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    Calling all Bodhisattvas of the Earth!

    I never did a new thread before, but something really cool has happened as part of my experience at I have found quite coincidently that there are folks here that share my philosophy of life.

    So far it is me, Hitman, and VegasBuddha!

    Is there anyone else?

    Almost anyone reading this (I will asume) will not have a clue as to what the fuck I'm talking about. I'll cut and paste a post from another thread, and at least try and make an effort to explain it.

    As always this is a forum. All comments are open, and remember most of all that we are all friends, embracing a common form of focus, participation, and expression.

    Kosen Rufu is World Peace!


    You can chant about anything!

    We have experienced something personally that has led us to believe that the ultimate Law of Life and karma is, cause and effect. There is individual karma and there is collective karma. Why do all of the people from varying backgrounds sometimes have collective fates (9/11 for example)?

    We believe that the environment reflects the collective karma of those who inhabit it. We have come to accept a view, based on personal experience, that there is a means for individuals to change their Karma, and bring out their Buddha Nature. That is why we chant.

    The belief is that the more people that chant, the more the environment of all living things is influenced as an effect of that cause. We are all devoted to achieve happiness in our daily lives and to hopefully express to society through our efforts, a reason to be curious about this NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO, and try it for themselves.

    We believe at a point in time in the future, through the efforts of really nothing more than our daily practice, we can influence the numbers of people it will require to "Pacify the land, through the propagation of the law." Kosen Rufu. I.E.: If enough people chant, the ozone layer will heal, the droughts and floods will stop, the earth will become benign to it's inhabitants and people throughout the world will respect the sanctity of life, based on respect for the Buddha Nature in all things.

    I never thought I would be discussing it in a reefer forum, but there you have it.



      I hope you don't mind if I grab a seat next to ya under the Bo tree

      In the past year or so I've become very interested with buddhism but there aren't eactly any monestaries nearby for me to go practice at lol

      I'm reading "The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying" by Sogyal far it's incredible. I hope to be able to share a bit and learn a lot from you guys

      Let us find our true Buddha Nature

      peace n' love
      i'm goin' global so folk all approach me locally. hopin' that i'll grab the mic i'm like okelly dokelly. straight ned flanders. we blaze trees and leave dead branches. -Jehst


        Om Mani Padme Hum


          An infinite universe has no beginning, nor does it end

          Bodhi and phototropic,

          Let's all sit under the tree together.

          Prayer without action is idealism, and action without prayer is futile.

          The difference between a common mortal and a Buddha, is that a common mortal is deluded, and a Buddha is not.

          Eliminating delusion equals enlightenment.

          What is the appropriate way to achieve this in Mappo?

          (chanting what's beneath my name below)



            I'm a cranky ol' dharma dawg.

            "ruff ruff"


              Ruff Ruff is much better than bow wow

              There is no question that there are times in everyday life when cranky is the only appropriate way to be!

              Welcome to the tree!



                Now this is so kewl. This reminds me of the medicanal herbs chapter of the Lotus Sutra.:o

                It is my desire to bring happiness to everyone I meet. no matter what they may feel. At least we can start by sitting down and sharing together, dialogue. and a doobie

                Nam Myoho renge Kyo, Like the beneficient rain for all life!



                  Try the book "the Buddha in your mirror", available at your local library or even bookstore. Great reading about how to practice without any monestary or priest. The Wonderful Law of Life resides within each and every one of us, and nowhere elses. That is alll tha is really needed. We liberated the Wonderful Law of Life from priestly control in 1991! Now anyone can chant NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO and receive GOHONZON and change their lives forever throught the three existences of past prtesent and future: yes Virginia we believe we live eternally!



                    '67 is almost pre-pioneer!

                    Thank you VB! We need you to keep an eye on the thread so thanks for jumping in to express yourself. Next week I finish my first full thirty years, but Dude! You be reachin for 40! So happy to have connected with you brother.




                      I started when I was 11 or 12 yrs old. It made snese than and it makes sense now! Thanks for the props. It does not matter how long you practice, The Dragon King's Daughter became enlightened in an instant! She is an example for all humanity! Enlightenment is only one thought away!

                      It makes sense to see Nichiren practitioners in this forum, Buddhism is daily life and daily life is Nichiren's Daishonin's Buddhism. The two can not be seperated.

                      So here we are sitting under the Bodhi tree sharing our first dubbie together, cough, cough. Nice to meet you!

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, like the roar of the lion!


                        Your words are pure and without error

                        Dude! Thus I heard!

                        Thanks and let me PassTheDoobie back to you Pat. That is the whole point isn't it? Faith in Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is action. Action is ALWAYS louder than words. What you said about the Dragon King's Daughter is the truth and basis for this forum.

                        Let's all sit here together and encourage each other in getting to that one thought in this lifetime, fullfilling our missions as jiyu-no-bosatsu (Bodhisattvas of the Earth). cough cough

                        It is so nice meeting you too!



                          That is so true, regarding the Buddha's actions. The rason for the Buddha's advent in his lifetime was his behaviour. Our behaviour as human beings is what is most important. It is through our individual behaviour the eternal Buddha; Myoho Renge Kyo; is expressed.

                          Thus the Buddha's words, "Though I appear to enter extinction, I am always here." becomes true through our individual thoughts, words, and most importantly actions!

                          What we do helping others achieve that same one thought, "What can I do to help others achieve the middle way, just as I have" is the eternal question we answer with every thought, word, and action.

                          "Life springs forth when the causes and conditions for life exist" Hence a young seedling grows up to be a new mother or just another poor male plant destined to be discarded instead of being good genetic material.

                          Maybe people and plants are the same, just as all life is the same?



                            Pat you really wacked me with that one


                            "What can I do to help others achieve the middle way, just as I have" is the eternal question we answer with every thought, word, and action.

                            I've come back and read that post three times now and have not been able to respond. I must acknowledge that you have generated one of those "THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMMMMM...."

                            The responsibility of Bodhisattvahood is not a light one, is it. It is serious as a heart attack shit. The mercy of the Gohonzon astounds me! I am moved to a moment of joy that brings a tear to my eye. I must say you nailed me.

                            My focus on my responsibility as a Bodhisattva of the Earth has got to get larger. I must take this opportunity to stop incorrect actions and take the correct ones. I have tremendous good fortune to know, in a short time, good friends that I feel so grounded with.

                            Thanks Pat!



                              The flow of energy ... here.... it ... is . nameless , timeless.. float ....beyond fear.... float.... beyond desire ... into this mystery of mysterys ... through this gate of alll wonder
                              (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                              Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                              your bud

                              Peace/ Be here now

                              Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                              The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants