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    Three words H3AD...


      Originally posted by OzzBozz View Post
      i just ran a local cut of arcata train called "soletrain"

      good yielder and potent smoke, let her go 53 days... i can verify that it was real train
      Originally posted by BagseedSamurai View Post
      Old thread, I know, but an update.

      Got some "trainwreck" from the disp. the other day. It was good, but I have reservations believing it was "real" ATW. Still haven't had the pleasure of growing one out.

      There is one hella difference between Arcada Trainwreck cut at 53 days and the same plant flowered to 90 days.
      The early harvest is for kids, the late harvest can buckle the knees of experienced smokers.

      I can't give the early cut away if my peeps know I have the late harvest - late brings 50% higher price due to the longer time in flower but ohhh soooo worth it..
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        I wanna grow out tha trainwreck. Is dr greenthumbs train wreck any good?




            Not the same as arcata cut
            Need to get the clone
            open the door man it's me easyrasta


              Originally posted by Lemon Larry View Post
              just my experience 2 cents, any (trainwreck) picked at 70 days +
              is a waste, why not smoke a indca ? i have grown and smoked
              a lot of weed in my day and trainwreck is one of my faves,
              i belive that the effect when picked at 45 to 65 is best depending
              on the individual plant, i personally like being really high ! than
              really stoned

              i belive early picked trainwreck harvested for its THC rather than
              its CBD, is where its at for me, as well as i would never take
              OG under 70 unless i had too
              I agree. I think letting a sativa go too long ruins the effect but to each their own.

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                here was my first arcata. luvit thanks to my southern brothas.

                about time for round 2
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                  Originally posted by Guest View Post
                  here is another sample from my friend jaws, who graciously hooked me up with this cut as well.

                  Appearance: this herb is very interesting looking, light green with a very visible layer of trichromes coating it. you really have to look at the buds for the pistils to stand out. the resin content of the buds is quite visible and is the first thing noticed when inspected.

                  Aroma: the buds undisturbed have a nice spicy smell. when broken up, a strong skunky smell comes over them. the smell reminds me of super silver haze; spice and funk! i love the way this one smells!

                  Taste: the skunk/spice taste somes through well with the first few hits. there is a great skunky aftertaste that is definately rare in today's genetics. after the first few hits, the taste mellows out but is still quite pleasant.

                  High: this is a good "up" sativa buzz. compared to this hazes i have been puffing on, trainwreck is a little more of a "lazy" sativa high. just sit back and it enhancing whatever you are doing. its one of those buzzes where you notice colors being more vibrant and everything just seems happy. this would be a great antidepression strain.

                  View Image

                  View Image

                  maybe jaws can pop in and hook up some better pics!

                  dr jays cut and jaws,

                  who has the clone this year still in production
                  "if" the biggest small word in the dictionary