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    ffffffffffff sheet, i deleted my post by accident before i posted it....grrr gotta go the same way once again...

    so i was saying...

    hitman thank you for sharing your wisdome and compassion with me, i really respect and appriciate that!
    i had simmilar experiences with animals, it's awsome how they always look at YOU and never buy the silly stuff you give them, trying to immitate them, they'r always truthfull, compasionate and reasonable i love them!

    i've been searchin the net about positive and negative sides of SGI lately and i'm comming to a conclusion that there is no absolute, right, and the best religious organization, i will always have my doubts, but if i don't control them i might really end up wondering what went wrong instead of doing things the way i should
    and chanting with different people and talking about writings is an important part off my understanding of SGI functionality...i mean, the SGI group that i attended wouldn't have a web page on its own by the time i was searching what NMRK is, i wouldn't meet those ppl, and they wouldn't throw at my face what they i wouldn't wonder on in that direction

    so you see there's a perfect sense for an organization in the world of media and big organisations, ppl need to see it out loud as loud an clear as possible, and ppl having faith in not being alone in what they believe is a huge part of OUR power i think

    i mean look at the bullys, untill they have a leader that is fearless in his acts, they follow him, but some of them feel the same need for power as the leader does, so he has a competition, and one of them ends up dead or beaten or bullied. the thing that gives me more believe in SGI is the UNITY that has been maintained for so long, despite all the attacts that SGI was confronted to. I mean every other organisation, good or bad, has come to a bad zone in the media or amongs ppl, without being reasonably cleared, just ignored
    SGI has maintained it's shine untill this day, which is a suprise in these i think,yeah ofcourse, hitler, church, bush etc, they all have or have had fooled us in the past and in the present(although bush seemed stupid even during his first mandate), why would some other religious organisation have some other interests then they did?i go on with hmm but the media in those times have been far less powerfull then these days, so individuals like bush, hitler etc. have been tored down in one or another way, but an interesting fact is that although church mostly acts as they do it still exists. my answear is that we feel the need for inner security despite the fact that we are not sure in ourselves that it's true what they tell us(the church for instance).
    the difference between church, SGI and hitler is that hitler was a weak man and he couldn not build a strong organisation(nation/country/goverment), chuch is strong in it's false believe but was planted not by jesus but by idiots. now SGI in that case, shines on both sides of the coin, like nichiren did, and nichiren IS in my oppinion the strongest person i know for now.strong mind, strong organisation

    another question that popped yesterday
    now why do i need candles and fruits on my butsudan? and now i remembered, why did i light the candles yesterday when me and my gf made love? why does my love, love fruit?
    candles to set our moods up, and fruit to the Gohonzon ege ME to make chanting even more pleasurable??????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????


    and the FINAL revelation hehe
    i finally figured out how to give karma to other ppl here heheheh
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    Growing every day of our lives


      Kudos to Hitman! 7240 are the words of a Buddha! Well done!



        Originally posted by EasyMyohoDisco

        The KEYWORD IN THIS THREAD (among others) is FAITH.

        Faith is key.

        Here is a special quote to begin an awesome new year:

        While deluded, one is called a common mortal, but once enlightened, he is called a Buddha. Even a tarnished mirror will shine like a jewel if it is polished. A mind which presently is clouded by illusions originating from the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable truth. Arouse deep faith and polish your mirror night and day How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
        Kick some serious ass this year my friends!!!


          for Scegy - Hope it helps

          Originally posted by scegy
          hitman i'm just wondering whose money built SGI centers around the world, i mean there are 30 or more just in middle america, and someone must pay the bills etc.
          Scegy, bro, all your questions are quite legitimate and I will try to answer the one above based on my 30+ yrs with the SGI. Lot of americans, like you, are quite leary of religious organizations based on past experience from many that have taken advantage of their members devout faith and trust. So your concerns are understandable.

          Like Hitman said, you will never see 'a plate or basket' passed around at any SGI meeting. It is my understanding that none of the group, District, Chapter, Area or Zone leaders in the SGI are paid for what they do respectfully fullfilling their responsibilities in those positions; they are strictly volunteer. Now there are postions above those that are on the SGI payroll, ie. Region, General Director and Vice General Directors along with administrative personnel to run the SGI organization in the USA. There is a large office in Santa Monica, CA that handles most of it with smaller offices in New York and Chicago.

          Again, it is my understanding that those 'employees' are paid thru the income generated from the monthly subscriptions of the 'World Tribune' newspaper and 'Living Buddhism' magazines. Additionally, they have a monthly contribution fund from longtime members who voluntarily contribute regularly.

          From SGI website: "As a religious organization, the programs of SGI-USA are made possible only through the voluntary financial contributions of its membership."

          SGI centers in cities are only approved when there are enough general members in the area to support the monthy cost of running that center. Costs like rent, utilities, etc.; the funds to support those centers are monies collected monthly at their monthly World Peace(Kosenrufu) gongyo meetings. If there are not enough members to voluntarily support those costs on a monthly basis that area will not have a center. I know some members with your same concerns that instead of contributing cash, they will donate items like toilet paper, office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. because they still want to contribute something to the SGI's world peace movement.

          Some centers are owned but many are leased to SGI. Many that are owned have been purchased from generous contributions from longtime SGI members (Japan included) who consider their great financial fortunes that they have created have come from their continuous practice of Nicherin Daishonin's Buddhism(note: there are over 10 million members in Japan) Also, purchases are made from previous real estate holdings appreciation from being established in the US for over 40 years.

          Scegy, I hope this answers some of your concerns that you have about SGI and their financial handlings. At this time there is no 'financial accountability' available to the public but it is my belief that ultimately this will come about if the SGI-USA wants to continue to grow here but it hasn't stopped me when I wanted to contribute financially because I really believe wholeheartly of the mission of SGI and the part I play in that same mission.


            re: what we call 'offerings'

            Originally posted by scegy
            another question that popped yesterday
            now why do i need candles and fruits on my butsudan? and now i remembered, why did i light the candles yesterday when me and my gf made love? why does my love, love fruit?
            candles to set our moods up, and fruit to the Gohonzon ege ME to make chanting even more pleasurable??????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????
            and the FINAL revelation hehe
            i finally figured out how to give karma to other ppl here heheheh
            Scegy, to answer your question, you DON'T need any of that in order to chant and practice this Buddhism. It is up to the individual and their feelings as such. They are all offerings to your Buddha nature, the Law, but by no means do you have to have them. It is somewhat Buddhist tradition, and I like the analogy that those things that you offer also represent your six senses: Sight = candles, Taste = fruit, Smell = Incense, Touch = Beads, Hearing = Bell (Hitman, there is also a traditional amount of times you ring it, but again, it is up to the individual; most meetings you go to have the traditional amount of ringing most times)


            [供養] (Jpn kuyo )
            To donate, with a sense of veneration, various things to the Buddha and the Buddhist Order; also, that which is donated. Offerings included food, drink, clothing, bedding, medicine, flowers, incense, lamps, and necessary utensils. Among these, clothing, food and drink, bedding, and medicine were called the four kinds of offerings. Buddhist sutras and their commentaries list various sets of offerings. For example, the two kinds of offerings indicate the offering of goods and the offering of the Law, i.e., the preaching of the Buddha's teachings. The three kinds of offerings are the offering of goods, the offering of the Law, and the offering of fearlessness. The offering of fearless-ness means to relieve others' fears and give them courage. Another set of the three kinds of offerings is the offering of goods, the offering of praise and reverence, and the offering of the Law. A third set of the three kinds of offerings is the offering of food and drink, the offering of rare trea-sures, and the offering of body and life. The offerings described in the "Teacher of the Law" (tenth) chapter of the Lotus Sutra are generally called the ten kinds of offerings, that is, the offering of flowers, incense, necklaces, powdered incense, paste incense, incense for burning, silken canopies, streamers and banners, clothing, and music. In this chapter, these offerings are described as being made to the Lotus Sutra. Another view of the ten kinds of offerings regards "silken canopies" and "stream-ers and banners" as one offering, and adds an act of "pressing one's palms together."


            The Butsudan
            The butsudan (Japanese: Buddha House) is the cabinet where you enshrine your Gohonzon to protect it. The butsudan or cabinet is usually made of wood. It can range from a simple, plain design to elaborate finishes and hardware. Every believer should endeavor to keep the butsudan dusted and clean and make it an attractive place for the Gohonzon.

            Evergreens symbolize the "property-of-action", the Buddha's enlightened physical property or his compassionate action and the potential to form a correct relationship with the environment that allows us to manifest our Buddha nature. The evergreens are used to adorn the space before the Gohonzon, which is eternal and supreme. Therefore, they should be something symbolic of permanence and purity.

            A cup of fresh water is placed before the Gohonzon each day prior to morning gongyo, it is removed just before evening gongyo. Traditionally water was offered as something of great value in the hot country of India where Buddhism began. It also has the property to purify. After being offered, the water may be put into another cup and then consumed.

            Fruit or other non-animal foods can be another offering to the Gohonzon. The food may be consumed after it has been offered to the Gohonzon. Cooked food, such as rice, is sometimes offered on special occasions, such as New Year's Day. When offering food, we ring the bell three times, place our palms together and chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times as a gesture of deep gratitude and appreciation.

            Candles stand for the truth of non-substantiality or the latent potential of life. They also represent the property of wisdom or the Buddha's enlightened spiritual property and they symbolize the potential wisdom to become aware of our innate Buddha nature. Since it extinguishes darkness and makes all things visible, light expresses the Buddha's property of wisdom and his wisdom itself so we also have expressions like "Light of the Law," "Light of the Buddha," and "Light of Wisdom." Burning candles thus also signifies incinerating earthly desires and the sparking of the flame of wisdom in the Buddha nature. Symbolically, the light (candle) signifies the light of the Buddha's wisdom.

            Parents of small children may prefer to use battery operated candles or avoid lighting candles.

            Incense represents the truth of the Middle Way, the essential property of the Buddha's life or the property of the Law, and the potential of our innate Buddha nature. One to three sticks of incense are burned in a flat position so as to help engender a feeling of serenity before the Gohonzon. The incense burner is placed in the center of the altar, and incense is burned from left to right. Incense serves to create a fragrant atmosphere and is burned in front of the Gohonzon during morning and evening gongyo. The Great Teacher T'ien T'ai wrote, "No color, nor fragrance is not of the Middle Way." This indicates that all things encompass the True Aspect of the Middle Way, as well as elucidates that the fragrance of incense includes the virtues of the Buddha of the Law Body of the Middle Way. Thus burning incense, while spreading fragrance throughout the room, also signifies, through the fragrance's spreading throughout the environs, the universality of the realm of the Law of the Buddha's property of the Law. although stick incense is used most of the time, powdered incence is used under certain circumstances, such as funeral and memorial services.

            Parents of small children or those with allergies may prefer not to use incense.

            The ringing of the bell during gongyo serves to offer a pleasing sound to the Gohonzon and life. It should therefore not be sounded jarringly, but in a way that is pleasing to the ear. There is a specific pattern of bell ringing in the course of the morning and evening recitation of the sutra (gongyo). It is described in the sutra book, The Liturgy of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. If you live in an apartment complex or with others, be careful not to ring the bell so loudly that it might disturb them.

            Prayer Beads
            The prayer beads are a traditional accessory. The basic number of beads is 108, which is said to represent the number of earthly desires which common mortals have.

            When we use beads during Gongyo, the end of the figure eight, with the two strands, is place over the third finger of the left hand. The end with the three strands, over the third finger of the right. They lie on the outside of the hands, which are placed together with palms and fingers touching each other.

            Although traditional meaning has been assigned to the various parts of the prayer beads, they have no special power and are not an essential part of the Buddhist practice.

            Hope it helps ya!!! Questions are all ok in this Buddhism; actually, they are encouraged. Doubts are ok also ,when you have a seeking spirit to find the Truth in your life.

            Nam Myoho Renge Kyo


              And as an 'FYI' PS to SoCal's above post, as parents of six small children, we have no evergreens, water, food, candles, or incense on the Butsudan and we only pull the bell out for gongyo.



                Thanks to all the contributors of this thread!

                It started me on my path to nirvana.

                And I am thankful.
                Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.
                -- Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh


                  I am taking steps this year to take my Human Revolution to the Next Level!

                  My friends, once again let me wish each of you a Happy New Year! First of all thanks for the private message bud I was so happy to hear from you, we'll chat very soon!

                  I want to present a private email I wrote today, I decided to write this email to the Leader of the Gajokai which knows me very well and is going to call me shortly to discuss this email. The basis for this email was working on my Human Revolution and fighting fundamental darkness. All my friends here on the thread know I am chanting for all of us, but I also want you to know I am entrenched in daily struggles based on my determination to do kosen-rufu everyday. It is not easy, and sometimes I have a hard time saying what I want to say (lol, its true!), but my friends, I have to share this email because although I am omitting the names of individuals and using my online pen name, my friends, this comes from my heart. This is my attempt to fight fundamental darkness vigorously and fearlessly. Not everything I say is as perfect as I would have liked to put it, but I sincerely tried to convey the truth in my heart.

                  This email should help scegy whom is quickly approaching a new stage in his practice and thus "The 3 obstacles and 4 devils are emerging" attempting to hinder his progress, I will not let you down brother, that is why I speak so strongly to you. I have no shame in my game, and really want you to know scegy you have a merciful heart and that is why you question such things. I too have posed very similar queries to Thomas and Babba trying to "work out all the kinks", truth be told, they told me the same thing I said "Its all about FAITH buddy, thats it, FAITH". With that said, this is how I am practicing in America and trying my f8cking best to not backslide!

                  Thank you for the invitation ( My Friend )and Happy New Year! I appreciate your invitation to join you but will not be participating in BSG activities. I want to explain why I came to this decision so that I can clarify between us my true sentiment.

                  Last year I only participated twice formally and other times informally when I was around the center. (A certain Gajokai Member) was very rude, abrasive and difficult to deal with on two distinct incidents and basically I felt bullied away from being in his company. I saw him recently and he had the audacity to say to me "Did I scare you away?". He clearly realizes his attitude was derogatory and I assured him I have no personal problems with him, but I sincerely prefer to stay away from Bad Faith individuals, especially someone who was very condescending and negative with me and in my opinion instigating a possible fight which I have no intention to pursue. My Human Revolution helped me avoid a physical confrontation with that Gajokai Leader, so I decided to leave Gajokai duties to him and those who will support him, I substantially support the SGI directly on the District and Area Level, so I do not feel out of the loop, but I realize I will not advance in the SGI hierarchy without doing BSG shifts which is unfortunate because my faith in Nichiren Daishonin my eternal mentor is ABSOLUTE. So much that I quote The Goshos to everyone I know and meet throughout everyday.

                  Also, last summer during the event in (the city) , when I was asked to be Emcee by (the zone leader) and never spoke to you regarding this assignment until the evening of the rehearsal and you and I had a conversation that night. In that conversation you expressed your absolute devotion to Sensei, it sincerely scared me away and made a big issue for me with one reason, I feel you worship Sensei like some sort of God and you wanted me to apologize and feel accountable towards him for not being able to participate because of my personal obligations that go beyond any imaginary bond senior members encourage me to make with someone that is not Nichiren Daishonin. This in my humble opinion is a grave slander and I did not appreciate your attempt to force me to feel bad for letting down President Ikeda in Japan when I did not participate for an SGI event in (the USA) .

                  Nichiren Daishonin's golden words are my guide, I have and will continue to always diligently study the Orally Transmitted Teachings and both volumes of The Gosho (and will continue to do so everyday) and no-where did I find reference to a sage or mentor that is to appear after his passing which is to be venerated and worshiped higher than Shakymuni or Nichiren Daishonin himself. Every issue of the World Tribune, most meetings I attend and very often I notice senior members go into a rhetoric that focuses more on Sensei than how each of are the living embodiment of Nichiren Daishonin, or at the very least that Gohonzon is the Key not any living person in the Latter Age of The Law. I follow the Buddha of Beginingless Time, Nichiren Daishonin's Golden words, not an interpretation of his doctrine but I do appreciate Sensei’s efforts everyday when I mention him in Gongyo during the third silent prayer.

                  In fact, neither you nor I have had the luxury to read and understand Nichiren Daishonin's Writings and Teachings in the original Japanese context which would give us a clearer doctrinal understanding as I perceive Sensei Ikeda possesses ( I believe a lot may get lost in translation). The basis in my humble opinion for these overwhelmingly strong feelings towards Sensei Ikeda are it is unnatural and in my opinion could create a conflict between my orthodox doctrinal standpoint and blatant imposition of Living Mentor. President Ikeda is our biggest Cheerleader, but is he not training all of the SGI youth to be the future leaders following his example to achieve similar greatness? How could I accomplish this knowing in my heart, I live for kosen-rufu and follow The Goshos yet I feel the constant pressure of senior members insisting I pledge my life to another mortal and humbly follow his guidance when I have not even shook his hand or shared a meal with him?

                  I know Japanese culture is very different from our Western culture through my studies of sociology. In Japan the primary value is that of Belonging among the values of; Harmony, Maintaining Relationships and Conformity. Clearly for me growing up in America we are expected to go in the opposite direction with a heavy emphasis on the individual and more self centered values. So then I must confess my values and norms are substantially different than those derived from Japan or Japanese culture, I clearly see things from my individualistic/ambitious perspective but I can also acknowledge the distinct cultural differences and supplement my life with both.

                  In Japan school children are put into groups and graded by the group, always progressing through their education in a group environment and mentality, in America the opposite holds true, American kids are trained individually, rated and graded individually creating a vastly different landscape including endless competition. This also exists in our organization in varying degrees, there is still in my humble opinion a long way to go before we can find a “middle-way” and avoid further role strain, which is a structural problem and not a problem between people. I sincerely feel that it is unrealistic to expect Western Thinkers and Practitioners to succumb and feel forced to integrate Japanese Social Ideology in a land that does not apply or function on those principles. Our country in my opinion is in a similar stature with Japan in the years 1200-1300 when the Daishonin wrote letters to the government predicting the Mongol invasion and natural disasters, I feel compelled to follow his example and prepare a letter to our leadership in this country and outline the uncompassionate direction which is accelerating our nation towards its darkest hours. But, I mention this because it helps substantiate my argument that our organization is still very young and we must be very careful of the steps we are taking to correctly continue to practice.

                  I am trying to convey my feelings in the best way possible and as honestly as I can. I shared these thoughts recently with (the Mens Area Leader) and he agrees with me that this is my human revolution and that I have to overcome these obstacles. I think the best way for me to overcome this is to write to you my feelings. I’m also still hoping to recover my sweater I left in the BSG closet after my first shift and you took home for safekeeping, lol, its been so long but I do like that blue sweater. I don’t want you to feel that I am attacking your beliefs or you in anyway, I really want you to be able to compassionately digest my feelings and take them as my offer to mend our friendship because I have a significant amount of respect and admiration for all you do for our organization which directly affects me.

                  I am not the type of person to blindly accept guidance as anything absolute unless its found in the OTT or Both volumes of The Gosho, this caused me to want to maintain a safe distance from such strong beliefs that are a recent creation within our organization and evolving in a dangerous direction which I will not bend towards. Do not get me wrong, I have 1000% sincere admiration and respect for President Ikeda but I have written him letters and realize that my energies would be put to better use in other areas such as supporting members, supporting the District and Area and continuing everyday to do Shakubuku. This year I shakubukued or helped a friend in shakubukuing new members, this is how I practice Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Practicing this way does not afford me the luxury of feeling guilty or remorseful when my actions do not coincide with a Mechanical Expectation or pleasing Daisaku Ikeda, I work for Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and the Only Organization on this Planet that is Properly Practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism in an unbroken chain since the Daishonin’s passing just as he predicted kosen-rufu would be carried out after his passing. I know the SGI is my organization, I did not create it but I will continue to build it up as it is also my life, therefore in good conscience I cannot succumb to threats from another individual (the way (the gajokai member) made me feel) or accept something I know to be false (feeling sorry for letting down Sensei as you explained to me that night over the phone).

                  (My friend), I am not such a difficult individual to understand, I try and be as straight forward as possible but please do not interpret my words as anything but an attempt to mend our friendship going forward. I don’t live in the past you’ll find me in the present always hoping for a better future. I realize this situation could either push you further away or help us become better friends but I want you to understand, I will be practicing for the rest of my life diligently and even though I’m not guarding the Culture Center, my heart is behind those big Butsudan’s doors! I will be creative and find other ways to volunteer time for the Daishonin and be more creative and diligent than ever for kosen-rufu. Leaders like us will lead our organization into the future with a firm resolve to never backslide in our practice, individually and collectively. I do not wish to ever be complicit in any possible slander that could f8ck with my life, which is also why I want to be as honest as possible.

                  I need to be on your team all the time and have honest communication and dailouge as Sensei is always telling us to have because that way we will be more effective at creating the Kansai of the World. The SGI’s progression from a teaching society- President Makiguchi’s Soka Kyuko Gakkai, to President Toda’s Soka Gakkai in Japan , to President Ikeda’s Soka Gakkai International will only continue with individuals of our caliber to progress beyond the current horizon! I am sure that for us to reach the next level, we have to have the same spirit as Sensei Ikeda and Sensei Toda! Creating the foundation to help elevate us to that point is my attempt with this email to solidify my relationship with you and offer my eternal support to you for kosen-rufu. I’m serious.

                  Un abrazo con mucho cariño, (A hug with a lot of love,)
                  I mentioned some things that make me feel like I'm the "odd man out", but I have to address these issues without burying them as I have always tried to get rid of my pain. I am also struggling to live the best life possible, that is why I have almost had Gohonzon for two years (March 2008), I know I'm just starting, just scratching the surface of what is really there, but I feel my friends, its about time I reveal my true self. I don't wanna keep hiding behind "what ifs" and "he's/she's full of shit", I want to conquer fundamental darkness everyday. Fundamental Darkness exists within Gohonzon as the character for the Devil of the 6th Heaven, but even within the Gohonzon he is enlightened. I wish to be enlightened, my mentor Thomas talks about living as a Bodhisattva, I'm doing my best to live this way as a path to Buddhahood. I wish to live the best life possible, I wish the same for my fellow Bodhisattvas. We have diligently fought fundamental darkness on this thread tooth and nail, we still continue these struggles in our personal lives outside the thread. As a result of this, I am more sure of myself, and ready for more of whats to come.

                  I'm not hiding in my shell so often, I'm telling life to "BRING IT CUS I'M READY!"

                  I am trying not to be careless as I share this message and these words, I had to read quite a bit over the last couple hours to catch up and I see the atomic burst of joy raining on Hitman's life, I see Scegy getting ready to receive Gohonzon (in a meaningful way for him), I see Babba and Bonzo overcoming all obstacles, and I see Socal Setting Up to be a HUGE HUGE Leader on the West Coast! My friends, this is a precious moment we will never have again, thus we must cherish our lives as we cherish our Gohonzons for every breathing living moment.

                  I'm just a noobie, but I have begun developing my faith, FAITH IS ACTION!
                  I'll keep at it on my end, just keep joining me in prayer and kosen-rufu and we're GOLDEN!

                  I have to thank Thomas, for his continuous guidance, even with all those kids buzzing around him he still got this big kid right here focused and attentively absorbing all I can to be all I can be! Everyone else here on this thread, we are in this together, UNITY as Hitman said is a magical word. Unity takes Compassion and OUR HEARTS ARE THE PALACES OF COMPASSION!

                  A big E-hug to all and to all a goodnight!

                  Much love to you my friends and family,


                    Originally posted by Hitman

                    The first step towards enlightenment is that you see the good, the potential, the love in all people and you want to save them. That's humanism. That's what makes President Ikeda so lovable, so pure. He wouldn't hurt an ant's feeling. He raises both hands and puts his arms up with peace signs and you can see how he was able in 60 years to create a world force for Kosen Rufu- World Peace. The happiness of all living beings. Ya I know it's sounds wishy washy and idealistic and Utopic but it may happen if I, and you and all of us strive to do this through our own human revolution. How do you make tommorrow better than today. My boss is on my ass and I'm scared shitless. But I have all of you and we have eachother. Sorry to go veer off. Museums are opening around the world dedicated to Peace which is now being seen as most imperative element of our existence. Peace is necessary and until we take the killing out of us then we ain't never going to get there. Ikeda said that his accomplishments from age sixty to eighty were above and beyond his wildest dreams. He is seeing his on mortality. He said recently on a film that they showed that he is so honored to die for this cause. He said that he will go to eternity chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and fighting for Peace.
                    YES HITMAN, THATS IT! DUDE I GOTTA SAY I LOVED YOUR POST I read it twice tonight! HAHAHA WELL DONE, WELL DONE!!!!! HAHAHAHA, brilliant!

                    I feel the same way man, truly my demons get the best of me from time to time, but I'm fighting to maintain this Human Revolution man. Dude, I'm sooooo sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo happy you have your own Gohonzon and are jamming away!

                    There it is my friends! Buddhanature in full effect! Yes Sir!
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                      MyohoD, I cherish you and all your contributions to this thread and all humanity from your practice and true seeking spirit. Your faith goes way beyond your years.

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

                      Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

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                        Welcome Brownpants!


                          You're a really too much MyohoDisco- You yourself are an unstoppable force. You have my support and trust! Myoho all the way!

                          This HIT is for you all!

                          In Search of Earth's finest nuggets.


                            last post of the night I promise! hehehe!

                            Welcome Brownpants! Hi Socal, Hey there Hitman, Whats up Tom!

                            Guys, I had to post again, because I called my comrade in kosen-rufu which I wrote the above reference email to and with an open mind addressed alot of issues. Guess what, I can be a real dick sometimes! hahaha. I was approaching other people's view of President Ikeda really wrong, I mean totally off base with respect to this guy I spoke to for just over an hour.

                            Its my conclusion that since I was raised in the christian faith, my mother spending a lot of time living as a hypocrite evangelist pretending on occasion during her prayer meetings to speak in tounges when she's feeling full of the "holy spirit", really has stayed with me many years later and I have been associating those same feelings towards friends and people that do not deserve such an arbitrary judgment! What the hell was going on, is FUNDAMENTAL DARKNESS! This chit was eating me up inside my friends! WTF! Hahaha, silly childhood memories associated with my current stimuluses and preception can really really lead to severe delusion! I shit you not! This is 100% real, I was seriously feeling people where worshipping Ikeda and wondering "what did I miss, or are these people that are doing this just more sheep like my folks?" Jeez, I really have to chant more like Tom and Bonz say, everyday to strengthen my faith and change my karma. My wickedly crazy flipping karma!

                            I was wrong about this dude I wrote that email to, he does not worship anything, instead he uses of the stimulus of President Ikeda's guidance and words to fuel his passion for kosen-rufu and member care. That is noble in my opinion. I told him "Hey I did the gajokai shifts for the Daishonin and the members, I want to do more." He said "Remember I was there for your first shift and I remember how happy you were, smiling from ear to ear!"

                            Hahaha, its true I was smiling the whole shift and every other time even when things were going on that did not conform with my expectations (primative expectations). I told this dude tonight "Hey man, whats up with President Ikeda's name being inscribed on a Gohonzon in the big culture center" The guy did not bat an eye and it was because the priest whom inscribed it was cool with Toda and supported the SGI and Ikeda, THAT WORKS FOR ME!

                            No don't get me twisted, I'm not gonna comment on how f'ed up what I just said might sound to you, but hey I got faith this practice is only way to live The Law. I stand by the SGI and the priests whom have supported us in keeping this unbroken tradition in full flipping effect! Can you feel me on this!

                            I'm not taking back what I said, because I think what I said may apply to possibly some people, but I learned:


                            Just like I get all emotional and excited when I read one of Socal's kick ass quotes from President Ikeda or when Thomas or Babba do the same, I get amped, excited, and positively a higher life condition and we need President Ikeda to keep this tradition so that us Chanting Growers could stand up in our districts and life and then take the LEAD IN KOSEN-RUFU!

                            WE THE CHANTING GROWERS GROUP WILL TAKE THE LEAD IN KOSEN-RUFU, mark my words amigos!

                            Lets keep working together to make this happen, Babba and I both agree, Scegy's recent posts open the floodgates of faith for a brilliant new year, WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO!

                            Keep Keeping on my friends, WOOOOF I'm excited! Now its time to chant with full appreciation for all of you and those you will continue to support.


                            (Make the Impossible Possible, If I feel I can do it, I'm sure you can do it!)

                            "You are already a lay practitioner and therefore one of the "good men" described in the sutra. One who listens to even a sentence or phrase of the sutra and cherishes it deep in one's heart may be likened to a ship that crosses the sea of the sufferings of birth and death. The Great Teacher Miao-lo stated, "Even a single phrase cherished deep in one's heart will without fail help one reach the opposite shore. To ponder one phrase and practice it is to exercise navigation.""

                            WND Page 33
                            Page 33 A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering
                            Written to Shiiji Shiro on 28 April 1261 from Kamakura

                            ^^^SWIM FROM SHORE TO SHORE WITH YOUR DAIMOKU!^^^
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                              Let's Chant!

                              That took a lot of bravery to write that down, Disco. Nice Job speaking from the heart and not deleting. Thank you for all of your support. Keep on keepin' on!

                              Last night for the first time ever the Gohonzon split into layers on me. It was like three or four layers superimposed over on another and they seperated like a 3-D image. The greys were the small lighter characters shimmering almost metallic and the pillar like text on the side came forward. The characters down the center were anchored in the middle. I think Nichiren Diashonin's name is right down the center.
                              Until then it was a face that smiled when I chanted or looked stern or mad. It's a mirror. Polish, Polish. With my new revved up Gohonzon, it's all bright and high contrast. It vibrates.

                              Here is something for everyone! Something to print, Scegy. WoooHooooo! I'm jumping for joy with all of you. I love when we all get along! Let's all be millionaires!

                              Let the sound of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Resonate! If you correct one word during gongyo your life force is catapulted. The wonderous good effects are rolling in! Scegy, my good friend, they're right- You're the catalyst! In 2008 we all had to get it straight.

                              I had to laugh when T said he hides all his Butsadan's accessories from all the kiddies! Hahahahahaha!

                              Maybe this will keep them occupied- You do the chanting and the kids do the coloring! Peace.

                              Nam Myoho Renge Kyo All!
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                                Disc, you put to words what I had in my mind about the people in awe of President Ikeda. It is his love for all that is so captivating and encouraging. The hope that he is able to transfer to you - It's his supreme nature that Sensei wants all of us to feel!!!!!!!!!

                                Sensai means teacher.

                                Hello Brownpants,
                                Pleased to meet you. I like to chant and take hits and garden in an ever revolving cycle. IC, IC, ICmag---Chanting Growers Thread!

                                Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo Nam Myoho Renge Kyo !

                                This Hits for you!
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