? jeje) who are equally willing to give their honest opinions. i try to make sure no one knows what they are smoking until after some opinions have been garnered and i (more we in actual fact) also try and smoke each strain in a variety of situations (daytime, workin', interacting with straights, partying, relaxing etc) to get as wide a view on the strain as possible. it's always difficult to be totally comprehensive as highs and even aroma and taste can be pretty subjective and can vary slightly (or a lot) user to user but we try to strike as good and fair a balance as we can and if someone doesn't like it we are sure to say! anyway bros, thanks again for stopping by and for the vibes.

                      ola esbe, i'm looking forward to seeing hashberry outdoor, i'll check out your 2007 thread regularly bros, i've seen some of your work around the site and it always looks beautiful. she has great fat stems, and deep roots, perfect for outdoor, might want to keep an eye on her toward the end of flowering if it's a wet season end. thanks for the kind comments, have a great summer season bros.

                      sup icy, get em in bros, save your fridge! hehe. glad the report was helpful and i look forward to you running these in the future.

                      sawaat dii southpaw, thanks a lot man i'm glad you found the report useful, she is a great strain, i'm looking forward to running a garden full, well, i'm looking forward to the big chunk of blackberry hinted hash that will be the result anyway! jeje

                      hehehe BRNEYDBVR, i don't reckon i could do that justice man! not enough hours in the day to sample ALL the fine weed grown and smoked by the members of this community. i'm glad that you like the report and even more glad the results reflect your own. that blackberry pheno is a sweet heart isn't she? thanks again for the vibes, enjoy your hashberry!

                      high burnshoreline, she's well worth a run, the little bit of variation in there allows you to pick a real winner for your op. take care bros.
                      grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

                      You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


                        Now thats what im talking about, nice work ANO...your smoke report style rule's.

                        Keep um coming..


                          I nominate A.N.Other as Grow/Smoke Report Laureate. Fantastic reports!