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Mandala seeds - Satori smoke report

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    Mandala seeds - Satori smoke report

    ote kwana icmag, i hope everyone out there is in good health, good spirits and a good and high.

    the subject of this thread is Satori from Mandala Seeds. i apologise for the multiple posts format, there is a limit to the number of images i can post per post it seems. i started this strain for the exact same reasons and alongside the Speed Queen I recently wrote about in this forum (click here) namely a ton of good stuff in the canna-press, on various canna-fora and after research, my support for their vigorous professional breeding strategies. i will say again hear that Mandala seems to do things right for a damn good price, a real benefit to the growing community, their range is fresh, great combinations of landrace genes and collected old school varieties.

    this strain in particular stood out for the potential in it's high and it's ease of growth for a sativa dom variety with a sativa dom high.

    the breeder description reads nice:

    Originally posted by Mandala Seeds
    Satori - Mandala Seeds

    Type: sativa-indica
    Contains land race genetics from: Nepal
    Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
    Flowering time: 65-70 days/October
    NEW: now with a shorter flowering time.
    Yield: 550-600 gr/m2 (dry weight)
    High: a clear, cerebral high and strong potency sets in quickly; it supports concentration & creativity; very inspiring and stimulating. Ideal for writers, artists, musicians, or other creative people.
    Aroma: spicy; fruity-citrus; pungent
    Medical Use: Satori shows her therapeutic potential in relieving depression and anxiety.

    This season we are introducing our new Satori. We have refined this strain genetically to produce an even more reliable and powerful cross that will delight your connoisseur heart. Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and other pests, and she possesses a good measure of mould resistance. Her slim appearance makes it possible to plant in narrow rows, or in SOG, to maximize her typical record yields even more.

    The firm side shoots provide highest quality cuttings. As with all our sativas she is heat resistant - an added bonus for small indoor environments and hot summer grows. The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma is a real treat for the senses.

    Satori grows a long headbud with chunky flowers and does not require much feeding on soil; you can almost do without feeding provided you use quality soil and sufficient pot size (approx. 2 gallon pots for adult plants under 250-600W lamps). Keep EC levels low in hydroponics for best results. All Mandala strains are extremely efficient in nutrient uptake due to their hybrid vigour and require only low EC levels/feeding to develop huge leaf, stem and bud structure.

    Satori is a high yielding, powerful plant with an exceptional sativa high. The heavy buds are easy to manicure, and from the resinous bud leaves you can produce finest grade hash, comparable in quality to the famous Nepalese "temple balls".
    i started a full pack of the Satori (full grow thread - click here) but i only received 2 females from 10 so this report cannot be considered conclusive as i found two distinct types in two plants. another pack is planned for the medium future so further additions may need to be made. this bad ratio may have been caused by my own error (laziness) early in veg when i potted them up in to a mature plant mix as i had run out of anything else. despite the burn they quickly recovered and were fairly consistant in veg, two slightly different phenotypes, one slightly shorter but less branchy than the other. this difference turned into very distinct types in flowering, one more indica leaning in it's overall flower structure and also in the fuller bracts themselves and the other more like traditional sativa spears. the former i will call the bat type and the latter the spear type. both suffered mild n deficiencies in early flower as i am still getting my head around bio bizz!

    flowering: satori - spear type

    the satori spear type went just over ten weeks, 73 days. again, she could have gone maybe another few days or week if you wanted to squeeze a little more weight out of them or up the bag appeal a tad but again trichs were right for me and she was becoming a pest amongst a new flower crop. in flower she had a spicey sandlewood with a hint of sweet but sout throughout her life however the smell deepened and became more complex with time. the smell on these is incredibly rich and pungent made made of so many aromas, you can rub a flower and smell one thing, double check and get another, triple check and get a third, ad infinitum! wicked.

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    flowering: satori - bat type

    the satori bat type went 67 days, it could possibly have gone the full ten weeks but she starting to starve herself and trichs were as i like them clouded with a few still clear and hardly any amber so TIMBER! in flower the aroma started fairly floral with a hint of the spice and fresh sawn sandlewood but as she matured the sandlewood and spice came to the fore with a mild backing of something sweet but sour. she threw a couple of nanas in late flower but this was during a series of power outages so i can't say for sure if it was the altered light schedule or the strain itself, which ever it was it was no real problem as they were minimal (a couple) and caused no pollenation (at least i didn't find a seed trimming or yet in smoking, even a undeveloped one).

    both types seemed to grow best with a single main stem, SOG style but i think given a lengthy veg time or outdoors these would priduc beautiful christmas trees.

    after these phenos were dried and cured they remained different in appearance and subtley different in aroma so i will report on the smokes separately. it's worth noting that the bat type took a couple of days longer to dry but due to finishing times has still been in the jars a good week longer than the sativa pheno.
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    You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.



      smoke: satori - spear type

      Appearance: the appearance of the final cured buds would be a little disappointing for people used to heavily resined, solid indica hybrid buds but for people who like a little bit of Sativa in their diet i think they look pretty good. the trichome coverage is great and though the buds are fairly airy they are not tedious to trim like a full on landrace sativa like a Malawi gold or something.

      Aroma: opening the jar the aroma is a strong pungent smell of spice with a pine freshness, like a Greek Retsina wine. theirs a touch of peppermint adding a further note of freshness against the pungent spice. just like on the vine the smell is very complex, if you handle the herb and break some up in your fingers the smells are many. ranging from pine, to peppermint to cinnamon. it's very nice but the pungency overcomes much of the complexity unless you handle the buds.

      Taste: once rolled into a nice joint the taste lightens a little but mostly the heavy pungency is still there. the retsina hint continues adding an expansive freshness to what could be considered a smoke that is a little hard to take for inexperienced smokers. the cinnamon detectable when breaking the bud adds just a little hint and again the flavours are varied and complex but unfortunately at this stage in the cure, about a month, the pungency is still dominant. i will stash a little up for a long 3- 6 month stretch but to be honest i like my weed done to the extent that flavours are mostly set at a month in the jar, some strains can be smoked pretty much dry and taste really goodm this one needs a little time to express itself and personally i find unless very very carefully stored after 6 months flavours start to become softer and in some weeds have a danger of becoming quite generic.

      High: the high on this pheno is the very definition of creeper, as you smoke a joint you initially feeling it coming slowly into your head and by the end of the joint you know you're high but it's not a euphoric head high, it's gentler than that. it's a creative, colour and music enhancing, thinking weed. good conversation, books, articles, music (instruments) anything you find interesting will fascinate you for hours after a joint. so much so you it is often scary just how long you can spend basically entraced in what ever you are doing. time becomes a somewhat abstract concept. i really enjoyed it but worried for awhile that because this is what i was hoping from it i was hitting myself with a big dose of placebo to make up for a lack of potency so i tried it with some friends... feck we had some deep conversations that evening. like most thinking weeds if you have enough will power to keep yourself from diversions this can be a great functional day time weed and a great gentle med for spasms as it is quite possible to be around totally straight people and be fairly undetectable (as long as you have no punegnt satori on you!!).

      Medicinal Uses: My partner is a diagnosed MS sufferer and believes this strains works well (for her) to relieve mild spasms and remain functional.

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      You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.



        smoke: satori - bat type

        Appearance: the appearance of the final cured buds would be more acceptable to an indica fan as they are nice, fat and fully formed, not to mention coated with resin. throw in the great yields and you have a good indoor sativa that has quality and quantity! the buds are a lovely golden wheat colour and are covered witha decent layer of trichomes.

        Aroma: opening the jar the aroma is similar to the sativa/spear pheno but with the pungency soften allowing the spice, pine and peppermint shine through. when you break this pheno up the aroma is again softer and in the pungency and the pine becomes a real sharpness backed with a spicey peppermint hint. you will keep smelling this and wondering what you are getting for a while, it's pretty perplexing.

        Taste: once rolled into a nice joint the taste is much smoother than the spear pheno but just as expansive giving inexperienced smokers chance of a cough! like in the aroma the pungency is lessened in this pheno (it has had a week longer in the jar) which gives the complexity a chance to shine through. spice, pine, sandlewood, peppermint, cinnamon, all could be detected by a variety of people, whatever the final product is i don't know but it is very interesting and very nice. nice enough for it not to not be a task to solve the complexity of the taste! better have another smoke!

        High: the high on this pheno is similar to the sativa except it comes on quicker and stronger, again it's thinking weed but there is a touch of lightness, some giggles, in there. there is also if you over consume the chnace with this one that you may need to take a wee break and listen to some tunes..... for hours. it's not quite as functional as the spear type because of this and it is far to easy to be distracted when you are doing things. for example i smoked a joint and started to run a bath, turning on the hot tap and wandering off to briefly do something else, 10 minutes later "shit; BATH!!". running upstairs and into the bathroom i find a deep, very hot bath and a very steamy room. i empty out some of the scalding water and turn on the cold telling myself i mustn't let it happen this time. i wander off and do something else, yep, 5 or 10 minutes later "shit; BATH". so now i have a cold, very deep bath, so i empty some cold out and turn on the hot. no shit, it happened again! that was the third feckin time in a row, i had to sit on the edge of the bath reading fourth time. heheh. so, less functional but arguably more fun, live life on the edge! hehe.

        Medicinal Uses: My partner is a diagnosed MS sufferer and believes this strains works well (for her) to relieve mild spasms and perhaps anxiety and depression.

        overall i think this strain needs a second a run in my garden. i would like to see if these two types are the predominant types with a better a female ratio and think that it deserves being dialled in better, this was a far from perfect grow. if i did a numbers run i would probably look for one of each type as they both have fairly specific and practical in my world uses. i don't think this is a weed that will appeal to the masses necessarily (maybe more so with the bat type) however as it is far from a smack you in the face smoke, it's subtler than that but very very useable for both medicine and recreation. if you want a short, easy to grow sativa for use during the day that won't leave you entirely spaced out satori is a great choice.

        thanks for the exciting strain mike (and jasmine), this is going to get another run. you guys rock, good genes, good prices, good attitudes, can't beat the mandala vibe!
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          Wow beautiful buds and a very nice report. Youl could do this for a living Have you tried the hashberry i am going to try and get it on seedbay.
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            Another superb and mouth-watering report. Keep 'em coming. The info, detail, descrips and pics are very helpful and inspiring!
            most recent favorite herb: Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. :rasta:



              Very nice report, I will be buying seeds from them next grow.


                Excellent reporting. tyvm.

                Seed vendors should send you samples for future smoke reports like this.



                  hehe tdot. i wish man! i have the hashberry about to come down (should already have but i've been busy), there is a link to the thread in my sig. initially aroma on the plant is lovely across all the plants, resin covergae isn't outrageous but certainly pretty plentiful. i'll put a flowering thread in flower pix sometime soon and a smoke report here when it has been in the jars a month. thanks for the nice words man.

                  thanks trich watcher, the kind comments are much appreciated.

                  ola ElDust, enjoy your mandala plants, i hope you have as much luck as i have had.

                  hehe Frozen, now that would be a fun way to spend time! thanks for the vibes.

                  take care and stay safe icmag.
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                  You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


                    Very, very descriptive words you used in your smoke report, just reading the summary of the aroma made my mouth water. Satori seems to stand out more than any other strain. I look forward to plating Satori near the end of summer. I'd also like to thank you for helping me choose some strains about a month ago!

                    One spliff a day keep da evol away....


                      Very nice


                        Great report,

                        I got 4 females. Of those four, one of them was the bat-shaped type that you described, and the other three had the spear shaped appearance that you described as well. Of the three with the spear-shaped head buds, two displayed significant side branching and one was a short, single-cola plant with no side branches.

                        I've got a couple questions for you if you don't mind. Did you prune them to grow without side branches, or were they naturally single cola? Did you decide to keep either of them? I am definitely keeping the bat type pheno and perhaps one of the others. Anyway, great write-up.

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                          thanks TriCrystalz good luck with your satori, it's a great seed line.

                          high, montreal jazz, thanks bros.

                          ola stoney b, i'm glad to know the bat pheno isn't a rarity, do the aromas ring true with your example? Generally I run a packet to to see roughly what there is in the line and then if it is worth further consideration a run with larger numbers (usually a couple of or three packs) looking for the best example of the type I am leaning towards. in this case as you can maybe tell i want a great example of the bat pheno with the aroma, taste and high of the single bat female i had this time. it really is pretty much everything i want in a clear daytime smoke. the spear pheno is nice but even after longer in the jar the pungency still makes the taste heavier and less complex than the bat pheno.

                          the branching you have sounds very similar to mine. what became the spear type showed way more branching in veg but yes i heavily prune to encourage a SOG stature. i also veg longer than many under overhead tube based flo lighting which anecdotally produces a SOG structure in most strains with reasonably broad leaves.

                          thanks for the vibes.
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                          You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


                            Good report I like your descriptions - I almost felt like I smoked some. lol


                              thanks nick11, hehe, that's the best news I can have on a smoke report!
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                              You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.