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Hydroguard and Powdery Mildew

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    Hydroguard and Powdery Mildew

    Ok, so i bring this PM issue up again.

    i am using SM-90 on a few peoples recommendations but i don't think it is gonna really do the trick as a foliar spray.

    my plants are DENSE and on one i can barely bend the branches enough to spray the interior.

    So i need someone to tell me if HYDROGUARD will be enough to knock any and all PM off my plant when used with my regular watering. i was told by someone in a shop that hydroguard is more for root protection and they hadn't seen it used to treat the leaves other than as a foliar spray.

    20kw dreams said a 1:4 mix to kill over night but that seems very heavy. Could this effect the bud development as they are moving right along?

    Also, Will SM-90 kill new pistol growth?

    thanks in advance

    I'd use neem oil. Neem oil works against insects, mildew, and fungus. The problem is that it smells funny. I use it once every 3 days or so. I also stop using it in the last couple of weeks due to the scent and allowing it to leach out of the plants all the way.


      on most of my outdoor plants, the PM has been large here lately..

      indoors, a sulfer burner works best, if you have the extra money ($150) clears it up quick & keeps it away
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      Huge BOG Indoor Grow


        i am growing outdoor and if there is a miracle product that i can poor into my pots and get it to kill the PM totally i will pay what ever the cost.

        foliar spraying is not working effectively cause the plants are so dense.


          hydroguard is just good bacteria that fights bad bacteria (ie. root rot). mildew is a fungus, not a bacteria, so i don't think that will solve your problem.

          someone correct me if i'm wrong, i've never had powdered mildew.
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            so can anyone second the theory of dumping a TON (1:4 and i usually water about 3 gallons per plant) of Hydroguard into my plants, all at once, to totaly beat the PM back and kill it dead.

            i figure i have about 1.5 months left and i would have to order hydroguard asap.