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    The portion of the 2nd chapter of the Lotus Sutra we recite during Gongyo

    Myo ho renge kyo.
    Hoben-pon. Dai ni.

    Niji seson. Ju sanmai. Anjo ni ki. Go shari-hotsu. Sho-but chi-e. Jinjin muryo. Go chi-e mon. Nange nannyu. Issai shomon. Hyaku-shi-butsu. Sho fu no chi. Sho-i sha ga. Butsu zo shingon. Hyaku sen man noku. Mushu sho butsu. Jin gyo sho-butsu. Muryo doho. Yumyo shojin. Myosho fu mon. Joju jinjin. Mi-zo-u ho. Zui gi sho setsu. Ishu nange . Shari-hotsu. Go ju jo-butsu irai. Shuju innen. Shuju hiyu. Ko en gonkyo. Mu shu hoben. Indo shujo. Ryo ri sho jaku. Sho-i sha ga. Nyorai hoben. Chi-ken hara-mitsu. Kai i gu-soku. Shari-hotsu. Nyorai chi-ken. Kodai jinnon. Muryo muge. Riki. Mu-sho-i. Zenjo. Gedas. Sanmai. Jin nyu musai. Joju issai. Mi-zo-u ho. Shari-hotsu. Nyorai no. Shuju fun-betsu. Gyo ses sho ho. Gon ji nyunan. Ekka shushin. Shari-hotsu. Shu yo gon shi. Muryo muhen. Mi-zo-u ho. Bus shitsu joju. Shi shari-hotsu. Fu shu bu setsu. Sho-i sha ga. Bus sho joju. Dai ichi ke-u. Nange shi ho. Yui butsu yo butsu. Nai no kujin. Shoho jisso.

    Sho-i shoho. Nyo ze so. Nyo ze sho. Nyo ze tai. Nyo ze riki. Nyo ze sa. Nyo ze in. Nyo ze en. Nyo ze ka. Nyo ze ho. Nyo ze honmak kukyo to.


      Just a thought. If something remains nameless, how can it be called or observed?

      If the Law of Life remains nameless than the way can not be opened for the many people of the evil age of Mappo, after the death of the Buddha.

      Nichiren Daishonin teaches there are two Gods scalled ame name and same birth, each follows you throughout your life reporting every action, both good and bad. This is called Karma.

      Nichiren Daishonin teaches "karma evaporates like morning dew on flowers in the first moments of sunrise. Through embracing the Wonderful Law of Life, called Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.

      Nichiren Daishonin also teaches, "all phenomena are no more than nam myoho renge kyo." All phenomena refers to the emptiness Shakyamuni Buddha expounded in the Lotus Sutra, the highest teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha.

      Shakyamuni Buddha expounds in the Lotus Sutra, "This is the King of Sutra's!"

      I have always been taught to follow the Buddha's highest teachings only. Only those teachings lead to true enlightenment in this life, just as we are,. Just lijke Shakyamuni Buddha expounded in the Devedatta Chapter of the Lotus regarding the Dragon King's daughter. Even Women and animals can become enlightened through the Lotus Sutra.

      Nam Myoho renge Kyo, The Law of Life now has a name.

      How are you doing Hitman?.



        I have a feeing that when I meet you guys Im gonna Huh? you to death. Watch it people these guys will shakubuku the hell out of you.



          More grins from listening to Blatant!


          Dave? Dave? Dave?

          Dave's not here!


            naming stops the flow

            The Tao is nameless, Like uncarved wood, As soon as it is carved there are names, Carve carefully , Along the grain
            (Medical Patient In Compliance)

            Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
            your bud

            Peace/ Be here now

            Babba's Farm L.L.C.

            The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


              Hi Everyone on IC.

              Hey Vegasbuddah PasstheDoobie Blatant That was very funny Blatant. I chanted right with Doobie, Vegas what you've been saying is very inspiring! You and Doobie must have been some amazing YMD members (Young Men's Division).

              Bubbaabud, you have to explain more about naming and the flow. You all lost me on that. Give what a name?

              I hope everyone's buds are very puffy and healthy. I am using EJ, Top max, and Big Bloom It's all new to me. Each time we learn more and get smoke too.

              PasstheDoobie , can you tell me more about your veg lights because the sound interesting and I need more light! I have to take a hit. <<<<Burns bright, holds in, exhales>>>>> ooooh its so good

              In Search of Earth's finest nuggets.


                Always lots of fun. I am using GH series along with Docs Grow and Bloom and Super Veg. It seems this trio along wiht a little fossil fuel and root juice and my nine day old clones have roots already in the drink. amazing.

                Blatant. You can huh as much as you want. smiling. As long as you chant nam myoho renge kyo the rest will come in time. It is like the Buddha said, plant your tree close to a larger tree, to gain shade and growth. Nichiren says, A bluefly can cling to a racehourse and travel thousands of miles. The wysteria can climb the mighty Pine.

                All things have a name. Even the original Buddha has a name. his name is Myoho Renge Kyo, thus Come One.

                The teachings of Buddhism teach that "Buddhism is daily life and daily is Buddhism", as well as "Buddhism is reason." It would be unreasonable to assume the greatest power in the universe remains nameless and formless.

                The reason for the Buddha's advent was his behaviour.




                  Is VB a bad mofo or what! Right on! Right on! And a very loud AAO! Thank you sir. Thank you , thank you, thank you!

                  It makes me happy to hear what you say. This is a GOOD thing.. People are encouraged. People are provoked and challenged. People are expressive. People are reflective.

                  People are Shakubuku'ed.

                  How cool!


                    We are all travelling along the path. Some more aware than others, notheless still travelling along the path.

                    "I have profound reverencew for you. I would never dare treat you with disparagement or arrogance. Why? Because are all prctciing the Bodhisattva Wayand are certain to attain Buddhahood." The Lotus Sutra Never Disparaging Chapter

                    I am not saying your understandoing oif the Ultimate Law of life as being nameles, but Shakyamuni Buddha teaches otherwise, as does Nichiren Daishonin. Nichiren Daishonin does teach of ichinen sanzen, not juts eternal life., just as Dengyo and Chi-i did in their hearts.

                    Eternal life is expressed in the Buddha's Behavour.

                    "Although I appear to enter extinction. I am always here!" Shakyamuni Buddha



                      Those who make offerings to the Lotus Sutra will receive the same benefit as they would by making offerings to all the Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the ten directions, because all the Buddhas of the ten directions originate from the single character myo. Suppose a lion has a hundred cubs. When the lion king sees its cubs attacked by other beasts or birds of prey, he roars; the hundred cubs will then feel emboldened, and the heads of those other beasts and birds of prey will be split into seven pieces. The Lotus Sutra is like the lion king, who rules over all other animals.

                      That's all Pat is saying. Right Pat?



                        and I don't think anyone has attitude, just because they have conviction. It seems someone would need to stay a stranger to something that is nameless. If you don't even know what it is called, how much could you know about what it actually is?

                        These are just questions. Pat has just been giving answers.



                          As Nivchiren Daishonin says, "It is the heart that is most important!"

                          As long as were are seeking the truth the Buddha will emerge from within our own life and allow us to manifest the truth from within our own loife to be manifest into action.

                          The purpose of the Buddha's appearance is his behavior. It is the Buddha's deepest desire to open the way for all living beings, just as it is for him. It is through our actions the Budddha appears and does not enter extinction.

                          As long as we manifest the compassion and wisdom of the Buddha we have entered the Buddha's Room, placed the Buddha's Robe upon our shoulders, and have taken a seat upon emptiness to expound this one great truth of life. Just as Shakyamuni Buddha did in Deer Park in 500 BC.



                            Seeking The Truth

                            A few months ago, our SGI-USA study group was studying about how to "seek the truth", from tjhe Gosho, "On Attaining Buddhaood." IN this Gosho Niciren encourages each of us to seek the truth within our own lives.

                            So the question was posed how do we seek the truth?

                            I mean we can't just go up to the grocery clerk and ask the grocery clerk to reveal to us the truth we are seeking. So we talked about the process of seeking the truth.

                            To seek the truth would have to be an internal function manifested externally. In order to manifest our inner desires we have only two options, our words and or actions.

                            Our words and our actions reflect all of our innermost thoughts, whether we want them to or not. Our words and our actions can reflect our truthful nature or it can reflect non-truthful nature, such as arrogance, hatred, and fear. All the later functions will drive our life-state into a negative direction; seeking the non-truth; if you will, while the former drives our life-state into a positive direction; seeking the truth; if you will.

                            Just some thoughts we shared at one of our SGI-USA Gosho study meetings regarding teh Gosho, "On Attaining Buddhahood"



                              the truth lies inside you

                              Hi everyone! It was a long weekend. I have been trying to think of something to add to VB's last post. I just spied it a few moments ago; It is the bi-line of the Basics of Buddhism by Pat Allright.

                              "If you wish to free yourself from the sufferings of birth and death you have endured through eternity and attain supreme enlightenment in this lifetime, you must awaken to the mystic truth which has always been within your life" Nichiren Daishonin

                              The Truth is that we each have the potential of enlightenment / Buddhahood within our lives. This Buddha state, the highest of the ten states, is characterized by boundless wisdom and infinite compassion. It is achieved through the Bodhisattva practice, the ninth of the ten states. This state is characterized by compassion in which one dedicates oneself to saving others.

                              In the current time of mappo, the Latter Day of the Law, the correct practice to achieve enlightenment as Bodhisattvas of the Earth, is teaching to all that will listen, the great law of Myoho Renge Kyo. As the Daishonin further states:

                              "While deluded one is called a common mortal. but once enlightened he is called a Buddha....Nam Myoho Renge Kyo."



                                Yes. The real struggle is how to we take this understanding of Buddhaood; one of the ten realms of existence; and manifest this greatness throughout the other nine world or realms of existence.

                                These ten worlds consist of Hell from the Lowest and Buddhaood to the Highest. The first four worlds are referred to as the Lower Worlds, they are Hell, Hunger, Anger, Animality. The other six worlds are referred to as the Noble Worlds They are Humanity. Realization, Rapture Learning, Absorption, Bohdisattva, and Buddhahood. These worlds or ralms are not linear in any fashion, but are all inter-connected constantly yhrough our thoughts, words, and actions.

                                Our individual struggle is how do we manifest our Buddhaood through our thoughts, words, and deeds all the same and coherently. The later two are quite easy. Practice for Others, as PTD pointed out. But the former is much more difficult.

                                In my opinion, if one is to seek, one must seek the truth the truth from within their own life, that means to me to be brutually honest with oneself about oneself. Our own successes and failures, taking full responsibility, observing exactly where the fauilure lay to be corrected and manifest into success within our own life. Not others lives.

                                I personally accomplish this through my thoughts of others. I constantly observe my own thoughts about others, as well as my thoughts about myself. I constantly ask myself, Am I being to hard on myself or others or too easy? Could I have done more or done better both for myself and others? Am I doing enough by my own standards of humanity for both myself and others?

                                I constantly ask myself these and many more questions, as well as cautioning myself against poor judgemental thoughts of others and myself; i.e. weight, looks, appearance, life-style and so forth.

                                I find it difficult to expect someone to like others when they do not like themself. I believe we have to learn to appreciate and love ourselves, before we can even begin to appreciate and love others. We can say so with perhaps our words, and maybe and actions, but can we do so with all three,;our thoughts, words, and actions? All three working together as one function called a Caused Awakened One or a Buddha or revealing our own Buddhahood within the nine worlds of reality called life!

                                This is what Nichhiren Daishonin did. He states, "It is the heart that is most important!" WND