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    AM in the a.m.

    A.M. in the A.M.

    Been a while since my last smoke report. Glad to be back.

    Hey Smokey, thanks for keeping the forum up and rockin.

    Today’s sample is Rez’s Apollo Mist. I like to call it A.M.

    So pull up a chair, pour a coffee and sample this fine Apollo Mist.

    She’s gorgeous to look at. Dark Orange Hairs, Lime Green Frosty Goodness.

    The smell is simply Exotic. I describe it as a “Mango Spice.” It’s like a mango with a hint of orange all sprinkled with nutmeg. It is exquisite albeit not overpowering.

    Taste – Subtle, just like the smell. “Mango / Orange Spice”

    The Effect – She’s Fantastic. Take a pull and you can feel it right behind your eyes. Like little effervescent bubbles bursting with giggles. This stuff will make you grin, smirk and laugh. Very happy stuff. Singin’ & Dancin motivational high.

    Clarity gives way to confusion as you smoke more. No ceiling! I’ll sum it up as “Blissful Apathy.”

    I’m really looking forward to Rez’s Apollo Releases in March.

    Until then, more Apollo Mist, More Bottle Rocket and oh yeah, I’ve got two Gonzo’s cooking……*big grin*

    Be safe.


    "Sometimes we live no particular way, but our own."

    Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World

    great report, thats a dank looking bud!


      What a report! Thanks for sharing everything....those orange hairs make it look like it's on fire! I guess it knew it's destiny

      Thanks again,


        Hi Harmonix, Nice job on the report. And thanks for the props but it's undeserved as you members and your efforts that make this forum rock.

        Ha a little trippy is the Apollo Mist, that sounds good. i wonder if Rez is gonna make some more. Your's was the first report on the AM that I've read. And I sure do apreciate it.


          Mango mixed with oranges? Holy shit I want some of that.
          The child is grown
          The dream is gone
          And I have become
          Comfortably Numb.