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The Most Influential ICMag Threads... lets see them

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    Yup Stich's guide for sure, and ********'s wake n bake thread.
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      Yeah - mynamestich's plant health thread is amazingly comprehensive, a second shout for red_greenery's rubbermaid tub thread which opened my eyes to the possibility I could grow my own.

      I'd like to mention HempKat's ongoing helpful crusade in his 'Wanna ask the old farts a question" thread A year and three quarters of answering each and every question posed with good advice and really helpful detailed explanations.


        Best outdoorthread...Sharing is caring.

        Take a look into esbeĀ“s paradice:

        My current grow: Headbanger x OPG and C4DD x OPG

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          Krypto buckets rock....

          And Blazeoneup DWC best damn grow show.....


            U can't forget So Quick!!

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              Originally posted by TC84
              Sure we can't forget him, you're the third that post this link.
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                great thread...


                  Not technically a thread but I found reading Sam Skunkman's posts extremely informative, his influence can't be overstated:

                  Cloning in plain water under flouros by Caprichoso:

                  Sun Scrubber DIY carbon filter by Durban Poison from OG design by Sun Is Shining/Pig Pen:


                    Bigtokes bio buckets anyone?

                    How about Theresa and her mighty trees,

                    Or the Babbas outdoor 07

                    I personally have a soft for GMT and his Lazy grower threads

                    This thread is great, Ive already read through tons of new info just linking off it!
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                      No Links, just opinion.

                      Big Hitters:
                      So Quick
                      Northern Farmer
                      LOU GREW (fuckthecops thread best of all time imho)
                      Cocktail F deserves a mention as East Coast Jacko (or Honcho) :wink:

                      Old Overgrow and Inspiration




                        Great idea fera thread Lil Wayne !

                        So many great threads... I'll be stuck here reading ferever now! lol Thanks yall ! Take care... BC
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                          there has to be more stuff that has come around here recently that we can add to this thread...

                          lets see some more links..


                            The natures lovers thread is a great one..ppl have talked about making some sort of book with all the awesome photos!....its one that i check often!


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                              Originally posted by cocktail frank
                              2 words,
                              anything yummybud
                              FUCK YOU FRANK!!! ROFLMAO
                              (i seriously think that he would be the only member that i would meet in person and want to break his fuckin hands so he couldnt start thost friggin threads anymore, i swear)

                              anyway, for me BLAZEONEUP'shits the dirt thread is what lead me to this. . .

                              wouldnt have seen the light if i didnt follow along, even asked him directly if i could tug at his coat with questions cause i had some real ones
                              FRIENDinDEED's HOUSE
                              vlog target update: 5/2/2015

                              FLOWER SETUP
                              -RIG:12x2gl DWC bucket sites/4" airstones/ dual output pumps/5" net cups/ hydroton:lavarock mix
                              -LIGHT: DUAL 400MH/HPS side by side

                              MOM SETUP
                              -RIG: 3x5gl container sites/4" airstones/ dual output pumps/5.5" net cups/ hydroton:lavarock mix
                              -LIGHT: 6x4' T8's

                              -RIG: 12-15x 5.5" net cups directly in water/ water pump for circulation/4" airstone for aeration
                              -LIGHT: 4x4' T8's + 70hps

                              -MEDIUM: HYDROTON/LAVA ROCK
                              -NUTES: **currently researching**
                              -NET CUPS: 5.5" for mom+flower

                              **ROTATION CONCEPT/PLAN: once plants root and reach about afoot tall theyre transfered from cuts space directly into flower space


                                Really there are to many good ones to pick three. But currently and I'm an FNG (fucking new guy), my three:

                                Julian and the massive outdoor thread
                                Lifeless and the rubbermaids
                                the Doc with the micro cab/cfl grow
                                honorable mention for Bigtoke and bio buckets

                                But really at this point I get something from everything I read.