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The Garden Groom = A trimming machine for 3 pymts of $33 ???

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    and simple greens comes from nowhere to take the lead......


      HAHA....good chit mang

      Collection bag in place.....*check*

      Another "safety" feature I presume....because I was thinking of trimming my nails by sticking my had in there while it was running....

      Good thinking Garden Groom folks!

      Nicely done guys

      Originally Posted by 808kahumai:
      P.S. The glasses are a very important part of giving/receiving a proper facial! I am willing to admit my fetish
      ~Heal Me~

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        I've got duct tape holding the 1st trigger.
        & manually operate the run trigger.

        ...seems the leave don't want to go into the holes...
        ...round peg, square hole...

        Good luck to ya Simple Green!

        Oh, BTW, It's loud, like a supercharged vacuum cleaner.
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          the bud looks awesome Peat!


            Originally posted by simple green View Post
            Watch out then here comes the newb!!!!!

            here is the mesh attached to the screws w washers, You can see how i snipped some of the grate off the bottom half to open in up to more straight we got two grates
            This looks like a winner to me.

            Looking forward to the initial run pics !!

            "You cannot manage what you cannot measure.”
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              Originally posted by LiLWaynE View Post
              cant wait to actually see someone trim a damn bud !
              Originally posted by LiLWaynE View Post

              [in my english junkyard wars accent] ....

              Attention Stoners: you have 1 day, I repeat 1 day before your time is up!
              I fluffed out the leaves a bit & cut a couple of slots

              The majority of the trim ended up on the floor. LOL

              Got some more tweaking to do...
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                Dang Peat beat me to the first official trim pic!!!!

                By the way I ended up using zip ties on both triggers so it turns on when you plug it in and you have both hands free to trim....

                Alrighty, first for those that like to just cut to the pics for the internet fun of it, here we go.... Feedback is afterwards for those of you that wanna read on...

                Here we have some Romulators SSH.... Not I did take off the big 4 or so fan leaves before she met the Garden Groom....

                A little twirling and guiding over the trimmer...


                  A little more turning and guiding....

                  Now for my initial impressions of Operation Enterprise take 1...........

                  1.....Out of the grate I've been using the part cut into larger straighter lines is the only part worth messing with....I will open up the other half or fashion a new grate...I think mine can be fine if we take care of other factors.....

                  2....air flow...As Peat mentioned not all of his trim went in the collector...I haven't used one of the "real" weed trimmers, but I'm gonna take a guess that they have significant cfm's pulling that shit into the collector??? I'm considering hooking up an old squirell cage fan to help pull stuff into the collection area, but will that mess up my fan? Are there fan made to take stuff through them??? I feel like more airflow being sucked down into the trimmer would help pull everything through, and pull attached fan leaves that need to be trimmed down towards the blade...There's not enough of that suction going on IMO...There were a few times I really had to push the bud down onto the grate to get a trim leaf to the blade where I wanted it...

                  3. I want more airflow and the grate a little closer to the blade, I think...Considering cutting out the two stock grates on the side to reduce that gap, or using a finer grate like Peat, but maybe a little wider and with the whole thing cut to parallels....

                  The gap and grate are easy for different folks to mess with and try different options... I'm thinking that lack of strong airflow in is the biggest obstacle to overcome right now to make this better....

                  Sorry if this was rambling, these are my iniital thoughts after the first test.....

                  Gonna chill tonight, read your input, work on my other DIY project that I set aside once the mailman came, and decide what to try tomorrow....


                    "must spread rep..."
                    You know the deal!

                    BIG to you, simple green!
                    That looks like a very fine trim job.

                    I think we got us a couple of nice trimmers!
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                      well shit I just spent 99 bucks and can't wait for the mail man.
                      another successful out door year at 52*north, beat bugs, the wettest season in memory, and a early frost. Auto flowers have been a blast


                        looking about right
                        glad its working

                        how loud is it?

                        i think the cfms come with the noise with the trimbox....


                          Hey thanks I wanted some feedback from somebody that's used one...

                          It's not that loud...about the volume of my Shop Vac, give or take...I'd take more noise and more airflow if I could get it...

                          I really might try that squirrel cage tomorrow.....

                          Hmmm a shop vac??


                            volume of a shop vac?
                            thats less noise than a gas lawn mower for sure hahaha


                              Oh then it's way quieter!

                              I have confirmed it..WE HAVE TRIM!


                                you need the vacume attachment in this picture