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Which genes for nutty, pecan, walnut, hazelnut smells?

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    Originally posted by Chimera View Post
    Had some Peanut Butter Breath recently

    It really did have a nutty sesquiterpene scent, think it came from a 10 pack.

    Worth checking out...
    Growing it now!!

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      I have a purple punch x slurricane cross that I think smells primarily of hazelnut, very unusual.

      It is potent, has great resin production, decent yield, very nice flower to leaf ratio and fully done in 8 weeks.

      Shame I very nearly killed it and am currently trying to nurse it back to life.. fingers crossed it makes it and I’ll be able to give some clones out as a backup in case of future mishaps


        Casey jones(truecannabliss cut)has a peanut butter smell to her.


          g13 hybrids have often carried a nutty aspect for me


            how bout pistachio?

            'afghan selection' has a hindu kush that is said to have a pistachio pheno


              In Arizona, I needed a cabinet to dry as opposed to a closet... RH was 05-20%.

              I went to various thrift stores, opening every used dresser or cabinet, and giving them a sniff. Eventually I found a buffet cabinet with an amazingly sweet, natural wood incense/nuttiness to it.

              I would let the dry wood absorb the moisture from the buds, and burp with the incredibly dry room-air. Then the moisture would get sucked back out of the wood.

              Everyone raved about the complex smell of my nugs. It was some basic kush, simply cured in a good smelling box.

              I got the idea from a cigar smoker.

              Maybe go to a woodworking store, and ask them for something that smells good. Maybe throw some kiln dried wood into your Mason jars? Or build a wooden curing box?

              I swear, wood is the key.

              A trick that is borderline unethical, leave a blunt wrap in with your curing buds to make them take on the scent. Like 1,000,000 flavors available, for only 99 cents.
              I'm sure you could find some hazelnut blunt wraps or something.

              Edit: you can search strains based on predominant terpines, I'm sure that will get you in the right direction.
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              Sevindust, jacks classic, happy frog.
              Not organic, just food grade.

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                I hope external links are allowed. Leafly let's you search by flavor.

                Sevindust, jacks classic, happy frog.
                Not organic, just food grade.

                "Only get caught breaking one law at a time"


                  I noticed nutty aromas from the Zipolite Oaxacan from Bodhi Seeds-Neirika seed trust. The female had a walnut and Maize (corn flour not sweet corn). When I crossed the Oaxacan with the Lucky Charms #8 to create the Santeria, the Santeria came out with a wider range of nutty aromas and lost the maize scent. The Santeria has a walnut, almond, macadamia nut scent with a walnut and incense tasting smoke. Also Acapulco Gold (Neirika seed trust) has some woody/nutty aromas. I would suggest looking through some Mexican landrace or hybrids might hold what you are seeking Best of luck!!
                  Ya don’t know, if you don’t grow!


                    I have grown the Glookies from Barneys, although I dont really like Barneys seeds anymore,
                    I have to say this strain had a real walnut/nutty smell, never had anything like this.
                    You should find nutty phenos quite often in this combo, but in general this strain was a bit strong for me.


                      Bubble Skunk Haze. Some phenos can be like hazelnutty.


                        when i was living in denver, there was a place called verde natural that had this strain called hazelnut cream...

                        perhaps this is what you’re in search of, 40?

                        p.s. hope you’ve been well ol friend
                        Live Peacefully...

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                          hazlenut and more in CBG's Punta Rosa --- Panama, Punto Rojo blend

                          wish it would be made available once more