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Thai weed grown from bagseed near Ching Rai (3 phenos)

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    Originally posted by Finepointcanon View Post

    Unfortunately I don't, but most of the brick around here looks fairly similar, just different shades of green/gold.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is a brick from the Mekong River area. I have about 15 seeds from this one from a good friend. He loves it, and I trust his opinion about weed.
    The difference in appearance between those beautiful buds and the pressed brick is quite striking. Very interesting to see, thanks for posting! I bet you'll find something magical in the seeds.


      I got some Thai … Click image for larger version

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        Here's one of my friend's plants, the strain name is squirrel tail.

        The weed is fantastic for me now. The sativa pheno is my favorite, but the sticky pheno is a close second.

        The sativa pheno is like a warm cozy smiley buzz with a clear... or like pleasantly fuzzy but not impaired feeling. I find that I can articulate really nicely with this one, good for opening and connecting emotionally. Jokes too. This is the jar I reach for the most. At this point it smells kinda like several sativas that I've had in the past, like a lemon/petroleum based solvent/spice.

        The sticky pheno is nearly identical to the sativa pheno in effect, but it has a bit more of a buzzy feeling to it. Just a bit more mentally intense. In theory I should like this one the best (I think I like trippy weed with a positive push) but the calming, positive, clear-headed effect of the sativa pheno won me over. It smells divine, like earthy fruit.
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          Originally posted by Finepointcanon View Post

          Yeah, close to Laos and not far from Myanmar, but from what I understand most of the herb comes from Laos, harder stuff crosses over from Myanmar. Most of the commercial weed in Northern Thailand is grown in Laos, at least that's what my Thai friends tell me. In the south they say it comes from Cambodia. (great weed too!)

          I've had stuff that was grown in one of the national parks near to Chiang Mai, it was much wispier even than this. I might have a picture...

          Click image for larger version

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          Not the best pic but you get the idea. Kinda crazy story about that stuff; some of my friends made a camp (commune?) out in the jungle after covid basically bankrupted everyone out of the city. One day this very clean-cut guy in his 30s comes up with a huge sativa cola wrapped in newspaper and gives it to us. I was the only one there at the time, and my Thai was limited to "hello, 12345678910, thank you, and delicious!".

          We worked out that he had many kilos of this particular stuff that he wanted to sell to us for a great deal. It was kinda weird, he was selling it by the wet kilo. I don't remember the price, but after drying it would have worked out to perhaps .25 to .30 USD per gram. I'm pretty sure he was police or military, not looking to bust anyone, but looking for a piece of what he thought was the action at our place. (There were parties out there sometimes) Unfortunately there was too much drug abuse at this place which led to infighting and the eventual demise of the camp, so there was not any action for this gentleman or anyone else lol.

          Nobody liked this weed, it wasn't 'potent', but it was nice. You could do a bong and feel good without losing the ability to speak. (most people living at this place were using stimulants and smoking opium, so any uplifting sativa effects generally were seen as a lack of potency) The guy showed me a picture of the plant that the cola came from, it was like the size of a large shed, just gangling all over the place out in the jungle.
          How's the air quality down there?


            Originally posted by vtgirl View Post

            How's the air quality down there?
            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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            It's getting pretty smoky. I don't actually live up here and that is the only reason why.

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