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    well I am telling all the time, that aussies can put out some fire. mbs doesnt sound like good smoke to me. I hate munchies but if it saved one life of some man, then hat down and respect.
    If all things were turned to smoke, the nostrils would distinguish them.


      yea the munchies is good for some things, sure makes the food taste better than it usually does , hehehe ..


        On rotation again. Very similar taste to "Sluricane" with MBS having more depth. Bring it back!
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          Nice report dynamicflow, thanks for sharing !

          Hi Donald Mallard

          MBS is awesome, I had the chance to grow it a few years back. Still can recall that taste, yummmmm. This mix of exotic fruits from the zoid, the c99 sweetness, and those deep chunk deep terps, so enjoyable, so incredible phenos to be found... And this perfectly balanced high, omg !

          Moonunit my friend I hope you are doing fine, your genetics are so fire, and you re such a kind person... I hope we cross path again ... And to see your seeds available for everyone to enjoy, who knows !
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          Carribean Sativa Tour !!
          Australian Strains Report, for Sativa lovers... !!
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            good to see you titoon ,
            its been a while ..

            i havent heard from moon in a long time ,
            i think i have a number i can chase up to see if he is still able to be contacted ,
            if he is around and reading this , my number is still the same ...

            i will try and strike some mbs soon ,, i always liked that one also , but the seeds are old and im going to have to employ some seed cracking tech ,, lol ..


              if you need some cracking help in a different time/geo zone let me know


                thanks man ill let you know ..


                  MBS was one of my favorite varieties. A bunch of hybrids made, seeds mixed up, such is life. If you guys have any MBS stock, pop them gems await!

                  Same with z99 or anything else touched by Wally and his friends. When a plant or seedline feels your intentions, they perform for you. You're one of a kind Wally, cut of another cloth for sure. Much love, big respect. Legend.