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Finish drying my bud in the freezer in my kitchen?!?

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    Has anybody used a mini freezer for this technique? I see them mentioned a few places, but none of the small (1-2 cu ft) models I can find are frost-free. They all say manual defrost.


      donburi, I don’t think a mini fridge/freezer would work. From various experiences with these, the freezer section slowly becomes a block of ice, trapping it’s contents inside an icy tomb. They need to be thawed out every few months because the ice buildup.

      The reason a self defrosting freezer is recommended is because that’s the action that freeze dries the buds. The freezer continuously removes moisture from the air instead of letting it condense and slowly build up inside.
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        Originally posted by I'mback View Post
        62 for long term storage. For short term, meaning I'm going to smoke it in a couple months, I like 55%.

        At 62% it's hard to grind, sticks to my fingers and gums up my grinder. I think it's too fresh.


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