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    I admire your correct thinking!


    Sometimes you come up with such profound shit and it comes out as easily as if you are just shaking water off of your body after an invigorating shower! You are constantly a hard act to follow. Sometimes I am speechless. I don't know what to say next. I read what you say and it cuts to the core of my life and practice.

    Do you want to get into a presentation of Ichinen Sanzen yet? Or at least the Ten Worlds, as you touched on before. Sometimes I think yo must be reading the Maka-shikan or something. I have told you this privately, but I feel very fortunate to know you! You constantly make me think on a deeper level. Thank you!

    You ARE my brother!



      Maka Shikan

      I try to read the Lotus Sutra with my life. I also try to live for just this moment. It seems it is most important to understand the Ten Worlds if we are to understand anything about ourelves.

      President Ikeda, says, "Self Mastery is most important in our own personal growth."



        Greetings Buddhas!

        In Search of Earth's finest nuggets.


          a poem from the Tao Te Ching

          Walk Carefully When You Are Among

          "Holy men"and
          "Righteous deeds"
          Distract from the internal

          "Learned men "
          Distract from natural wisdom

          Professional know-how "
          Addicts people to the contrived and external

          Be respectful and compassionate
          But walk carefully when you are among-

          learned men

          holy men


          government officials




          religious leaders


          rich people

          social scientist

          women with beautiful faces

          artists and writers

          people who charge fees

          city men

          movie makers

          people who want to help you

          Christians and Jew

          For such as these , however well meaning
          Place you on their chessboard
          Addict you to their external
          Distract you from the Tao within

          The lesson of the Tao is more likely to be found among------




          people who build their own homes


          parents who learn from their children

          amateur musicians

          serene psychotics


          those who look at sunsets

          whose who walk in the woods

          beautiful women


          people who sit by the fire


          bakers of bread

          couples who have been in love for years

          smiling men with bad reputations

          Hope you enjoyed this poem ..... I think it fits our family well here.

          for those that dont understand the word "Tao" ... just replace it with "God"
          (Medical Patient In Compliance)

          Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
          your bud

          Peace/ Be here now

          Babba's Farm L.L.C.

          The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants



            So how are you Buddhas, as well? Thanks for sending the bright rays of warm sunshine that you so graciously relinquish to us out here further west each day! It's a good thing you guys aren't Bogarts with those precious rays! Thanks for sharing!



              The Ten Worlds

              The Buddha's of the Ten Directions are all fine. Ecellent! Excellent!

              I was thinkoing about how to best express the Ten Worlds in a fashion that is easy to understand and use in our daily life.

              To start with I think the Ten Worlds by their name are quite explicit in what feelings and emotions are encompassed within each of the ten worlds.

              BTW, The World of Rapature is also called the World of Heaven. It is in this world, I believe we can identify with all of the teachings; non-buddhist; that revolve around the concept of heaven and hell as two opposites not resising in the here and now, or reality.

              Nichiren Daishonin states, "Just like in a dream, we see ourerslves doing both good and evil, than we awaken and realize it is just a dream. Life is the same way!"

              With this basic understanding, we can look at any of the ten worlds and simply saw, we make a choice at every moment of our life, in whatever world we are residing in, at that given moment; and manifest either good or evil. These are the causes we make with our thoughts, words, and actions.

              Within each of these ten worlds exists The Buddha, or our nature to manifest compassion and wisdom for ourselves and others. Devedatta; the most evil person in the Buddha's lifetime; also exists within all of the ten worlds. If these two life-states exist, Buddhahood and Hell, than so do the other eight. Buddhism is reason. If one world exists within the other nine than all ten must exist within all the other nine worlds as well.

              What is most inportant to understand, is no matter what world, or life-state we are in at that very moment, we possess the ability to create either good or evil; manifest the Buddha or Devedatta. If we observe our mind as Chi-i taught in the great insight and consetration, we can accomplish this task.

              However, it was learned, Observing the mind is most dificult. Nichiren Daishonin teaches, "My practcie is merely embracing the five characters of the daimoku of the Lotus Sutra as the essential practice."

              What this means to all of us is, that when we chant, nam myoho renge kyo to the Gohonzon; The Eternal Ten Worlds and the mandalla, two yet not two; we can manifest Buddhahood in our life, no matter what world our life is in at that very moment in time.

              In other words, We can be happy, no matter what obstacle is in front of us, at that very moment.

              Chanting nam-myoho renge kyo with our entire life, will as Nichiren Daishonin promises, "What prayer can go unanswered when we have faiith in nam myoho renge kyo"



                Did you write it?

                Babbabud! That was a very cool poem. Where is it from? I think it is saying that the truth comes from within, and beware of the trap of getting your truth from any other place. It does pretty much cover everyone on this site! Thanks for sharing it.



                  from bottom to top

                  They are: (1) hell, (2) hungry spirits, (3) animals, (4) asuras, (5) human beings, (6) heavenly beings, (7) voice-hearers, (8) cause-awakened ones, (9) bodhisattvas, and (10) Buddhas


                    The Ten Worlds

                    A most interesting phenomena occurs when you apply the ten worlds concept to life forms other than just human life.

                    After all Shakyamuni Buddha expounds in the Lotus Sutra, "It is my desire that ALL life be equal to me. Finally, My desire has been met!"

                    With this understanding this same concept of life-states applies to all life. Birds, trees, flowers, and weeds. All life is equal and possesses the ten worlds, and responds to the sound of TheWonderful Law of Cause and Effect; nam myoho renge kyo.

                    Happy lives are productive lives. I don't remember who said this but it has proven to be true over time.

                    If you want your garden to be happy chant nam myoho renge kyo to and for your garden to be happy. All plants desire the same as people do, whether we understand or accept it or not. It is just like the Laws of Physics, whether we undertand them , they apply to us.

                    Why is it some people appear to have a green thumb while others appear to kill anything green around them? Individual life-states, I believe. ALL life responds to our life force. When we smile others smile back, whether they are plants, animals, or people.

                    If you want to have productive MJ plants, all you have to do is chant nam myoho renge kyo to your plants for their happiness. Sit back and watch them show their appreciation to you. Cause and Effect. Renge. Chanting nam myoho renge kyo is the highest form of appreciation you can give or show for another's life.



                      So true

                      Animals gather around like a Disney movie when they hear the sound of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. There is always that person who responds by calling you as you begin or have just finished doing Gongyo.

                      In Search of Earth's finest nuggets.


                        So SO VERY VERY TRUE!

                        Isn't it amazing? So it isn't just me you guys? Wow! My faith has always created a special bond between me and my pets. Since I didn't have children until rather late in life, for many many years my pets were (and actually still are) a huge part of my life.

                        I have had them, as life eventually goes back out the door it came in from, cremated when they die. Their remains will all be buried with mine. Buddhism says nothing that you encounter in life is by chance. Not even the friends you meet here at!

                        We are all connected by our relationships from the past. We all appear because of these relationships and it is this interconnected influence that sustains this process time and time again, without end. All environments that we encounter we have a relationship with. All that we encounter in those environments, we have a relationship with. Even something as obscure as the stranger we notice as we walk by, never to see again.

                        As Buddhism says, if you want to the the past, look at this moment. If you want to know the future look at this moment. So when I see wildlife, for whatever reason, very naturally, I don't know why, I start chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Whenever I see anything that has gone back through that door, I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. I have had the most mystical encounter this way.

                        Those wild and innocent living creatures look you in the eye. They can sense you mean them no harm and do not threaten them in any way. They stare and listen, sometimes somewhat mesmerized, sometimes with child like curiosity. I have done this with birds, squirrels, raccons, deer, lizards, cats, dogs; you name it!

                        My pets have always had a natural tendenccy to gather around the butsudan and lay there while I chant or do gongyo. Even becoming aware of when I am finishing, as they begin to stir and strectch and move around as soon as they hear me doing the long sansho daimoku to end my chanting. I have always taken very seriously the fact that Buddhism states that Bodhisattvas may appear in animal form to support and be near their Masters, and the Law.

                        Thanks for sharing that Hitman and VB!
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                          Ten Worlds

                          It is an interesting phenomena. We can always remember when our Buddhahood effects others in our environment, but we rarely remember when our other nine worlds effected others in our environemnt.

                          Many times we are not even aware we have effected other people with our ten worlds. A Buddha can not achieve the way without desiring for others to do the same. This is the life of the Buddha, as well as our own life. If we can appreciate life in the same way the Buddha appreciated his own life, and the lives of others, than we can understand this one fact of our lives are all intertwined.

                          When we effect other people with our ten worlds, we are making causes and conditions upon others lives. No different than gravity effects everyone.. Whether we underatand or ar aware of it or not, we make the causes and we reap the effects in our own life, as well as the lives of other's.

                          However, when we take responsibility for the effect we have on other's lives, we awaken our Boddhisattva nature, which in turn awakens our Buddha nature. The Buddha appears within our life for other's. Nichiren Daishonin states, " The voice does the Buddha's work" WND.

                          When we enslave other's we enslave our self. This is simply understanding Dependant Origination. The basic building block of life, as well as General Buddhist thought. All life comes and goes and is connected to all other life, never ceasing and never gaining. Like ocean tides that rise and fall within the ocean. No beginning and no perceived ending. This is called myo or mystical or " that which is understood between the minds of Buddha's" WND.

                          When we free other's we free oursleves. When we hurt other's we hurt our self. We we respect other's we respect our self. When we love other's we love our self, and vice versa!

                          Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is no more than a mirror that reflects what we feel and what we do to our self and other's.

                          The Gohonzon is the physical manifestation of the Ten Worlds and the Two Buddha's, with Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in the middle with the Ten Worlds swirling around; ever-changing just likje life;and the Wonderful Law of Cause and Effect touching all Ten Worlds bringing Nam Myoho Renge Kyo to the center of our life, which in turn brings the same to the lives of others.

                          Nichiren Daishonin isncribed the Gohonzon for alll mankind on October 12, 1279. Nichiren Daishonin writes, "I inscribe my life in sumi ink" Nichiren Daishonin manifested the great law of life from within his own life and revealed the Gohonzon for all mankind!

                          Nichiren Daishonin encourages each of us to do the same!

                          Just when we think no one is watching, we can see our self in the mirror called life!



                            Well saw you guys on the active thread list and thought I would drop by and give a hey to VegasBuddha & P-Doobie. Keep the positive vibes flowin' and I'll talk to you later. I need a nap.



                              From the Dictionary of Buddhism:

                              The ten worlds may be described as follows:

                              (1) The world of hell, Nichiren's 1273 treatise 'The Object of Devotion for Observing the Mind' states, "Rage is the world of hell". Hell indicates a condition in which living itself is misery and suffering, and in which, devoid of all freedom, one's anger and rage become a source of further self-destruction.

                              (2) The world of hungry spirits. Also called the world of hunger. A condition governed by endless desire for such things as food, profit, pleasure, power, recognition, or fame, in which one is never truly satisfied. ..."Greed is the world of hungry spirits."

                              (3) The world of animals. Also called the world of animality. It is a condition driven by instinct and lacking in reason, morality, or wisdom with which to control oneself. In this condition, one is ruled by the 'law of the jungle," standing in fear of the strong, but despising and preying upon those weaker than oneself ...."Foolishness is the world of animals".

                              The worlds of hell, hungry spirits, and animals are collectilvely known as the three evil paths.


                                VB, my profound friend! How wise you are!

                                "We can always remember when our Buddhahood effects others in our environment, but we rarely remember when our other nine worlds effected others in our environemnt." VegasBuddha

                                Thank you for making me think, and seek, and see so much. Who that will read this cannot correlate this to our own lives? I know hell. And the destruction of my own life when I let this condition influence me in thought, word, or deed.

                                The same is true of hunger and animality. As I said in our phone call the other day, the heartfelt pursuit of the Middle Way was something that was much more theoretical in my life rather than an actual focus of my daily life. And of course that is so much more difficult to actualize than to understand as a concept.

                                I keep coming back to your previous post that ¡§Compassion always precedes Wisdom.¡¨ Finding compassion for your own life is the only way to achieve the wisdom to comprehend the true impact of your thoughts words and deeds.

                                My gratitude is heartfelt! Thanks dude! I had no idea how pissed off I really had been. It seems the veil of these last few very difficult years is gradually lifting. Lots more to do, but I know the vehicle is no longer in park, when I had thought it just in neutral.

                                I may still be in the lower gears, but am moving forward. Now if I can just keep going and withstand the temptation to try and floor it to get into overdrive. Maybe I can keep from blowing my engine and needing another overhaul. Instead finishing the race, happy and delighted, without the need to win it as the measure of victory.

                                Thanks for seeing the best in me and responding in kind!

                                My sincerest prayers for the happiness of all my icmag brothers and sisters!