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sam the skunkmans original haze x skunk

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    Originally posted by chusss View Post
    thanks fot the reports vanilla

    first of all i am surprised about how many phenos has this strain, i was thinking to try it next year, but what i never ever ever would expect is the effects, i tought that with that genetics on it this plant would give you a very high, cerebral, electric, talky, trippy and so on effect but you described it as much more stoned, at least in some phenos, is dissapointing, i always heard the amazing high of old sativas, seems that this dont fit with it
    there was over 30 seeds in my pack.probally why it seems like there are alot of phenos.the high was good dont get me wrong.maybe too


      Originally posted by MAHA KALA View Post
      yeah pure haze has these amonia tones, and in hybrid it can get much more pronounced.. it is that kind of smell you love or hate
      Long time ago had some purple haze that smelled like paint


        Also forgot to mention ran these 12 /12 from seed. Because of long floweriing time and other factors.


          Originally posted by Skinny Leaf View Post
          This is O.Haze x Skunk from Sam. You have a hybrid.

          How long did these flower outside for? They dont look finished. Just asking.and did u enjoy?


            Some nice looking haze plants there Skinny Leaf. Madakala great info on haze and its hybrids!!