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    Destroyer grow/smoke report

    As promised, another report from the winter grow.

    Originally posted by CannaBioGen
    Breeder: CannaBioGen

    This 100 Sativa strain is a cross of Meao Thai and an early and stable Mexico/Colombia. The exceptional backcross of two of our best females took over 7 years. The total acclimatization of the mother Thai has been so difficult that we decided to introduce an earlier Sativa, as well as productive, and add its characteristics.

    The result is a strain which represents the state-of-the-art of Sativa with an exotic predominance of Thai.

    The small and numerous bracteas are covered with a big amount of trichomes full of THC, carrying even 92 trichomes in some bracteas by mm2.

    Environmental conditions should be rather dry during bloom and with nutrients level quite low, specially nitrogen.

    Flowering period is from 8 to 12 weeks depending of growing conditions.

    Medium/high yield outdoors and some less in indoors. Suitable with grows using SOG and SCROG techniques.

    Outdoor: Early November

    Flower Time: 8 - 12 weeks
    Seeds 12
    Environment: Indoor or Outdoor
    I germed 5 Destroyer seeds (standard), and ended up w/ all 5 being female. I grew them in ProMix, and fed them w/ liquid organic nutes...generally at half suggested strength.

    They were vegged under a 400w halide for 45 days @ 18/6, and flowered @ 12/12 under a 400w HPS w/ five 42w spiral flourescent table lamps for side light. The 5 plants ranged from 72-91 days in flowering time, and ended up being between 3.5 and 5 feet tall at harvest in 3 gal pots.

    I ended up w/ 210g (about 7.37oz) of dried, manicured, cured bud total from all 5 plants. I consider this to be a good yield for my setup, but I'm sure that a much better yield could be had w/ larger pots and more room and light...these 5 were grown in a 4x4' closet space w/ 7 other ladies.

    About average smell during flower.

    As you will see in the photos below, Destroyer can be pretty branchy...typical sativa. Topping the plant really makes her sprawl!

    The smoke is smooth, and buzz is "let's do it!" can actually get stuff accomplished w/ this stuff! Powerful high.

    I had 2 phenos. Pheno #1 (2 plants) have a pleasant lemon-lime taste after cure, and pheno #2 (3 plants) have the taste of fresh dill. I was somewhat disappointed that none of my plants had that wonderful "old school thai" flavor, but I still have 7 more seeds.

    Overall, I would rate Destroyer 9 out of 10.

    Pheno #1...

    click to enlarge

    Pheno #2...

    and remember...."It's not genuine Mastergrown weed unless it's got a few cat hairs!"

    nice cola!!!


      Beautiful plants man. Crazy resin content. Nice Job!

      Was there any anxiety to the high.


        Dam Beautiful Bro !

        Eveytime I have enough money saved for them beans they seem to be out of stock.
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          I´m going to forward this to the breeder
          A picture is worth a thousand words



            Well done, you are going to enjoy that.

            Peace, hhf


              fantastic report bros. thanks a lot for sharing, i have been waiting for this since I saw your pics in Flower Pix. really gorgeous looking plants, which of the two phenos did you prefer, they sound very different in flavour, was the high similar with the two?

              sounds like this needs to be tried, you can never have to many clear, functional, manageable sativa highs in the garden!

              thanks again for sharing
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                damn thats a big as cola!!
                Poisen berry smoke report


                  Thanks for the compliments ...everyone.

                  Originally posted by A.N. Other
                  which of the two phenos did you prefer, they sound very different in flavour, was the high similar with the two?
                  The high is similar in both phenos, but I personally prefer the taste of pheno 1...lemon-lime w/ just a hint of pine

                  Oh, and here is a pic of the bud after a month of cure.

                  (click to enlarge)

                  and remember...."It's not genuine Mastergrown weed unless it's got a few cat hairs!"


                    the pic oh pheno #2 is both outstanding and funny at the sme time!
                    hail to the master!!


                      That is a monster cola.
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                        that is a "master" people in my general area would say...haha...very nicely done...i have like the same setup and i hope to yeild as much as you did...i think if i did, id crap my pants. although im runnin two soma strains which are minimal yielders...i also got some bag beans that im growing out, which are actually really thinkin that will be my reg smoke and the soma will be the really heady shiz. i would have rather had more soma but i ended up with a bunch of males....oh well, got two really nice fems and cloned em...cant ask for more
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                          Thank you very much your report on Destroyer it just made up my mind on my next seed purchase. Beautiful plants and cured buds. Grow safe.
                          peace and pot
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                            Thanks again...everyone, for your kind words on my plants, grow, and report. It makes the time I put into the report feel quite rewarding!

                            I won't be checking in quite as often this summer, as I have a large vegetable garden, and tree nursery to tend well as several acres of mowing to keep up with. The "Mastercloset" is in full operation though...look for reports on "Amnesia Haze", "F-13", and "Nebula" this fall...and you can check out my reports now on "Dream Goddess" and "Hawaiian Snow"

                            Have a fun, safe summer everyone... ...Mastergrow
                            and remember...."It's not genuine Mastergrown weed unless it's got a few cat hairs!"


                              Hi Mastergrow

                              You made some fantastic job with Destroyer and did it so perfectly. Such a huge bud is incredible and the look of buds cant say other thing than great looking!
                              Congrats you enjoyed their smoke.
                              Thx for comment Raco
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