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Canna's smoke reports.

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    Canna's smoke reports.

    Hello, guys I think that describing smells and effects goes pretty well for me and that I will be able to show you what I enjoy in my smoking sessions.

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    1. HeadBanger (Karma Genetics) Sour Diesel kg cut x Biker kush bx2 male.

    Sour Diesel pheno

    Look : Its look like proper Sour Diesel very cristaly neon green to white buds,very leafy and with big calyx.

    Smell : When you open jar instant will all room start smell like earthy,musky,a bit citrusy old school super skunk.

    getting closer to jar with nose you will smell some earth, extremly sour limes with piney sour candy back smell that overal smells very close to Ariel powder (Laundry detergent) and bit of chlorine.

    Taste: It taste very pungent while inhale it is earthy piney skunk and exhale is where magic starts smoke becomes extremly sour limes with some spicy menthol with added Ariel and clorine.

    On yout tongue it leaves layer of dank skunky weed sour limey detergent chlorine taste that makes your lips and tongue a bit numb like feeling.

    Smoke: Smoke is very strong like proper skunk high but with added soaring high at first that latter becomes like ''stoney sativa''. Mind is more stoned than body which is very functional.
    And high lasts 1.5-2 hours.

    Overall: Headbanger (SourD pheno)
    is a great variety that, unlike others, stands out with its incredible taste and terp profile.

    SOWAH POWA !!!

    Karma G

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      2. Super Silver Haze 1998 cup winner (High Times) Haze x sk1 x NL

      Look :
      Its look like Indica/sativa hybrid ,by look of buds you see mostly bulky buds of Skunk, influenced with added big calyx and foxtails of haze. They are dark army green in colour with massive resin production and fat dark orange pistils.

      Smell : when you open jar there is instant candy switness that hits you in nose,after closer smell to flowers you get flowery peppery leather hashih candyiness with some pine and little bit sweet musky skunk. When you smell it you know it is ''Dutch Haze''. Close to Core cut of Amnesia but more herbaly and piney pepper not as fruty and sweet as Core cut.

      Taste: inhale is minty/lemon with eucaliyptus overtones,exhale is wiff of camphor/incense with piney cream.

      Smoke: after 1st puff you can feel that something has changed,my eyes open,my ears catching sounds more some hazy influence is there colors are beutifull sun is more shiney and nature is beautiful colors and everything. You feel hazy rushes through chest and head but you are at the same time realxed not paranoid.
      In room there is perfumey incense camphor eucalitpus smell which is fairly pungent and people will know that you smoke some good shit.
      After this hazy ride skunk and NL take over you feel little bit heavy and relaxed. Mood is like you are stupid and happy you can whatch in one spot and think about some funny and good things in your life that makes you smile positive and happy.

      And high last for 2-3h.

      Overall: this SSH is perfect example of hybrid to me. One of the best strain to use for recreational & medicinal purpses like depression and other similar conditions it is psyho therapy for shure.
      But it is very strong thats one of strains when you are sometimes so baked at a half of joint that you leave it for another hour other half of it.
      Legendary strain thats a 1 hit wonder.

      True masterpiece of breeding NL x Haze and NL x Haze x SK1
      which in my opinion has not yet been surpassed...
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        3. Black Domina Sensi Seeds

        I grew 10 seeds from pack of SS i had from before few years.
        I get 6 females and this was the keeper.

        Look: Its look like real indica. Rock hard buds with nice trichomes layer. and with big orange hairs.
        (I think it is hashplant pheno with a bit of NL)

        Smell: smell is not pungent like modern strains. Its soft and musky,spicy,piney with hint of citrus and menthol and a bit of tomato stalk and tar-gun powder(burned plastic).
        when you break bud it has smells of burned plastic and bit of chem and that old school afghan spicy hash smell.
        Really old school pre OG's dutch indica wiet. XD

        Taste is mostly peppery,piney,little bit fruty,hashy,creamy and menthol,tar-gun powder(burned plastic).
        It so complex real Indica/hahsplant taste.

        Smoke: Smoke is very thick and creamy but not harsh on troath. After few hits you feel
        pressure drop in veins and very opiate like deep body relaxation.
        You start to feel heavy and sleepy but without any electric feeling i get from modern hybrids.
        Just pure sedation like proper old school indicas.
        High is very low just some positive feeling of relaxation in brain and heaviness of body.
        Good weed for doing nothing XD.
        What i found interesting on this BD is that the more you smoke the more stoned you will be,
        oposite to modern strains.
        Last night after first J i was very relaxed but not to high or something like that,after second in quick time.
        I had to adjust my breathing to not become pale and it is very rear for me.
        my blood pressure dropped and i was on border not to go white.....
        such cases are rare for this shit is very strong with old school indica addicited flavour now i know why is it called Black Domina....
        You want more and more but it will hit you every time like true domina....

        Overall: After OG kush hybrids dominanting canna world last few years it is good to remember what true Indica strain is.
        and again Sensi did not disappoint i got what they say i will get 100% old school indica.
        If i had to pick i will say that this is Hashplant/NL pheno of Black Domina...
        All plants were very stocky and BLD like 100% indica.

        Its vulgar display of indica power...... XD

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          Nice report cannatorium...
          “Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting.”

          Steve McQueen