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HG SSS Nanan-Bouclou

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    HG SSS Nanan-Bouclou

    This is really a placeholder for my plans with this strain said to be a cross of PNG Gold and a Haitian Sativa (that has broad leaf leanings).

    I have grown one plant of this which turned out male and whose pollen was used to pollinate live three other feminised seed originated feminine plants of some international note.

    The end of the Nanan Bouclou male came at around it's ninth or tenth week though it still had some flowering to go - it was nowhere near finished. The maturing pollen sacs were harvested/dried and stored in freezer after 70 micron screening.

    The growing shoots which were silver with the underlying two leaves were collected prior to destroying plant's other parts. These have been curing for at least 6-8 weeks now and are still quite green with silver in the shoots. The finely cut leaves have an aniseed and mint type smell.

    Two half bowls vaped around 5 mins apart lead to a racing feeling with mild paranoia noticeable immediately. The second half bowl begins an intense variable whistling high pitch tinnitus and all over electrical pulsing of medium high frequency. Heart is beating faster and the effects continue to mount. Last toke still producing vapour just beyond maximal vape exhale. Can't take any more.

    Intense buzzing in head, time is jumpy. Can think but not enhanced. Very surprised by how strong it is. A howling high with very strong electrical buzzing. Can fully function and between around 5-15 minutes feels like a strong cocaine buzz and invincible feeling as the buzzing continues coming on.

    Very clear but would potentially frighten a new smoker.
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    I should mention two things

    The males stems and fan leaves at harvest were consumed in nutri ninja style drinks with mango and so on.

    The other is that the pollen onto an AK-47 dominant Lowryder cross gave some seeds of which the first I tried was to test germination. That plant is now around 3-4 weeks old and is showing a broad leaf phenotype when its mother was a narrower leaf with diamond blades the child shows a very broad leaf to the point it is virtually indistinguishable from a neighbouring older Afghan Kush which has started flowering.

    Maybe a final thing might be the taste which is green. There's no getting away from that but the second half bowl under some effects from the earlier bowl gives a sense of nuttiness and a very terpene rich sting of the throat membranes. Almost like the feeling after brushing one's teeth with a very minty toothpaste. I wouldn't call it pleasant but this is purely vegetative material here. Admittedly when the plant was making male flowers but no flowers were present in this. The harvested flower clusters were never tried because of the irritant nature of pollen. While the male was flowering the environment became so bad that antihistamine tablets needed to be taken.
    What more is a human, other than a water loving ape?


      Wow. At around the 35-40 minute mark the intense electrical buzz mellows right out and a quicksilver like fluid warm melty feeling consumes one. The warmth is intense. Closed eyes show a growing panorama of very dark red pentagonal fractals expanding and moving in pulses.

      That plane recedes and paper cutout color slow stop motion animations. Body feels like its levitating on warm quicksilver couch. Very content. Sunshine at high noon. Full panorama where I can almost see around me.

      Very nice.
      What more is a human, other than a water loving ape?


        Final part...

        After the special fx the glide down is gentle but at the 1hr and 50 min mark there is a much more obvious descent and that's when another half bowl has brought it back up to a comfortable level without the howling siren of the initial high.

        Another hour and twenty or so later it's still great.

        After the last half bowl there were elements of reality being made to look like 3D renderings of something. A slight glow to the 3D elements that moved.

        A very persistent surreal feeling and even more true watching weird film or tv series.
        What more is a human, other than a water loving ape?


          Second session.

          10 mins since I vaped...

          After yesterday's experiment there was no question I'd start with this again. Bear in mind that the remaining material is about 2 bowls worth of the lowest grade growing shoot material with some second lower small leaves behind the tip. The choicest material has already been taken. I used a bit a few weeks ago as filler for bowls of hash. I had discounted the effects of the male NB leaves to be minimal vs the hash but I have been proven wrong in the best way possible.

          Ok so the lower grade material bearing in mind that there's more of it when cut gives aromas of mango, passionfruit and very slight hint of pineapple. Sadly none of this is detectable on first go in the later vape but very nice and might point to the kind of flavouring it might give the female buds. ThaiBliss in his Trip Weed Search thread mentions the exceptional flavour of the Nanan-Bouclou he grew out as a stand out point more than once.

          Anyhow only half a bowl was vaped for the first go this time. The Pax3 was packed tight and a short stir of the material was given after 6 hits and another 4-5 vapes were possible albeit a wit wispy. By the second set of hits a bit of the whistling onset of the high could be heard. Gave a swaying sensation while I stood.

          I always try new stuff to me while standing. It gives me a fair idea where I need to stop in order to maintain mental functioning and bodily control. After a titration smoke like that I can sit and go over the previous amount with a fair idea of what to expect from then on.

          At this point now around 16 minutes after finishing I feel a bit like the 45 min mark compared to last night's launch. Very mellow and fully functional with nice coloured distortions in one's visual environment. A video game on screen looks like one could walk into it. A very light body buzz. Would be excellent at this level as someone's first experiences.

          Some fruity nut aftertaste remains although some Coca Cola has been consumed so not 100% on that.

          Have about 1.5 bowls left and will probably vape that in about an hour to get to yesterday's level hopefully and a final moonshot with some buds from Amnesia Haze around 2 hours after that.

          Should be good. Will add to any new things afterwards.
          What more is a human, other than a water loving ape?


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              Surprised ThaiBliss has not jumped in here. You described the high he is after pretty much.

              I may have to get this one, looking for tripweed myself.

              Thanks for the detailed report.


                Certainly sounds like a great strain. Love the name, just rolls off the tongue.


                  Guys I still have that one and a half bowls of male NB growing shoots (second grade) and I'd forgotten what it was when I saw it last week when I recommenced vaping after a four week health oriented tolerance break where blood tests could be taken or given. What I do doesn't require mandatory testing but it's good to have a cleanout once in a while. There are tonnes of benefits.

                  Anyway now I know what it is I'm going to use it over the weekend.

                  What's even more exciting is the AK-47xLowryderxNB male mentioned above turned out female and has PURE WHITE very thick pistil buds. The first sets of single sugar leaves really are looking like they have sugar coating again very silvery. The wide leaf early leaves became more like their mother with very diamond overlapping extra serrated leaves with a red tinge. Stems of the fan leaves are LOOONNNNG like 15-20cm long stems and the leaves have a red split at the leaflets which are at first overlapping then become just very fractal and geometric. Sawtooth like and very precise leaves. Have a purpose and are like a wide open V along the leaflet main vein with no curvature or relaxation. Like paper origami.

                  The buds are lengthening and spouting bunches of thick tentacle like pistils.

                  Hoping this one is great. Two of the base of main cola medium buds have been pollinated again with the NB male giving at least one male backcross to a parent.

                  Used the NB pollen on a mutant and huge heavy yielding Sensi Hindu Kush sativa phenotype with a very kush style bud growth of leaflets and vigorous insanely quick growth. Looking forward to harvesting main cola to sample from and dry/cure properly and wait on the fewer seeds from the two pollinated buds. If it's any good I have plenty of those cross seeds and will have the next generation ready for a future grow if it turns out good.
                  What more is a human, other than a water loving ape?


                    I have smoked this a few times now after growing one plant. Very nice high. So clear you might not think you are high sometimes.

                    No noids so far and quite positive in effect. Trippy enough too but no visuals as of yet. I revegged it as it was so nice a high. Clear, clean with no comedown. Not racy but sure wakes you up.
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                      Hey guys, thank you starting this thread. This strain sounds like something i very much need to try. Any intersex issues? And Yesum, how long did you flower your gal?


                        No nanners. I went 45 days. I use 9 1/2 hour lights on, high Kelvin blue lights and do not want any amber trichs so you might be different. I was looking for a trip but found a nice high more than that. I think if I smoked say a half joint I might trip. I just do a few hits not big bong hits, just tokes, so I may not get the psychedelic effect so much.


                          Nice to see I'm not the only one who smoke tested a male plant and got a nice buzz from it.

                          Maybe a male/female flower mix like they did in the good old days can produce those trippy effects rarely seen nowadays.


                            Did about twice the amount I did before so 3 hits. Got ripped really good. Intense rushing effect. Really, I was glad when it leveled off. About 45 minutes after smoking. Trippy enough I would say.

                            Fasten your seat belt the space shuttle is ready to launch... 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1------LIFT OFF!!!!


                              yo nice review yesum, might just have to check this out myself
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