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Full Melt Gentix Strain List

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    Full Melt Gentix Strain List

    Full Melt Genetix.

    In a recent interview (Soft Secrets - Issue 1 - 2007) The Bubbleman generated an amazing idea. The idea simply was to “promote and flag all strains that are producers of Full Melt Bubble (Hashish) ”…

    Put simply…

    “Many strains grown in perfect conditions will not produce that melty goo”. – The Bubbleman.

    “And when the quality is really exceptional, the melty hash will actually bubble up (into) “Clear Domes”. – The Skunkman.

    Full Melt Genetix are here, in dedication to The Bubbleman, to further his idea. We hereby seek to create a full list of ALL strains, which produce “Full Melt” and “Clear Dome” grade Hashish.


    Please submit strains and breeders here and we will add them to the list below.

    Together lets make this the best “Felt Melt” Hashish list ever.

    Thanks all,

    FullMelt Genetix

    Full Melt Genetics Strain listing

    Key =
    “Full Melt” = FM.
    “Full Melt Clear Dome” = FMCD.
    "Clear Dome, but not Full Melt" = CD.

    Adventure Mix - SOL (FMCD)
    Afgooey - Clone only - (FMDC)
    Amnesia 99 - JLP - (FMDC)
    Appolo 11 - Or Grim Bros Collec. - (FMCD)
    A ultra haze2 - Greenhouse -(FM)
    BC Hash plant - ?? - (FM always at 160-25u)
    Blue Moonshine - Dj Short - (FMCD)
    Blue Sat 2.2 - SOL (FMCD) x2 reports
    Bubba Kush - Katsu Origanal - (FMCD)
    Bubbledust - Growdoc Seeds - (FM)
    Californian Orange – HQS – (FMCD)
    Cheese - UK Clone - (FMCD)
    Deep Chunk - Tom Hill - (FMDC)
    Dutchman’s Royal Orange – Flying Dutchman – (FMCD)
    East Coast Sour Desile - Origanal S.D. Clone - (FMDC)
    Genius - Clone only - (FMDC)
    Grapefruit - Female Seeds (FMCD) / (CD)
    Hashplant - Sensi 1990s - (FMCD)
    Haze - Haze Bros - (FMCD)
    Haze Special - ?? - (CD)
    HDF - THSeeds - (FM)
    Highend - Legends - (FMCD)
    Kachina - ?? - (FM)
    LUI - SOL - (FMCD) x2
    MK Ultra - T.H. Seeds - (FMCD)
    Maple Leaf Indica - Sensi - (CD)
    Mental Floss - Chimera (FMCD)
    Mothers Finest - Sensi Seeds (FMCD)
    OG Kush - clone only - (FMCD)
    OG kush x Blue Satelite- SOL - (FMCD)
    Powerplant - ?? - (FMCD)
    Purple Urkle - Clone only - (FMCD)
    Rene - Clone only - (FMCD)
    S.A.G.E - THCseeds - (FDCM)
    Shishkaberry - SOL -(FDCM)
    Sour Desiel -Reservoir seeds -(FMCD)
    Sweet Blue - SOL - (FMCD)

    Sweet Tooth - SOL - (CD)
    Trinity O. Skunk - Vision Creator - (FMDC)
    Very Berry Haze - Green Hornet - (CD)
    White Widdow - ??, Dutch passion, Nirvana - (FMCD) x3

    (More strains coming soon…)
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      I just made a batch of some FMCD with M.K. Ultra from T.H. Seeds.


        hello there
        i think you need to give a very clear explanation between the diference of "FM" and "FMCD", some ppl already know some ppl dont....

        pic of both would be a great addative's to this thread as well, the sooner the better..
        peace bro


          Great idea

          Count on LGA support

          Bubbledust - Growdoc Seeds - (FM)

          ? / erb roots culture peace love unity

          !!! DANGER GLASS WEED THREAD !!!

          FRITILLARY SEEDS ...



            New additions!

            Cheers, Thumb and DocLeaf ...


              definition (FM)/(FMCD)

              Thank you Jaws - you raise good points...

              We're working on a very clear description presently... As we're sure your aware its a hard thing to give an (ideally short), accurate and clear definition. We really dont want to be the ones who set such a definition...We will leave the semantics to The Bubbleman, The Skunkman, perhaps, et al.

              Cheers Jaws


                hello FMG
                ment no disrespect friend, just think pic are the key to a successful thread thats all....
                peace bro


                  I thought the difference between fm and fmcd was fm is a hash that melts and bubbles and fmcd is a hash that melts and produces clear dome bubbles.
                  Your best you try, to harm I and I, Aiming to kill.
                  But I love you still Cause you are here to make prophecy fulfill.


                    From my experience the fmcd usually comes from the 73u bag in the bubbleman kit...also leaves hardly any residue on a screen after dancing around it. I allow it to dry for 5-7 days on cardboard while it is chopped up as fine as I can get it. Mine usually causes me to cough my head off.. is there anyway of avoiding or dampening the harshness?


                      great thread idea

                      ok 1st
                      Full melt means it keeps melting/bubbling till it is gone. lot's of bubble produces clear domes, far less fully melts.

                      That being said here is my list of Full Melt Clear Dome strains.

                      POWER PLANT (not sure of breeder)
                      WHITE WIDOW (not sure of breeder)
                      S.A.G.E. (thseeds)
                      SHISHKABERRY (sol)
                      L.U.I. (sol)
                      BLUE SATELITE (sol)

                      strains that clear dome
                      grapefruit (sol)
                      sweet tooth (sol)
                      maple leaf indica (sensi)
                      haze special (not known)
                      very berry haze (green hornet seeds)

                      Well thats what i remember at the moment.
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                      It wasn't me!


                        SOL Adv mix

                        SOL LUI

                        SOL Sweet Blue

                        SOL Blue Sat 2.2

                        Legends Highend

                        Chimeras Mental Floss

                        Female seeds Grapefruit

                        I am with TF on the fact that most strains can produce clear domes but far less can make full melt.
                        Everyone needs to try Toejam


                          ^dude you are the master. everyone of those shots is off the hook.

                          *hands big blue ribbon to Perhaps and bows.*
                          It wasn't me!


                            Hi all,

                            Firstly, we would like to say many thanks, to SmokeyPufmaster for promoting this thread to the sticky section so quickly.

                            Jaws - No offence taken at all - you DO raise good points. Points that must be clarified....

                            Trichomefarmer, many thanks - please give the breeders (some strains have multiple breeders)

                            Perhaps - Thank you, for your amazing contribution. Your pictures are very good examples of clear domes, some of the best weve seen!

                            Massive Respect to everyone, who has posted so far,
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                              Thanks TF, like have said before, your photos are one of the reasons I started to do what I do.

                              Originally posted by FullMeltGenetix
                              some of the best weve seen!
                              Thanks FMG, I would love to see pictures of some of the others, FM/FMCD photos are pretty rare and need to be shown.
                              Is this a prelude to you starting a seedbank ?

                              My camera is broken but I recently made FMCD out of a Sensi Seeds Mothers Finest that looked like this.

                              I have made melty hash out of it before but 10 extra days flowering and a more gentle mix took it up to FMCD.

                              Out of all the strains I have listed the SOL Sweet Blue is my favourite to smoke.

                              LUI and Blue Sat 2.2 are the best yielding in terms of crystally Trim.


                              Everyone needs to try Toejam