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    Great events never have minor omens. When great evil occurs, great good
    follows. Since great slander already exists in our land, the great
    correct Law will spread without fail. What could any of you have to
    lament? Even if you are not the Venerable Mahakasyapa, you should all
    perform a dance. Even if you are not Shariputra, you should leap up and
    dance. When bodhisattva Superior Practices emerged form the earth, did
    he not emerge dancing?

    (WND, 1119)
    Great Evil and Great Good
    Date and recipient unknown


      The Buddha taught that the blessings of a single offering to the votary
      of this sutra are a hundred, thousand, ten thousand, million times
      greater than those of offering countless treasures to Shakyamuni Buddha
      for eighty million kalpas. When one encounters this sutra, one will
      overflow with happiness and shed tears of joy. It seems impossible to
      repay one's debt to Shakyamuni Buddha. But by your frequent offerings
      to me deep in this mountain you will repay the merciful kindness of
      both the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha.

      (WND, 1027)
      Letter to Niike
      Written to Niike Saemon-no-jo in February 1280


        "Please never turn your back on your faith. Courage is crucial. There is
        no room for faintheartedness in faith. The timid doom themselves to
        ridicule -- from their partners, from their children, from their
        friends, from the world at large. The Daishonin declares that there is
        no place for cowards among his disciples. President Toda said the same."

        Daisaku Ikeda


          Greetings and Nam Myoho Renge Kyo all. I have so much to say and want to make the words come out right. First of all, thanks Easy, I have the tune of "In Living Color" now dancing through my head. which really isn't that bad. Anyway I always recieve much encouragement from this site and am in much admiration of ALL of you. But, T. Wow!!!! Those are pretty harsh words to take out on G. In no way did I take offense to anything that she had expressed, nor do I care who knows that I am connected to her in a big way. Especially here with fellow members. This is where I would think we would get the most support. Unfortunatly, I have made a mess of our marriage being unfaithful, dishonest, not giving of my authentic self, and pretty much being a straight out asshole. I am not in any way being a victim in this situation. As you stated there are no "Victims" in Buddhism. The details I would rather keep between us. I am trying to discover an enlightened path and a new level of spirituality. This thread and my correspondence with you help.

          I feel as Fellow SGI members we ALL have the right to express our thoughts and feelings and most of all emotions, without fear of judgment from our buddhist family.
          I take offense to your comment about how many times G has posted about having a son with type 1 diabetes. As the Father of the same son, It was a devastating blow for our family, and hs been a long hard struggle. How uncompassionate of you to state that "You don't have much time for that" Would you have that same response to anybody else expressing thier thoughts on this forum. Reading back through the thread there are several situations that have been brought up on more than one occasion.

          I don't in any way want to disrespect you. I sincerely admire you and your connection to the gohonzon and do believe that you are coming from a good place in your heart. But there also seems to be a bit of anger. I don't want to see G leave this thread. I think we would all be missing out on some really great wisdom. As someone that has known her for over 20 years. Under the hurt and anger is a really big heart full of Love an compassion. In spite of our seperation, she is still the most important person in my life other than our kids. And she will always deserve nothing but love and compassion from me. As Buddhist aren't we supposed to show each other that compassion? I just want to leave this with a couple of Quotes from A poem from President Ikead entitled "Your Noble Voyage of Life"

          "Sharing Heart to Heart ties
          With so many precious, trasured friends,
          How joyful and boisterous will be our lives,
          Even after death and across the three existences!
          What an exquisite and indestructible
          Achievement of honor it is
          To share this voyage of life with comrades,
          Together celebrating our victory,
          Bathed in the moon's beautiful light.

          How sad and vein are the lives
          of those left behind.
          The Daishonin writes,
          "The thoughtless are no more than animals."
          Do not become alienated from the harmonious community
          Of believers dedicated to Kosen-Rufu
          And fall into the hell of loneliness!
          Solitude may seem free of constraints,
          But it is like a shattered spirit
          That has lost it's center.

          Nicheren Daishonin writes,
          "Buddhism primarily concerns itself
          With victory or defeat"
          The Daishonin's great persecutions
          For the sake of Buddhism
          All arose as a result of false accusations!
          The human heart can be frightening, sinister and dark.
          The persecution of followers like Shijo Kingo
          Was also the work of treacherous colleagues.".................. ....

          "We must know
          That there is a profound connection
          Between good and evil,
          Happiness and unhappiness
          Hell and Buddhahood.

          My dear friends, my comrades!
          May you strive for good health and lomgevity!
          For that is the first step to happiness and victory.

          Be big-hearted!
          Be deep-hearted!
          Be warm-hearted!
          Be strong-hearted!
          There you will find the banner of victory
          Of Buddhist practice.

          Wherever you go,
          Be a pillar of strength who brings peace of mind to ALL!
          Be a person of magnanimous character who inspires hope!

          Become a champion of humanism
          Who makes the place where you are now
          Shine as the Treasure Tower!"

          Daisaku Ikeda
          March 26, 1999


            Wow Nam Myoho Renge Kyo I will be chanting for whatever it is that I triggered in you T. And don't ever dismiss my having a son with an illness again; I don't bitch to anybody about it I realize that this is my karma, d's and my son's so don't ever say another uncompassionate word or else cause and effect will kick your ass so hard that you will be thanking me for warning you about how strict it really is. There is a reason why President Ikeda is always talking to the MENS division about having a heart....And don't ever patronize me again by calling me sweetie; that was purely sarcastic and demeaning. YOu don't call scegy or easy or anybody else that then don't call me that to make a point.
            And the word neutral doens't belong to you; if you have actuallly done anywork with addiction or co-dependency then you would know that that is the key word NEUTRAL. That has been my word for this past year and these past few days I haven't been, I admit that. So think what you want it's YOUR thread but not YOUR buddhism. I have been posting when things have been good or I have been neutral and I haven't mentioned my divorce really until these last couple of posts. You did because you are in contact with D because and lets think again I am the one who asked you to get a hold of him because i was worried about him and you two kept saying how you have a connection from the past.....why would you spew so much anger towards me when I asked you to help support him. Yes we have our own practice but there is a reason there is an organization; ;its called community its called support.
            I will not be shut up; I will not be the good little girl and sit in the corner and hope all that goes well. I am challenging this and I have many goals; goals that are already being fulfilled and I am already Victorious; my whole family is including my son who you are so sick of hearing about.
            We don't become leaders in this organization because our practice is deeper or more knowledgable; its because we have more karma to work out! Congrats on your appointment; I was appointed Vice Territory leader in Vegas I know how deeep my shit goes.....but I am ready and open for JOY but I can still grieve. Once again this praactice isnt about being robots; or else we would be in caves meditating we choose to deal with these human emotions but not to dwell in them. Even President Ikeda says if all you can do is make it to the bustudan then you have already achieved victory....

            With deep compassion and respect,]
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              Originally posted by DharmaDawg

              But, T. Wow!!!! Those are pretty harsh words to take out on G. In no way did I take offense to anything that she had expressed, nor do I care who knows that I am connected to her in a big way. Especially here with fellow members. This is where I would think we would get the most support.
              Damn it! Ha! First of all I wasn't in any way commenting about your son's illness in a disrespectful way. I was commenting on emotional manipulation. It was 4AM, and after the first nasty response from G, I was stressed to get a response out to reply to her first wave of accusations. (Georgia, you still haven't explained how I berated you in that post) I should have been more careful in order to save myself from more of her righteous indignation. Well played Georgia. Interpret what I say in the most dramatic fashion that you can. Continue! I'm not going anywhere.

              But it's New Year here. I have relatives in town and everyone is very happy. I really don't have time to respond to these last two posts from you two as I would wish to and appologize in advance for all of the further misunderastanding that may occur as a result. I am sorry to necessarily make this brief.

              As far as I know there are more ways to express compassion than to tell someone to cry on your shoulder. I was encouraging Georgia to not be sad (ha! I guess you did follow the suggestion to get mad) and being protective of Dawg when I didn't need to be. I was typing while I lacked the mental clarity to be more tactful. That was my mistake. Sorry.

              Georgia, thanks for warning me about the Gohonzon kicking my ass! That really set me straight! Frankly the Gohonzon is very much involved in what is going on between the three of us. I am sure of that. Threats to one another of karmic retribution is another case of being just a bit over the top, but certainly, once again, that is just my opinion.

              Have a great week everyone! I think I'll just enjoy these holidays with my family. I join you all in chanting for one another. Take care! (As my wife just said, "WOW! If they only knew how much you have already chanted for them!")

              Deep respect,



                Whoa nelly, I just came in from work and had a lot of catching up to do. I like taking part on anything thread related so don't think I'm biased with any of you posting during the last day but honestly I think the tension in here is just fundamental darkness rearing its fecked up self yet again, 3 obstacles and 4 devils. We just have to be careful we don't commit a cardinal sin and cause disunity in the Buddhist order. Thats my objective thought on the recently transpiring dialouge. So then moving onto the reality of the issue, apparently if someone reads the last couple pages they will be more confused than I just was and I just want to further say that everything discussed on this thread is firmly rooted in Buddhism and everything that is effectuated from the causes made on this thread are proof of the practice of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Accordingly, ranks have been pulled and I wanted to elaborate and say the SGI leadership appointments are to facilitate what we consider an upside down pyramid where upon members are supported by leaders whom are designated by others to support the members, organization and all relevant affairs therein. Truly leadership rank is of no significance and leadership in this instance is not the double edged sword personified by the recent american presidential administration within the "waterboarding" republic of america, please allow me a moment to remonstrate the recent news: " TORTURE IS WRONG, I don't CARE WHO YOU TORTURE THAT IS ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE YOUR INJURING AND THE KARMA YOUR GONNA HAVE TO DEAL WITH WILL NOT HAVE MERCY ON YOU!" which translates to "as a country it seems the worse is yet to come", but lets keep practicing faithfully and strongly to overcome the "mongol invasion" before we become more complacent and distracted. Now back to leadership, I think this thread is essentially ICMAG Leadership, in the sense that via its posts, this site has been granted amazing protection which has further extended itself into our homes/domains and I was shakubuku on this thread so I would appreciate any further escalation to be handled via PM and I agree that venting and sharing of emotions is important, but lets excercise more tact upon each other moving forward and that goes for me too because I'm quick to call people ichichantikas in the past and want to be able to keep practicing correctly unimpeded by slanderers or those with head in ass syndrome. So I have stood up since I joined whenever the thread was attacked and offered my words as my thoughts and my bond and I just see that whatever the situation that is going on behind the scenes between members here I hope this thread doesn't evolve into something other than what it is.... THE PREMIER VEHICLE FOR THE TRANSMISSION OF THE MYSTIC LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT THROUGHOUT THE ONLINE CANNAVERSE! Can I get a "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!"!!! Yes sir and madam!

                I was honestly taken aback after reading today's exchange, marijuana or not, I'm gonna go cut down a premature branch and medicate a little and keep chanting for all my amigos here. I'm so united with you all that it hurts me to know even for an instant I couldn't be there to alleviate some pain but heck without our colorful expiriences and the sharing we do here, this thread would not be what it truly is. I'm here everyday because otherwise I slackoff and don't chant much, or don't attend as many meetings or don't refreshen myself after running ragged but I'm also here because I'm a part of this movement, I'm the youth division here (under 30) a proud of it! Shit, many a time I have dropped alot of hats on who I am and where I'm from and the bottom line is I'm here all the time and I never went anywhere, as long as the site is up and my posts are readable, thats me my friends and I'm just Easy to the MyohoDisco. Dontcha just love how during our good times and our bad times we can still find unbiased reality based truths all over this thread waiting to encourage that aspect of our lives that is not upto snuff for the moment. I ramble on quite a bit, but isnt my love for the members and Gohonzon always in the forefront of my posts? I'm myoho and so are you, Myoho or Wonderful people should stick together through thick and thin but then again the attachments we develope in life can really feck with us attaining Buddhahood! Am I right or wrong. How often do I say "Bonno Soku Bodai!" well if I haven't lately there is another instance and isn't the basis for our chanting to attain Enlightenment.

                We're part of a special organisation I refer to as SGI-Buddha. SGI-Buddha has nurtured me into a once homeless alchoolic wannabe into someone of substance aspiring everyday to live life to the fullest and prepare for greatness tomorrow. The greatness will be annutara-samyaka-sambodai or Perfect Enlightenment and after seeing Sensei get all cocky and super confident in the last monthly video I see that perhaps his words affected us here somehow. I think Sensei is very preoccupied with his life and fortifying his legacy so much so that perhaps his recent conveyances have inspired ARROGANCE AMONG OUR RANKS! I say this carefully because I am a little more at ease with The Mentor Disciple aspect of this practice and could see how if the mentor is focusing on his acheivements the students may also become arrogant in their ways. I think if a butterfly flaps its wings in Makiguchi memorial hall, John Doe in Texas could actually feel because its occurring right there with him. What we think of as space or the preceptions we have of the space between us or between our face and computer screens or whatever is an illusion of Mappo, we are so interconnected that its a shame we always fail to realize that but I just believe humanity is still developing its "senses" and what we consider to be space is another manifestation of our fundamental darkness because there is anti-matter and matter as there is my Bodhisattva Life Condition and my Hellish life-condition. Not only does abundant daimoku put things into prespective but it helps our soul enrich itself throughout the harsh battles we wage in this life.

                Little do I know, I'm gonna be experiencing some tough times as I "go for broke" getting myself the best education I could and also support my friends and family while I do it! But I see it coming a mile away, I'm not dwelling on it just acknowledging the truth of Socal's posts, that Even Sensei Toda declared there is no room for cowards among his disciples, just how I feel. If I'm not brave enough to withstand the effects of my causes, how could I boldly advance and make new causes to solidify and strengthen my faith until my death! This thread is not for the faint of heart and even those who are loyal to the thread, suffering incredible situations are still bold enough to advance in their life and keep us abreast of their struggles and further motivate (at least me) in our struggles! Hell F'ning YEAH!

                I've been the one to blame for alot, not only in my life but on this site, in all my high schools, in many jobs, with many friendships but I promise to be the one to support countless people towards Buddhahood and a Bodhisattva Lifestyle!



                  Thanks for a Great post EasyMyohoDude
                  Nam Myoho Renge Kyo !!
                  (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                  Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                  your bud

                  Peace/ Be here now

                  Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                  The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


                    The key to achieving this profoud inner transformation is our heart-our fundamental attitude or mindset. Therefore, the Daishonin warns' in On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime "if you think the law is outside yourself, you are embracing not the Mystic Law but an inferior teaching." (WND1 p3) When we dilgently exert in ourselves in chanting daimoku based on this admonitions, always remembering that a change in our own heart or mind is crucial, the three meanings of myo will clearly manifest themselves in your life.
                    Needless to say, the Law contained in the practice of chanting tht the Daishonin is truly wondrous. However, even the power of this wonderous law cannot fully manifest in a life that is clouded by ignorance. Ignorance is the inner darkness tht prevents us from believing in the Mystic Law and staying focused on the Buddha nature of ourselves and others. The practice of chanting enables us to break through this darkness and vibrantly bring forth our Buddhahood. Battling our ignorance-this inner struggle is the essence of chanting daimoku."-Daisaku Ikeda...lectures on On Attaining Buddhahood in This Lifetime

                    Let us strictly guard against slandering our fellow members. Slandering and harbouring resentment and jealousy towards others turns us in the direction of denying their Buddha nature. Not being able to believe in others' Buddha nature-just like not being able to believe in our own Buddha nature-causes us to stray off course to seek the Law externally. Our Buddha nature is what fundamentally spurs us to realize happiness for ourselves and others. Not to believe in the Buddha nature is to deny the spirit of the Lotus Sutra; whcih teaches that all people have the potential for Buddhahood. Consequently, the Daishonin sternly warns that if we go against the spirit of the sutra, not only will our prayers to attain Buddhahood in this lifetime not be fulfillled, but we will end up committing slander of the Law.-Daisaku Ikeda..lectures on On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime.

                    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo



                      BTW Babba I would get "guidance" from one of the zone leaders to make sure its not a slander I don't think writing the words in english is a slander but if it is a slander to take a picture of or try to copy it or print it off the internet then I would ask someone; you could even call the west coast zone guy; I have his email and phone number; his mother was my chapter leader back in the day; he ran the FNCC since its inception and is back on the west coast or get you in touch with anyone else who may have more knowledge about the subject since it is such a serious one. Although I know you are not talking about the gohonzon but the actual sanskrit of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo...and if the sanskrit isn't done right even the slightest mistake can make a word mean something completely different. Just my thoughts on the subject....or I mean my opinion.

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

                      GeorgialouWHo lol
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                        I was honestly taken aback after reading today's exchange, marijuana or not, I'm gonna go cut down a premature branch and medicate a little and keep chanting for all my amigos here. I'm so united with you all that it hurts me to know even for an instant I couldn't be there to alleviate some pain but heck without our colorful expiriences and the sharing we do here, this thread would not be what it truly is.]

                        Thank you easy I couldnt have said it better myself! I agree there is alot of tension and it is the fundamental darkness rearing its ugly head. If G and I can have a cup of coffee together what is causing all the tension here on the thread? I guess it all just makes for great dialogue.

                        Hey T. I'm not quite sure what all is going down. I dont mean any disrespect I just think we all need to have alot more compassion for each other and be focused on encouraging and supporting each other. I do not think that your concern for me and G is not authentic nor do I disbelieve or unappreciate the amount of Daimoku sent our way. From my heart it is appreciated and felt. But I do think your being hard on G. I just dont think she said anything that was offensive, judgemental, manipulative, or anything else that should have caused such a reaction from you. I'm am really sadened by what is happening here. I Just think we should be able to embrace each other and our stories and our experiences without judgement.

                        In my studies of the Lotus Sutra, I read this today and and wanted to share a couple of paragraphs.

                        "If there are monks, nuns, laymen, or laywomenwho seek to become voice-hearers, seek to become pratyekabuddhas, or seek the bodhisattva way, one must not trouble them by causing them to have doubts or regrets, by saying to them, " you are far removed from the way and in the end will never be able to attain wisdom embracing all species. Why? Because you are self-indulgent and willful people who are negligent of the way!"

                        "Also one should never engage in frivolous debate over the various doctrines or dispute or wrangle over them. With regard to all living beings one should think of them with great compassion. With regard to the Thus Come Ones, think of them as kindly fathers; with regard to the bodhisattvas, think of them as great teachers. Toward the great bodhisattvas of the ten directions at all times maintain a serious mind, paying them due reverence and obeisance. To all living beings preach the law in an equitable manner. Because a person is heedful of the law, that does not mean one should vary the amount of preaching. Even to those who show a profound love for the Law one should not on that account preach at greater length."

                        I hope we can all move forward and support our higher mission of Kosen-Rufu and compassionate commerodery. We should all be able to express ourselves freely even when it brings up negativity and stirs the pot. And thats's all I have to say about that!!!


                          Greetings All

                          How aware are we of our own inner life, our spirituality--something so intangible yet so priceless? How much effort do we make to perceive that which is not obvious, which can neither be seen nor heard? I believe the exploration and enrichment of the human spirit is what determines our very humanity. Such enrichment provides an inner compass that can lead civilizations to greatness.~D. Ikeda

                          A Buddhist scripture states that "the voice does the Buddha's work." The voice has the power to convey one's compassion for another. No matter how much you care, the sentiment alone will not communicate itself. When your feelings are conveyed in words, your voice will have the immense power to move another person's heart.~ D. Ikeda

                          The heart of one person moves another's. ... If one's own heart is closed, then the doors of other people's hearts will also shut tight. On the other hand, someone who makes all those around him or her into allies, bathing them in the sunlight of spring, will be treasured by all.~Daisaku Ikeda

                          It is much more valuable to look for the strengths in others—you gain nothing by criticizing people's imperfections.
                          ~D. Ikeda

                          So Be it, Will it so...Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


                          Who's never won? Biggest Grammy Award surprises of all time on AOL Music.
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                            A translation of President Ikeda's "To My Friends" published in the Seikyo Shimbun.

                            MONDAY, February 4th, 2008

                            -- TO MY FRIENDS --
                            The Daishonin states, "Myo means to revive, (that is, to return to life.)"* Let's live out our lives based on the Mystic Law, and draw forth the power and strength to live from the very depth of our lives. Let's be absolutely determined to play out great victorious dramas of human life!

                            * "The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra" - WND-I, page 149

                            Nam Myoho Renge Kyo



                              Let's take a step back.....

                              Originally posted by EasyMyohoDisco
                              THE PREMIER VEHICLE FOR THE TRANSMISSION OF THE MYSTIC LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT THROUGHOUT THE ONLINE CANNAVERSE! Can I get a "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo!"!!! Yes sir and madam!
                              "NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO!!!"

                              Loved your post MyohoD, that took alot of time and effort and had great meaning and encouragement. That was great! Thank you.

                              With my experience with this internet now going over 20yrs, I have seen it happen time and time again; my own experience and the experience of others where when we have emotional dialogue it can sometimes do more damage than good. What I am saying is that typewritten words does not always convey the whole picture of someone's true intent or message and many misunderstandings occur.

                              [B]"A Buddhist scripture states that "the voice does the Buddha's work." The voice has the power to convey one's compassion for another. No matter how much you care, the sentiment alone will not communicate itself. When your feelings are conveyed in words, your voice will have the immense power to move another person's heart."[/B]~ D. IkedaQUOTE]

                              I truly believe this is what happened recently and I am sorry for that. Of course the best case scenario is to have face to face dialogue; but of course that is almost impossible under these circumstances so I would hope in the future as MyohoD suggested that it can be taken by PM until it can be resolved or if at all possible by a personal telephone call.

                              I will truly chant for everyone; all so valuable bodhisatvas in our mission to help others and ourselves to gain true happiness IN THIS LIFETIME!

                              Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
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                                sorry not going away...its the potato rub! Happy New Year of the Earth Rat and have a great day!

                                Nam Myoho Renge KYo