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    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    "Muster your faith, and pray to the Gohonzon. Then what is there that cannot be achieved?

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Like the Roar of the Lion
    (Medical Patient In Compliance)

    Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
    your bud

    Peace/ Be here now

    Babba's Farm L.L.C.

    The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


      For you Babba!!!

      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. You and the Mrs have been in my thoughts alot recently.


        Originally posted by PassTheDoobie
        Nyaku noran sha zu ha shichibun

        Those who vex and trouble [the practitioners of the Law] will have their heads split into seven pieces.

        [the above phrase is inscribed on the face of the Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind]

        Originally posted by PassTheDoobie request from 5-29-06. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo Sister!

        I'm chanting for you still! Same for you Bud! Tomorrow is a big day. Expect the unexpected but hold steadfast in your faith!

        I bow in obeisance,


        Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wrongs were righted today! Thank you to everyone who has had us in their chants...has been a long, stressful, and extremely emotional time but has been brought to a finality today...have faith, never give up, believe...those are but just a few of the words of wisdom and encouragement shared over the past couple of years from PTD...thank you for always being there!

        Wow...all I can say is WOW! Goodness has prevailed!

        The Judge sitting in the High Court today in London saw through all the lies and subterfuge, conniving, scheming and blatant dishonesty perpetrated by a very evil entity...the same one who allowed the mockery of my sig line contents Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo to be used to belittle and make fun of those who believe. PTD told me just a few days ago how wrong that was!! The evil one really went too far! Today is a sweet victory!

        On a lighter and happy note....just across the hall in the next courtroom was Paul McCartney and his ex (Heather Mills)...the paparazzi was When we broke for lunch there were more cameras than I could count, TV, the works... After returning from lunch the Judge rendered his verdict in our case.... Gypsy and I darted off outside for a quick smoke during a 15 minute recess to give the Judge time to assimilate all the judgments he would be making against the evil one...well, up strolls Paul McCartney...I was sooooo dumbfounded I couldn't utter a syllable...but Gypsy so calmly looked at him and said 'Rock On Paul', to which he smiled as he glanced at Gypsy and acknowledged his words with an affirmative 'Yeah...Thanks'! The irony I find in this is.........

        It's been a LONG AND WINDING ROAD...and to see Paul up close (in touching distance) within minutes of our verdict...well, it just seems a bit my mind anyway.

        I can not begin to tell you all how much your chants for us, thoughts and faith in wrongs being righted today means to us!!!!!!

        Ahhhhhh, to finally be able to relax.



          Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
          So So happy for you guys!!! What a great day !!!

          "Muster your faith , pray to the Gohonzon. Then what is there that cannot be achieved? "
          (Medical Patient In Compliance)

          Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
          your bud

          Peace/ Be here now

          Babba's Farm L.L.C.

          The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


            nam myoho renge keyo!

            DG glad to hear the good news, bartender187


              Karma has left a trail of gifts and friends today


                Congratulations Bud and DG!!!

                From the Gosho: On Prayer / WND pg. 345

                All these different species of beings brought flowers, incense, clothing, and food as their last offerings to the Buddha. Their voices resounded, crying out that the jeweled bridge for all living beings was about to collapse, that the eye of all living beings was about to be put out, that the parent, sovereign, and teacher of all living beings was about to pass away. Not only did their hair stand on end, but their tears flowed. Not only did their tears flow, but they beat their heads, pressed their hands to their chests, and cried aloud, not sparing their voices. The blood of their tears and the blood of their sweat fell upon Kushinagara more heavily than a torrential rain and flowed more abundantly than a mighty river. All this they did solely because the Lotus Sutra had opened for them the way to Buddhahood, and they could never repay the debt of gratitude they owed the Buddha.

                Even in this scene of grief, there were those who declared angrily that the enemies of the Lotus Sutra should have their tongues cut out, that they should never be allowed to sit with the others in the assembly. Bodhisattva Kashyapa vowed that he would appear in the form of frost and hail in the lands of the enemies of the Lotus Sutra. At that time the Buddha raised himself slightly from his reclining position and praised him, saying happily, “Well spoken! Well spoken!”

                The other bodhisattvas, guessing where the Buddha’s wishes lay, supposed that if they declared their intention to attack the enemies of the Lotus Sutra this might prolong the Buddha’s life a little, and one by one they vowed to do so. In this way the bodhisattvas and the heavenly and human beings called upon the enemies of the Lotus Sutra to appear, hoping that if they could fulfill the oath they had taken in the presence of the Buddha then Shakyamuni Buddha as well as Many Treasures and the other Buddhas and Thus Come Ones would understand that, faithful to the vow they had made before the Buddha, they would begrudge neither their reputations nor their lives in defense of the Lotus Sutra.

                One may ask why the results of these vows should be so long in appearing. And yet, though one might point at the earth and miss it, though one might bind up the sky, though the tides might cease to ebb and flow and the sun rise in the west, it could never come about that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra would go unanswered. If the bodhisattvas, the human and heavenly beings, the eight kinds of nonhuman beings, the two sages, the two heavenly deities, and the ten demon daughters would by some unlikely chance fail to appear and protect the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, then above them they would be showing disdain for Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas, and below they would be guilty of deceiving the beings of the nine realms.

                It makes no difference if the practitioner himself is lacking in worth, defective in wisdom, impure in his person, and lacking in virtue derived from observing the precepts. So long as he chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, they will invariably protect him. One does not throw away gold because the bag that holds it is dirty; one does not ignore the sandalwood trees because of the foul odor of the eranda trees around them; and one does not refuse to gather lotuses because the pond in the valley where they grow is not clean. If they ignore the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, they will be going against their vow.


                  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo!!
                  A very very good day indeed. So awesome to see the benefits of our chants in action. Another month to go but things are looking great. Thanks to all the Daimoku and encouragement woooooop so happy this evening.
                  (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                  Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                  your bud

                  Peace/ Be here now

                  Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                  The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


                    Buddhism is Win or Lose.....Congratulations to ALL! WIN WIN WIN! oxoxo

                    This is from "The Lessons on the Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life. 10. The Cluster of Blessings Brought By the Bodhisattvas of the Earth. The Practice of the Buddha's True Disciple to Awaken all People to the Power of the Mystic Law Inherent in Life" in Living Buddhism, Page 68. It is also discussed in our Discussion Meeting study material for the month of February, in the January 18, 2008 World Tribune, page 7.

                    The Mystic Law has the power to burn away earthly desires that give rise to suffering, to illuminate the darkness of ignorance in people's lives and to dispel the clouds of karma. This aspect is symbolized by Bodhisattva Superior Practices.[fire] The Mystic Law also has the power to bring forth the pure life-state of Buddhahood unsullied by the evils and impurities of the world; this is represented by Bodhisattva Pure Practices.[water] Bodhisattva Boundless Practices symbolizes the power to sweep away all delusions and worries and establish a brilliant state of absolute freedom that is never deadlocked.[wind] Bodhisattva Firmly Established Practices represents the power to sweep away the sufferings caused by earthly desires and eliminate the illusions of birth and death, and to nurture all things with abundant life force, unperturbed by any obstacle. [earth]

                    So be it Will it So...Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


                      Because I chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with my own mouth, I have been
                      reviled, struck, exiled, and had my life threatened. However, in spite
                      of all this, I have continued to exhort others to do likewise. Am I not
                      then a votary of the Lotus Sutra?

                      (WND, 892)
                      No Safety in the Threefold World
                      Written to Matsuno Rokuro Saemon on February 13, 1278


                        "There is no place in the SGI for cowards or for egoists who are given
                        to arbitrary or self-serving views. Our movement has no need for the
                        fainthearted, filled with doubt, who readily succumb to negative
                        influences. Let us strive for the Law and live with dignity as proud
                        members of the SGI! The 21st century shall be the essential phase of
                        our movement. Bathed in the brilliant light of dawn, let us take our
                        places on that golden stage and lead truly magnificent lives!"

                        Daisaku Ikeda


                          Religion can become a means for controlling people

                          From: Living Buddhism 03/01/1998 p.26 (Dialogue on the Lotus Sutra)
                          p.13 of 18

                          Saito: Because direct contact with the Buddha was impossible, in time
                          the concept of the "great Buddha" took on a kind of life of its own.
                          People thought that Shakyamuni alone had attained the Buddha's
                          enlightenment, and that it was far beyond them to ever become Buddhas

                          Endo: The enlightenment toward which they strove was the highest
                          enlightenment of voice-hearers—the stage of arhat. The state of the
                          Buddha was seen as utterly unattainable.

                          Suda: In the meantime, the precepts gradually became more and more
                          complex. Also, it is pointed out that, to maintain the order, the
                          monks created an air of mystery around their temples, and went so far
                          as to expound teachings arrogating authority to themselves. At the
                          same time, they placed the Buddha on a pedestal rending him
                          inaccessible to ordinary people.

                          Ikeda: Still, things weren't quite as bad as they could have been as
                          long as Shakyamuni's direct disciples were around. The first
                          compilation of sutras is said to have taken place about a century
                          after Shakyamuni's death. By then Shakyamuni's deification may have
                          already been fairly well advanced. Also, it might be that the project
                          had been prompted by a sense of crisis that memory of Shakyamuni the
                          human being, which had grown increasingly dim, was fading away

                          Saito: The Sanskrit term that, in the Chinese Buddhist canon, is
                          translated as "World-Honored One" is bhagavat, an ancient Indian
                          literary term. This was apparently an appellation that disciples used
                          in addressing a teacher. But as Shakyamuni's deification became
                          solidified, people came to refer to him instead as the "supreme
                          deity" or as the "god of gods."

                          Suda: When we come to Mahayana Buddhism, we find an emphasis on a
                          personal Buddha as a "savior" figure who leads people to

                          Endo: However, as was pointed out earlier, these Buddhas are not the
                          same as Shakyamuni. They include Amida, Vairochana and Dainichi. They
                          are personal Buddhas of deep compassion; moreover, they are described
                          as supreme beings who continually save people over the span of

                          Ikeda: They may have arrived at these Buddhas in attempting to
                          approximate the "eternal Law at one with the eternal Buddha" that
                          Shakyamuni made his own mentor. In that sense, we can see them each
                          as a partial expression of the life of the original Buddha
                          enlightened since the remote past.

                          Suda: In terms of the doctrine of the Buddha's three bodies or
                          enlightened properties, according to one interpretation Dainichi
                          represents the Dharma body, or the property of the Law; and Amida
                          represents the bliss body, or property of wisdom. By contrast,
                          Shakyamuni of the "Life Span" chapter who has been enlightened since
                          the remote past is the Buddha inherently possessing all three
                          enlightened properties. From the standpoint of the "Life Span"
                          chapter, therefore, all other Buddhas represent partial views of

                          Saito: Regarding these pre-Lotus Sutra teachings, the Daishonin
                          says, "All teach no more than fragments of the Law inherent in one's
                          life" (MW-5, 181). The same can perhaps be said of the Buddha's
                          bodies or enlightened properties taken individually. Why don't we
                          review this concept of the three bodies another time?

                          Endo: These teachings explain nothing but idealized Buddhas—Buddhas
                          exhibiting special appearances and characteristics. This becomes a
                          common concept in Buddhism.

                          Ikeda: From one standpoint, these Buddhas are expressions of people's
                          ardent spirit of yearning for the Buddha; or perhaps they were
                          formulated in response to that longing. Nichikan Shonin says that
                          these Buddhas are "adorned with distinguishing features and
                          characteristics in accord with the sentiments of the people of the

                          Suda: The problem is that as a result of this Mahayana Buddhist
                          movement, people came to make light of Shakyamuni, the originator of
                          Buddhism. Instead, they revered imaginary Buddhas as "gods."
                          Ultimately, this closed off the path whereby people could discover
                          the "Law at one with the Buddha" within their own lives.

                          Endo: Moreover, the teaching of such Buddhas, rather than encouraging
                          people to place importance on their own inherent strength, only
                          reinforced the tendency to depend on the Buddha's compassion for
                          salvation. The Pure Land or Nembutsu school of Buddhism, in which
                          people seek salvation through the benevolence of Amida Buddha, is a
                          case in point.

                          Ikeda: In short, both the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings completely
                          deviate from the spirit of the teaching that Shakyamuni left behind
                          to make the Law and the self our foundation.

                          If I may venture to generalize, while the Hinayana teachings
                          emphasize the side of seeking the Law, they needlessly alienate the
                          Buddha from human beings. The Mahayana teachings, on the other hand,
                          while they seek to revive the relationship between the Buddha and
                          human beings, fail to extend people's understanding to the extent
                          that they themselves can embody the Law. Neither approach is
                          adequate. This underlines the significance of the "Life Span"
                          chapter's teaching of casting off the transient and revealing the

                          Endo: Buddhism is not the only place we find such tendencies as you
                          have just described. Any religion may succumb to the flawed notion of
                          trying to subordinate people through dogma or authority.

                          Ikeda: That's right. The spirit of the Lotus Sutra is to resist the
                          dehumanization of religion and religion's tendency to become divorced
                          from reality; but rather to steadfastly redirect religion to the
                          prime point of the human being.

                          Suda: I recall the Daishonin's declaration in "On Practicing the
                          Buddha's Teachings" that he has "[launched] the battle of the
                          provisional and true teachings" and "the battle goes on even today"
                          (MW-1, 101). The true legacy of Buddhism can be found only within
                          unceasing spiritual struggle.

                          Saito: The Daishonin constantly proclaimed: "Return to Shakyamuni!"
                          He refutes adherents of the Shingon sect who revered Dainichi Buddha,
                          saying, "Who were the parents of Dainichi Buddha, and in what country
                          did he appear when he expounded the Dainichi Sutra?" (MW-7, 53).

                          Endo: He condemns as utterly confused those who try to do away with
                          the actual person Shakyamuni while making much of imaginary Buddhas
                          of uncertain origins. "Return to Shakyamuni!" means "Return to the
                          human being!"

                          Suda: The Daishonin waged a desperate struggle to revive the
                          humanistic spirit of Buddhism.

                          Ikeda: That suggests just how strong the tendency of religion is to
                          depart from the human being. And when that happens, religion becomes
                          little more than a means for controlling people.

                          Living Buddhism 03/01/1998 p.26 (Dialogue on the Lotus Sutra)
                          p.13 of 18


                            Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, i bow to the universe
                            Growing every day of our lives


                              This is the translation of "Daily Encouragement" by President Ikeda, in the Seikyo Shimbun.

                              Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

                              ---- DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT ----
                              "Attaining Buddhahood in one's present form is not about acquiring some kind
                              of special, superhuman qualities, but rather it means achieving as ordinary human beings an eternal and boundless state of life characterised by the virtues of eternity, happiness, true self, and purity.

                              "The benefits and blessings of the Mystic Law are immeasurable. All life--no matter in which of the Ten Worlds it may reside--is originally an entity of the Mystic Law. Therefore, even if at present we are in a state of Hell, by changing our mind-set or focus at that moment, we can immediately manifest our pure and highest state of life as entities of the Mystic Law. This is what it means to attain Buddhahood in one's present form."

                              SGI Newsletter No. 7473, LEARNING FROM THE GOSHO: THE HOPE-FILLED WRITINGS OF NICHIREN DAISHONIN, [4] Follow the Path of Your Mission, Just As You Are: Actualising the Principles of the Lotus Sutra, from the December 2007 issue of the Daibyakurenge, the Soka Gakkai study journal, translated Feb 7th, 2008.

                              So Be it Will it so,,,,Nam Myoho Renge Kyo



                                [B]love the post of the dialogue SoCal Hippy! Thank you for being so myoho in your posts love it!