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Mandala - Speed Queen Smoke Report

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    Mandala - Speed Queen Smoke Report

    hola icmag brothers and sisters i hope you are all safe happy and high.

    this thread is about a strain called Speed Queen from Mandala Seeds. i started this strain after hearing a ton of good stuff about this seed company in the canna-press and also after some research on various canna-fora. checking out their site i read more and was impressed with their breeding strategies and their intolerance for genetic weaknesses in their breeding stock. after all the fantastic praise I was equally impressed and maybe a little surprised with the price of the strains from Mandala but it's great that the company shares my fair trade attitudes. these people are are a real benefit to the community as a whole, bringing something fresh, combining landrace genes and old school collections, rather than rehashing whatever the latest big ting is.

    breeders description:

    Originally posted by Mandala Seeds
    Speed Queen - Mandala Seeds

    Type: mostly indica
    Contains land race genetics from: Himachal Pradesh, North India
    Cultivation: indoor/outdoor (up to 45° latitude, balcony, greenhouse)
    Light: 400 W/m2
    Flowering time: 55 days/September
    Yield: 400-450 gr/m2 (dry weight)
    High: the “surfers” choice - a stimulating, and balanced indica buzz that does not put you to sleep. Pleasantly relaxing yet leaves plenty of energy for social activities and is a great daytime grass.

    The latest addition to our seed catalogue is at the same time our fastest flowering strain. Speed Queen is a stocky and tough indica with a thick main stem (green or with distinct scarlet colouring) and fleshy leaves. She carries compact and resiny buds that have great “bag appeal” after drying. One pheno has the delicious aroma of orange and citrus. The other mixes this freshness with a more pungent/skunky note. This indica will fit well into grow spaces where shorter plants are required. Outdoor cultivation is possible up to the 45° latitude or in a greenhouse. To a large extent the bud leaves are covered in THC glands, but harvesting is a quick operation since all buds remain nice and chunky. Speed Queen is not finicky or difficult to grow. For optimal growth (for all our strains) we recommend that you read our online article on how best to fertilize. Mandala strains utilize nutrients very efficiently and grow well with low levels of feeding on quality soil. Due to her vigour and quick flowering time this strain is perfect for novice gardeners and SOG cultivation that aims for max. Number of crops per year.
    i started a pack of the Speed Queen (full grow thread - click here) from which i received 8 females from 10. flowering resulted in three fairly distinct phenotypes all of which were lovely to watch bloom. the first was a supa-quick, firm, stacked budded slightly purpling type which i am calling SQDT1 for ease! this pheno was the most common type (4 of 8) and was pretty much done in 55 days as advertised but i cut all bar one at 56/7, i let a single plant go longer (62 days) and noticed no real difference, yield was negligibly larger and the high appeared unchanged, but more on the high later! the aroma of this pheno on the plant was a curious mix of sweet/citrus and tangy hash tones. yield was OK, the incredible density of the buds made them look small but i reckon they weight up just fine despite not owning a device to tell you!

    the second pheno (Speed Queen Light Type - SQLT) was a slightly slower type, greener bud with less swollen bracts as flowering progressed, the complete flower formation had a more spear sativa structure than the more even SQDT1. the aroma on the plant of this type leaned more to the sweet end of the sweet:hash mix, almost candy sweet. generally SQLT and SQDT1 had similar growth profiles, similar stretch, similar leaf structure, the only difference was the flower structure, aroma and flowering time. this second pheno went 65 days and was less common that the SQDT1 but there were still 3 of this type. yield on this pheno was a little better than the first type but final structure was similar, tight rock hard buds.

    the third pheno (Dark Type 2 - SQD2) was entirely different to either of it's sibling types and there was only one amongst the eight. the aroma of this plant was entirely deep, pungent, narcotic hash plant. the flower structure is totally different to the others more leafy (and what leaves!) but under those leaves in classic indo/pak indica/aghanica. there is something intensely old world about this plant, perhaps this is the indian landrace in this strain showing through. she went longer than the rest and was cut at a full 10 weeks with cloudy trichs and very little amber. yield was fine.

    after these phenos were dried and cured the SQLT and the SQDT1 ended up very similar, so similar any distinctions are too subtle to document, as such for the rest of the report I will seperate only SQDT1 (meaning both SQDT1 and SQLT) and SQDT2.

    SQDT1 - these took around 5 days to dry and have been jarred for a few weeks before sampling.

    Appearance: the appearance of the final cured buds was great. nice solid structure, plenty of trichome coverage and a range of colours from pale green through orange hued to an almost purple across the two SQLT and SDT1.

    Aroma: opening the jar the aroma is a strong but not overpowering smell of tangy sweet hash. smelling each bud results in little aroma but when they are broken a sweet but tart hash smell becomes pronounced, the sweet tartness comes from a tart berry aroma, raspberry is the closest i can get. it's very nice, and reminds me of the aroma left on my fingers after breaking up and preparing good, fairly fresh but presed kif.

    Taste: once rolled into a nice joint the taste continues the medicinal hash flavour with a grapefruit crossed with melon subtle undertone. the smoke is smooth but slightly sharp and has a lovely cool expansive effect in the throat lungs, inexperienced smokers could well be prone to a little coughing.

    High: the high is a mellow floaty summers day staring at the sky kind of high. mostly in the head, kinda spacey but with a relaxing but not over powering body load, this won't have you stuck to the couch but muscles relax and tension lifts. as a daytime smoke the high is deceptively powerful, amongst like minded folk your happy grin and relaxed attitude will seem normal but step into the wild world of the "straight" and your grin will mark you out! hehe. i myself have fallen foul if this, having a pinner at lunchtime and then mid conversation that I have started with a probable non smoker I realise I am probably rambling happily with a shit eating grin and hell, i probably stink of pot! hehe. it's a good weed for smoking with friends, cerebral but giggly and fun, perhaps even a little drunk rather than clear and functional or introverted. i wouldn't drive or operate anything more complicated than a lighter after too much of this!

    Medicinal Uses: My partner is a diagnosed MS sufferer and believes this strains works well (for her) to relax muscles and relieve mild spasms.

    SQDT2 - these took around 5 days to dry and have been jarred for a couple weeks before sampling.

    Appearance: this doesn't look quite as good in the bag unless you give it an unjustified over tight manicure as the bud is fairly leafy (but the leaf is COVERED in trichomes). it is however intensely crystally and very very "dank looking" as a friend commented.

    Aroma: the aroma on these when you open the jar is a musky aroma reminiscant of a good widow, individual buds have a limited hashy aroma but when broken the buds rlease a sharp hash tang with a musky, funky undertone.

    Taste: in a joint the taste mimics the smell released on breaking almost exactly except the funk comes through, deep, earthy, with a hint of sour. the smoke is heavy with none of the cool expansion of the SQDT1.

    High: the high on this is far far more stoney. definately knock you on the arse weed and not a day time smoke. however if you assume that it is not social you'd be wrong as again despite being sitting down your mind is ticking and a shit eating grin is spread wide over your face, perfect for a very lazy evening round the fire with close, like minded friends.

    Medicinal Uses: My partner is a diagnosed MS sufferer and believes this strains works well (for her) to relax muscles and relieve mild spasms however due its power this is of limited use.

    I like this strain a a lot and everyone who has commented on it has agreed.

    Thanks Mike (& the quiet Jasmine) for blessing the community with great genes with a great vibe and at great value.

    Mandala Seeds
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    grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

    You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.

    Great report...very detailed. Good to hear it has some anti-anxiety qualities and matches mandala's description.


      A very nice report! I have heard good things about Mandala... I even read that article in hightimes... I too am very curious as to how this strain will be... Seems as if the buds are lovely... Be sure to give an update after a good cure... How did they do with ferts???
      Live Peacefully...

      Peter Bourne, President Carter's Drug Czar
      ''We did not view marijuana as a significant health problem--as it was
      not....Nobody dies from marijuana. Marijuana smoking, in fact, if one
      wants to be honest, is a source of pleasure and amusement to countless millions of
      people in America, and it continues to be that way.''
      Source: PBS's Frontline: ''Drug Wars,'' October 2000

      R.I.P. LMN
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        damn good report got any more
        i smoke cuz it gets ya high,not cuz it the thing ta do
        cuz it gets ya high
        ya dig :joint:
        Jack Herer
        R.I.P Hunter S. Thompson
        Richard Pryor
        and all the rest lost great ones

        Peace Love & happines :joint:


          Excellent report
          got the beans but no room at this time
          cant wait


            thanks for the comments and popping by sow the seeds, eugene green, bird and easyrasta.

            to answer the single question, about ferts, they were very very easy going, with correct pot size and decent mix these could go full cycle with very little amendment.

            hope y'all high.
            grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

            You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.




                Great Report! Mandala is my favorite seed bank to date. They have great genetics, awesome suppport, more than fair pricing, and Mike is just one hell of a guy.

                I really like the speed queen when I ran it, but I didn't end up with the stoney pheno as you did. As good as the Speed Queen is, Hashberry is my favorite strain of theres. Give it try and you won't be disaapointed.

                I am looking forward to running the new Mandala #1 as well.


                  damn man, another rediculously awesome report! this kinda makes me want to go ahead and pop some of my speed queen...


                    hola lotus, thanks bros.

                    hey safari, i have to agree, i'm in danger of becoming a mandala fanboy! hehe. i have some hashberry in late flower now (link in signature) and am looking forward to it. glad to know you like it so much, what does it smoke like? any smoke report? enjoy your m#1.

                    high h&l, thanks man, glad you like it, i'd pop those babies, perfect daytime relaxation indica.

                    thanks for the kind words and for reading people.

                    grow/smoke reports - a11 - hashberry - satori - speed queen

                    You found out what we knew all along. Keeping us down won't make us weak, it makes us strong.


                      Quality report!

                      One spliff a day keep da evol away....


                        Thanks for a fantastic report. I love reading that kind of informative detail. Beautiful pics too. Way to go
                        most recent favorite herb: Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. :rasta:



                          A.N.Other - Here is copy of my smoke report on Hashberry from a while back. I don't think you'll be dissappointed.

                          Hashberry – Mandala Seeds

                          I will start by saying that I have grown about 12-15 different strains and Hashberry has become my favorite. It isn’t the most potent, best smelling, best tasting, or best bag appeal strain I have grown, but it does well enough in each category to make it my favorite. I am sorry I don’t have a picture of the nugs, but there are quite a few floating around. This Hashberry was grown organically in soil under a 400w MH and cured for 2 weeks before smoking. The smoke is very smooth and it never makes me cough.

                          Fore me, Hashbery is an anytime smoke. It has a very good body buzz, but not enough to lock you to the couch, and it has enough of a head buzz to make it interesting and not one dimensional at all. If I remember right Mandala Mike said it was about 80% Indica, but for me it is nice and even mix. While the potency isn’t out of this world, it is enough that I don’t have to keep re-dosing every hour and it leaves me completely functional. Hashberry nugs have beautiful orange hairs and the absolute biggest trichomes I have ever seen. I guess this is why it is good for making hash. The taste and smell of Hashberry is very close to its name. It definitely has a fruity/berry type of smell and taste, but not one that I can really identify. One of my favorite features of this strain is the aftertaste. It lingers on your lips for quite some time after taking a toke. Hashberry is great for use in a Vaporizer, which brings out the taste even more. I can feel the effects of Hashberry after one hit. All my muscles start to relax and tension begins melt away. This strain is good for mild to moderate pain, but I would think medically it would be better for anxiety than pain relief. After a bowl I feel completely relaxed many times will doing nothing because of how relaxed I am, but if I am required to be up doing something the high seems to slighty shift more to the head and it comes right along with me without slowing me down. I hope that make sense.

                          Here are a few other thoughts about Hashberry. For me, it really didn’t bring about a high level of munchies like many strains do. This strand requires very low nute levels, and it stands up very well to high temperatures. I had a problem with high temps due to it being summer and this strain stood up to the Temps in the low 90’s much better than the other 4 strains flowered at the same time.

                          Hashberry is a great strain for a great price, and I would recommend it to any grower. I also recommend the Mandala Seed company very highly. They have great genetics at amazing price, and the customer service you can receive from Mike is top notch.

                          Peace and happy growing to everyone!


                            As he said.
                            Dont forget Sadhu- one hell of a smoke.
                            Works well outdoors too.
                            Peace and rest to us all :kos:
                            we need it badly :yoinks:
                            But well probably drown before anything els. :fsu:


                              Mandala has his shit down. And for the price...Mike's the man in my book. I have some hashberries that I'm gonna go plant in the lost forest...ja-man