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PINE-SOL: toxic to pets

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    PINE-SOL: toxic to pets

    For all of you who use Pine-Sol as an odor control method, heads up:

    Pine-Sol fumes (i.e. vapor, mist, what have you) are toxic to pets, esp. dogs and cats. It can cause severe and permanent irritation & burning in their respiratory passages and lungs. This is not anecdotal; there are plenty of cases on record, not to mention Pine-Sol's high rank on the list of common household cleaners that wind up causing Poison Control Center incidents.

    It's also non-biodegradable as it has petroleum-based compounds. Basically, if you can smell it, it means there's a lot of it in the air and you're ingesting it whether you think so or not.

    Finally, when mixed with bleach or hydrochloric acid (common in other cleaners) BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN. How many people here use bleach to clean reservoirs, net pots, hydroton, etc? Mixing ammonia from Pine-Sol with hydrochloric acid produces a kind of home-made mustard gas that can cause burns, blindness, and worse...

    Feel free to Google "Pine-Sol toxic" for more info. This info is out there from reputable sources and not just tree-huggin' eco-hippies.

    Thank you!

    I never would have figured it out and I have 3 pets that are adored around here.


      Yeah that "mustard gas" is basically pure chlorine - that's why most bleaches warn you not to mix it with other shit, it reacts and releases chlorine gas, which is pretty toxic stuff most notably used in public swimming pools (in very small amnts) and in larger amounts in genocide.

      Most of these smelly household "deodorisers" just deaden your smell sense anyway so you could have the stinkies and never know your street could smell it. Carbon filter is the bottom line in smell protection.
      I'd smoke weed in my sleep if i could figure out how to skin up by feel..
      Does being on fire count as fixed?
      iLike Me.


        Thats kind of a no brainer. Thanks for the heads up though.


          Seems like it'd be a no-brainer, but I think a lot of people have a somewhat naive attitude about the safeness of things you can buy in the supermarket - if it's there, it has to be safe, right? The Dows and DuPonts of the world would never sell anything that bad, right?


          Good news is that there are more and less hazardous options than ever before though.