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Destroyer grow/smoke report

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    hey mastergrow

    thanks for the great report!
    really makes me wanna go ahead and start the destroyer (Twintop pheno) X Dalat i got... should I?

    thanks for sharing and enjoy it for all of us !
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      Originally posted by charlie garcia
      Hi Mastergrow

      You made some fantastic job with Destroyer and did it so perfectly. Such a huge bud is incredible and the look of buds cant say other thing than great looking!
      Congrats you enjoyed their smoke.
      Thx for comment Raco
      Hello Charlie... ...I feel honored in your appearance here..
      The "Destroyer" was certainly the "Belle of the Ball" in my winter/spring grow, and that grow also included "Hawaiian Snow" and "Sensi Star".
      and remember...."It's not genuine Mastergrown weed unless it's got a few cat hairs!"


        hehe really perfect looking... You have a good green hand as in all of your reports I've read plants look sooo nice. My congrats again


          Oh my good god, that is the nicest sativa cola I have seen undoors in as long as I can remember, both in size and resin coverage, you obviously did a really good job with them, well done. I will have to add this one to the list of must-try strains, actually it already was It just got bumped higher! Great work man.


            thanks for the great report!






                  Freud could probably write a whole book about that cola ^.^

                  Very nice man <bows>


                    a little late posting, (haven't been a member for long), I wanted to see what this was like, thinkin about getting some in the future, and damn, my mind is made. That is one huge cola, and even without that, the stuff looks nice. Thanks and happy herbing.


                      Nice report !
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                        Very nice.The destroyer has a high bud/leaf ratio and looks very very easy to manicure looks like sometihng i may have to pick up some time soon.
                        I grow Marijuana,it's illegal.I don't give a FUCK!!!

                        Here is my first grow.
                        Igrow's Hashberry Plunge

                        Here is my horrid 2nd attemp.
                        SQ,Safari mix,Satori grow.


                          those are some great looking plants bud good to see someone else is growing out this very special strain i poped 10 seeds to get my mother which i'm sooooo happy has that thai taste ummmmm so good but the others were as you describe lemony citrus still delcious and potent as hell but i was after the thai so keep looking shes in there heres a couple pics of my mom done at 12 weeks

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                            awesome !!


                              That cola looks so delicious!!! props, +rep

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                                Nice looking buds CannaDestroyer!

                                Anyone who enjoyed the Destroyer, should try Sam the Skunkman's "Old School Thai x Skunk #1". Very tasty and strong...a little more laid-back than Destroyer.

                                and remember...."It's not genuine Mastergrown weed unless it's got a few cat hairs!"