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The Garden Groom = A trimming machine for 3 pymts of $33 ???

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    I wish him the best.

    If I had a teacher like that when I was in skool,
    I mighta lernt sumpin.

    Then again, maybe not...


      aloha stoned teacher
      hope everything works out for you

      stay safe!


        Hey you guys, if you are willing to spend an extra $20.00 you could unscrew the plate that comes with the trimmer and bring it down to your local iron/metal worker. You could have them take a piece of stainless the same size and thickness with screw holes and draw them how much distance you want between holes. Then you could just screw it back on and bam, now you have the right design. That is what I am going to do if this blade works out and somebody comes up with the proper size grates. Thanks for listening.


          I love a good brainstorm!

          Big thanks & for all the ideas!

          Keep 'em comin!!!

          If we can get the grill right, maybe we can use it as designed???

          Imagine a herb hedge in that bottom right pic...

          Maybe do all your trimming before harvesting?
          Of course, you would also need a herb hedge!

          No such thing as a bad idea in a brainstorm!
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            great find peat, whenever someone tries this, i expect to see it in the diy forum, bc it definately will need a screen
            sigpic Widespreadmotherfuckinpanic

            Like i told you what i said, steal your face right off your head.........

            hing I say on here is a lie, I just want to look cool. is it working?


              Looks ok. I dunno if I trust it to made precise cuts the way you would want for freshly cut bud. I think I'm going to hold off for the TrimBox itself. Can't go wrong with that if you have the money.


                Yeah, whenever someone decides to try this...

                LOL what kind of dig is that???

                I guess I gotta get offa my ass while I've got a couple of hrs to kill & see what I can duct tape to this rig...
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                  Check out that chick they have demonstrating the product... ROFL.

                  Maybe somebody should tell them to get a hot chick to sell more trim.....



                    LOL @ Lola

                    I was just looking over your last suggestion...very interesting...

                    I've got both 1/2" & 1/4" hardware cloth

                    The 1/4" seems too small???
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                      You got enough to make more then one of each...

                      And actually HAVE your trimmer

                      Can't wait to see what you do...


                        I'm here Peat.....just lurkin' for updates

                        Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
                        P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
                        ~Heal Me~

                        Build, Work, Dream, Create....That IS the American way


                          I like unscrewing ALMOST as much as screwing!

                          Lil' background:
                          I was simply taking off the grill. No problem.

                          But, the center screw just kept spinning...
                          I thought that maybe there was a nut that needed wrenching.
                          (Pun intended)

                          To make a loooong story short, taking the machine apart is not required!

                          All I had to do is to push down on the grill to create enough friction to stop the spinning. so, that the screw can easily back out.

                          I learned this trick when putting it back together.
                          BTW, all the screws go into plastic. (except the center one on the guard)
                          Somehow I didn't strip anything out ...enough to notice...

                          Well, almost anything...
                          SHARPNESS TEST

                          Yep. It works.

                          I thought that by now, I'd surely flow green!

                 trimmer & I are one, now...

                          So, this is what I'm going for.
                          But, this is as far as I'm going today.

                          Gotta get some washers tomorrow and "do" the 6 screws on the perimeter...

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                            very fucking excellent... now you need to trim a bud for us and show us what its capable of!

                            you deserve an award!


                              I'm liking what I'm seeing Peat

                              Without having it right in front of me (I'm a hands-on, need to touch) I'm thinking you may do a "slotted" side i.e. remove a few squares of the chicken wire, on one side for different size access(?) to different sized/shape buds maybe ?

                              Dude, about the finger....Thanks for taking one for the team

                              Looks good so far bro, I think that you're on the right track

                              Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
                              P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
                              ~Heal Me~

                              Build, Work, Dream, Create....That IS the American way


                                cant wait to see the finished product! great job
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