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The Garden Groom = A trimming machine for 3 pymts of $33 ???

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    I'm up for one of these! Haven't got time to play about though so gonna wait on some results first If it works hell yeah I just sorted the thing I most hate about growing apart from remembering to top up my res
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      Originally posted by LiLWaynE View Post
      wow, with stoned teacher's garden groomer actually being shipped, the suspense has been heightened....

      this IS going to work... the only problem i foresee as someone else mentioned was this things ability to be run upside down.... i dont know why it wouldnt work- the chances seem slim tho that it wont operate upside down...

      On the website, there's a commercial that shows a guy using it to shapes bushes, the guy was rotating it in many different angles, I'd imagine it'll work out ok upside down. At the least, the guy was using it holding it at a 90 degree angle, maybe the stand could be made to hold it in a similar way? I can't wait to see the outcome!

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        Originally posted by Greyskull View Post
        if youask me, $99 + shipping is sweet deal for that thing - especially if it works for the desired intention.

        if you're DIY capable, all its needs is a grate upgrade/modification, and some way to anchor/stabilize it in a fixed position, and i cannot see why that won't do what you need - which is save you time.
        Hey Greyskull!
        Thanks for stopping by!
        I am what they call, relatively DIY capable.
        In that, I usually get a relative to DI4 me!

        iwonder what the diameter of the grate cover is... definately looks at least the size of the trimbox.... which is really about the size of a paint can. i bet bbg grill mesh would be easy to find and work with.
        The video says the Garden Groom has an "ovesized nine inch cutting surface".

        kinda makes me wonder though how a cpu fan would do as a trimmer....
        LOL ... Hmmm

        curious to see how everything works out.
        Me too!


          Ideally, if the unit could be put on a swivel-type head stand (circular saw comes to mind) for switching between left/right-handers....that would be awesome.

          I know, I ask too much

          I'm also curious to see if an in-line dimmer switch could be incorporated if need be for rpm control.....hmmm.

          Just brain-stormin here fellas.

          Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
          P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
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            Glad to see y'all takin an interest!

            Yeah LiL WaynE, I don't see it being a problem running it upside down!

            But, if so, 90 degrees is an option, BudGood. Thanks!

            Hey iGro! I like your swivel stand idea! Get on it!

            But, I'm not going to mess with the rpms / motor.
            (Never say never, tho...)

            It's already designed to trim.
            We're just modifying the "grate".

            Keep 'em coming!


              Yeah, I know Peat....just figured for "fine-tuning" the rpm's if need be....I myself might not fudge with the inline switch, just throwin it out there as a concept.....

              say for instance, dried material may not need the high rpms and vice-versa....smoke on brothers

              I picture this thing coming up, or mounted to the underside of a "work" table......finished on the right, unfinished on the left

              Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
              P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
              ~Heal Me~

              Build, Work, Dream, Create....That IS the American way


                Originally posted by iGro4Me View Post
                I'm also curious to see if an in-line dimmer switch could be incorporated if need be for rpm control.....hmmm.

                Just brain-stormin here fellas.

                variac, anyone?
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                  Good point, iGro.
                  I didn't even consider diff speeds for wet or dry trimming.

                  Hey Greyskull, Does the Trim box have diff speed settings?
                  And, what's Eddie Van Halen have to do with this??? :wink:


                    nah no dif speed settings. just LOUD

                    someone mentioned a fan speed controller and i immediatley thought about an EVH application. i kind of look at growing plants and playing guitar as the same thing. i smoke a lot of pot haha


                      Originally posted by Greyskull View Post
                      variac, anyone?

                      I could have sworn I just read about somebody, Pontaic maybe(?) having issues with one of those GS....

                      Would something just plug into that Variac, and then be voltage/speed regulating ?

                      Pardon my ignorance on the matter



                      Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
                      P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
                      ~Heal Me~

                      Build, Work, Dream, Create....That IS the American way


                        from what i understand (really stoned guitar player haha) its like a power/voltage regulator. it takes X in and puts out X minus. It can reduce the supply voltage from 110 volts AC, or 140 volts in my house, to lower, such as 50 volts.

                        here's how they say it works (from ....
                        What does a variac do? Variacs provide a voltage-adjustable source of alternating current (AC) electricity. Usually plugged into a wall outlet (120 volts AC at 60 Hertz in the USA), they have a knob-controlled output that can range from 0 volts AC (VAC) to about 140VAC, depending on how the winding is connected (see below). Variacs do not provide isolation from the wall outlet (the line voltage) as does a true transformer; thus are not suitable for directly powering low-voltage devices. They are typically used in tube audio for powering experimental circuits and for equipment testing and repair, not as a permanent source of voltage-shifted power.


                          excited about this one. i hate trimming by hand.


                            Grrr...I hate waiting when I'm pumped... Apparently this was shipped standard from the other side of the country but still not here yet (not sure bout Peat)...

                            So to feel slightly productive I got real baked and took the trip to Lowes with a little money to spend.... goal was to get a few grill options and not spend more then $10 on any single possibility (I'm already pretty sure of how I want to table mount it)....

                            Here was my thoughts.....

                            Chicken Wire...the chicken wire they had was in smaller squares, where I'm looking for something with more straightness or parellelness in its openings to allow for fan leafs to definitely fit in there....

                            Oscillating fans (metal and plastic, but likely metal will be better) Damn I just threw away a broken one!.... The protective metal outside frame/grill looks real promising....bars that run longways so fan leafs will definitely fit in there....the metal goes from closer together to further away from each other so there'd be various depths available in one screen...problems would be the lack of flatness (may work upside down or be bent) and just that it's a little to spend for just the grille, but if you have broken fans laying around, consider it....also along with that, grille covers to those computer fans could work for sure....they're just not at lowes/Home Depot...

                            Grill surfaces...most of the grill surfaces had the bars too far the point where my finger (or piece of bud) could too easily slip through it ....there was some thicker grill bars that had the perfect amount of space between metal pieces, but the pieces were also thick, so I passed...

                            I picked up two possibilities...
                            The AC grille and the piece of slotted metal pictured below...
                            AC Grille nice and cheap, perfectly parallel metal pieces, but I'm worried about the thickness of the grille....was like $5
                            The slotted metal..size of the holes looks promising, but it doesn't have totally parallel openings like I'd like...but more roomy openings then a perfect square would have been. There's part of me considering "opening up" a few of the metal pieces to leave nice parallel openengs...Grill is nice and thin so should be able to go right up against the blade or existing grill....

                            Who knows maybe the postman will bring it today?!?!?!?!


                              I'm still waiting too...
                     a kid just b4 Christmas!

                              straightness or parellelness
                              Yeah, I was thinking that might be an issue with the chicken wire...But, I like the small guage...

                              I just threw out an old busted oscillating fan too!
                              We are on some kind of wavelength...
                              Who's driving???

                              BTW, I was looking over what access said, again...
                              Originally posted by accessndx View Post
                              the ONLY thing you need to have is a grate...
                              or something on top of it that prevents the parts of the plant you don't want cut from getting in....and the parts you want gone to pass through.

                              A really tightly pulled rope pulled across the opening would create a "scrog" like aperature that can be moved around to be more or less open.
                              I don't know what the rope would anchor to tho...

                              Then, there's this option...
                              There are different sized grates that can be put on the TRIMPRO...
                              that's what the "workstations" are actually....just the regular old trimpro with different grate and top.

                              You can get the grates from TRIMPRO relatively cheaply.
                              ....and couple it with the unit you're talking about...

                              this way you've got the grate that was made for the trimbox (just a baby sized trimpro FYI) and you've got the cheaper unit.....

                              heck...even if you had to use electrical tape and gum it would prolly be off the hook.

                              Check out the TRIMBOX on the actual trimpro website....look at the grate'll see what I mean.
                              BTW, The Trim Pro grates range in price from $ 50 to $ 1,000.
                              So, If we can't figure a DIY grate, the $ 50 models are an option.

                              C'mon Mr. Postman!!!


                                The more I look at it, that "Expanded Sheet" I have should be able to be made to work...or else find the right fan...

                                Or get the chicken wire and snip off what I don't want to make an area of "parallelness"....? hmmmmmm

                                I'm not looking to order anything from trimpro to my house or spend $50 on this part of's too much fun to DIY!

                                Crap mailman came not here again :(