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    Ouch! Too much fire and brimstone? Sorry if I get carried away. I assume I should say things as I see them and I see them with a conviction. I never ever want to offend anyone. I am sorry if I may ever do so without meaning to. I am back, if anyone wants to call me. Thomas


      Quite a "Magical Mystery Tour" indeed!

      SG, "We are waiting to take you away......" You are so encouraging girl. Keep it going and keep posting. What you are sharing here from your experience ('the light is on...') gets me so excited about practicing with more and more determination. (remember, 'The 8 Winds')for me? Thanks for that and taking the time to put everything down here for all to see.

      Bog, I loved the king/dog story. Your insights into the philosophy of life is very enlightening. I admire the path you have taken from such a young age. You are such a truth seeker and that I believe is how you have found Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The key I believe is to just continue to try chanting and add this practice to what you are allready doing. This Buddhism is all about 'actual proof'. And if you try this sincerely, you will see the proof appear exactly as it should in your life.

      PTD, I don't think it too much 'fire an brimstone'. I admire you also Dude for the time and serious contemplation you put into your posts. It is such a constant daily rush of reminding us why we practice this Nichiren Buddhism. Hope your jet lag is short and stay healthy.

      I was like out of touch for a couple days, didn't chant too much but reading 2 pages of posts here on this thread is what I needed today. Thanks!

      from the Gosho (letter by Nichiren Daishonin) On Prayer

      ....And yet, though one might point at the earth and miss it, though one might bind up the sky, though the tides might cease to ebb and flow and the sun rise in the west, it could never come about that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra would go unanswered. If the bodhisattvas, the human and heavenly beings, the eight kinds of nonhuman beings, the two 30 31 sages, the two heavenly deities, and the ten demon daughters would by some unlikely chance fail to appear and protect the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, then above them they would be showing disdain for Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas, and below they would be guilty of deceiving the beings 32 of the nine realms. It makes no difference if the practitioner himself is lacking in worth, defective in wisdom, impure in his person, and lacking in virtue derived from observing the precepts. So long as he chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, they will invariably protect him. One does not throw away gold because the bag that holds it is dirty; one does not ignore the sandalwood trees because of the foul odor of the eranda trees around them; and one does not refuse to gather lotuses because the pond in the valley where they grow is not clean. If they ignore the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, they will be going against their vow. Now that the Former and Middle Days of the Law are over, persons who observe the precepts are as rare as tigers.


        Thank God the Weekend is OVER!

        I cannot tell you how spoiled I'm getting to 3 days a week. I scheduled a little overtime right before christmas for the obvious and dreading it. I'm liking these new life determinations.

        SoCal! Buddy I stay in the 8 winds. Until I started chanting, my father would tell me if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all. But I am very spontaneous and for the moment kind of person and without focus or direction that can be dangerous! I love to talk to you guys and always look forward to coming here and am always disappointed when noone has written anything for the day. I believe totally that there is a purpose for us all being here right now and what I share with you may be part of my purpose. And I'm in a very strange mode right now. I cannot express really what is going on right now or how I feel and you guys are the closest I know that I can even share with right now It is exciting and you have to have someone to share with. So that is not a problem, however, I don't hear anybody else trials and tribulations.

        PTD, I totally missed that you wrote you were on your way home. I was wondering what was going on with your plans as far as coming back.

        GordyP-Whats up Dude! Haven't seen you in days.

        Take Care! Southern Girl


          Fire and Brimstone? Should I feel Chastised then? I don't because when you speak you show your convictions TOM. I have never heard you say anything but what you feel would be best. You are a remarkable teacher TOM and perhaps this is the answer I have sought. In the Aquarian Gospel the word of power is spoken of but never spoken aloud and they called themselves, "the brotherhood of silence".

          You all probably should know the truth about where Jesus was coming from. Remember that he never claimed to be GOD and that he prayed to Father. We are all men deluded by some things in our experience but great masters see what is important. Great masters had power to heal and to work miracles. A true prophet is one who is always right not just usually.

          All that aside I am not defending Jesus except as a misunderstood teacher that I respect. My ignorance of many things will soon be dispelled I am sure but the things I know will be the same. The things I think could change.

          I already see the power of the chant as a positive self affirmation but what do these chants really mean? Is there a certain best way to chant? My wife and I sing it together 3 times then say, "OMMM". Don't ask me why but it just feels good.

          I do believe in the power of faith. Faith healers depend on your belief in them or GOD or whatever power. I see no need for a person GOD throwing lightning bolts down from heaven but this is a childrens version of the truth.

          Most people have problem with some concepts we find entertaining to try and understand but they aren't all that complicated really. We can figure it all out but is the goal to be powerful? To harness a super power?

          If you believe in yourself many things seem to work out in your favor. You see quitters never win and winners never quit. Am I confusing you? Well I am in my second joint and my mind does romp around some.

          We are chanting and I will read whatever you send me TOM. Fair enough? All I ask is the time to understand each other fully. To everyone here I ask for your patience and understanding. I have many problems that limit me but with a little help from my friends the only thing that matters to me will happen.

          I fear however that if I am ever allowed back into that place that I shall never return. The Ectasy is rapturous and beyond my ability to communicate. There is a heaven but its so good you really should wait until last to experience it.

          I have a tip for you all..."You will reach enlightenment when you die". That's really soon enough. :p BOG

          As we age we tend to lose desire naturally so it gets easier...
          BushyOldGrower Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
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            So after I realized that I couldnt write down all the concepts learned in my "nirvana" I, what to do then? I had a sort of vision that a wonderful future awaited me and that it involved a few things.

            1. I would never die and likely none of us ever do.

            2. That I was saved and that I had a mission on Earth but that my ministry would be after the year 2000. I saw my future and it seemed incredible to me that I would be where I am now. A pot guru?

            3. I realized that all that seemed far fetched and that there was nothing really to do but work. That what I now knew really changed nothing because life is simple. The rewards in life are our families and the love of our children, spouses, brothers and sisters and our pets. That my treasure was my girlfriend and the family I would have.

            To me having a best friend to share my life with was my goal. I committed to my wife for life and I hope we get some more time together.

            What do I consider my ministry? It is a very simple philosophy really. I believe in karma and the eternal spiritual energy within us all.

            My GOD isnt a guy on a throne but more like TOM mentioned. Gravity. Like Gravity GOD to me is an energy wave of love that propagates life. In my vision I saw the earth thickly coated in greenery. The life force so prevalent on this planet is a huge and powerful but tiny portion of what I call GOD.

            We are all part of this universe. The universe is one. We are one I tell you.

            It doesn't matter who said the truth. Sometimes it just needs to be said.

            GOOD NEWS! We all have time enough for love...we never end. BOG
            BushyOldGrower Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
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              HI all

              I am yet another soul who has found faith in the truth.

              I've been a part timr student of philosophy with my dad for a long time. I have read quite a few books on eastern philosophy and shared many disscussions. Bog's story about the dog and the king comes from the end of the book called the baghavad gita. Not the short chapter version but an old 2000 page english copy from the 60/s that I got at a hindu place in seattle. this was a really great story of kings and magicians and monks from possibly as long ago as 8000 years.Some people might be very familiar with the gita story of arjuna's enlightenment with krishna which occurs in a split second during the great battle of good verses evil that is so beautifully told. Many books have been written on just that small part of the story. but arjuna had brothers and one was older and the most just and he was the king of Bogs tale. Many many great adventures in their families lives were told in this one of the great hindu epics of old.

              IM not huge on chanting as much as im into mantra's

              my manrta is this: the GAYATRI (hindu) ..."We meditate on the glory of that being who has produced this universe; may he enlighten our minds."
              Part of raja-yoga and can be found in the complete works of Swami Vivekenanda. This mantra repeated mentally is a great source of comfort to me. the length of the sentence keeps me focused as repeating this verse can be hard to do at first. But, thats the point. through mental affort I am able to meditate and in the process free myself from many of the endless thought bubbles which float up from the mind. when i meditate and a thought bubble comes up (such as get a pizza) I pop it. by realizing that its just a mental distraction or desire I pop it and it doesnt plague me for a while. then when im done meditating I know if i want the pizza or not. not just endlesss mental debating.

              I am rambling a bit

              I have found through my own studies that one book is not always as good a translation as another book and that each person might not get things from a book thats services many others. Knowing this helps us keep our books at a distance.. I want to be buddhist not just have buddhist books.

              the kalama suta says things about this.

              it goes something like this. : dont believe what people tell you is truth dont buy into people saying its a certain book or a certain way of being. but instead find within yourself that which is true just and wholesome, and when you do embrace it and hold it high in your heart because it is your truth

              heres a short tale of enlightenment:

              the buddha was teaching his monks
              outside the mentally hadicapped guy was sweeping and cleaning up after all the monks. everyone was respectful of him especially the buddha but some monks liked that he was descriminated against, they felt better than him. now the guy would do his duties and then sit under the window and hear the masters lessons. One day he heard a very simple teaching that had brought many monks into enlightenment before and it worked for him. He was overjoyed and humbled. he rarely understood a lot of the teachings due to their complexity but he got this one just as many had before. he was enlightened and this meant he should be respected for it someday he might be a teacher. so of course the monks wanted to prove he hadn't got it so they brought him to the buddha and it was so obvious to him that the man was enlightened that the monks were ashamed of their being wrong and conceited. They learned much that day towards their own enlightenment. the buddha used the situation as a catalyst to the other monks minds to say (look its not that you guys arent smart....It's that you all think too much to see the truth right in front of you.)

              I should read this thread more carefully before I go on too much but I just wanted to let my ranting out lol...

              peace and happines to all

              BOG Seeds


                Mr Bog! Wow!

                I'm Ok with all that you said however, I think you miss the point of why we chant NamMyoHoRengeKyo. YOu continue to mention about us not dying. We don't! We don't strive to reach enligtenment in death, we strive to reach enlightenment in life. It is to be solid and resolute in daily life that you cannot be swayed from all the challenges and trials and tribulations. About recieving support from the universe to be in the right place at the right time to see the right person etc. It is not Zen! Personal Desires equal enligtenment. How you are in this life determines the existence of the next. So I don't put focus on the after life. I know that some people I travel with now, I will also travel with afterwards. But I have to get this right first.
                You say NamMyohoRengeKyo over and over and over until you get a rhythm with it. And I think that chanting is saying a mantra over and over. NamMyohoRengeKyo is a phrase that is the Universal Law. All teachings are encompassed in this. You can manifest anything into your life with this. The enlightenment comes with the changes you have to make in yourself in thought, word and deed to achieve or acquire those things in life you chant for. Attitude of Gratitude!
                Its all about now and sharing the same for others to have. It is not esoteric or some incredible thought that comes with a high. IT IS LIVING IT NOW! And so we show with our life through our actions that which we manifest through chanting NamMyoHoRengeKyo. You can not debate this with one who is a believer of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. We have done it, we have been shown actual proof , we manifest from all part of the world to the IC to encourage one another. It is powerful! So all we can say is try it. And see if it works for you. Southern Girl


                  We are both going back to read this entire thread. Glad you joined us GP.

                  Southern Girl that is why I was asking what the chant means and how to do it. Perhaps it has all been gone over previously but we are late joiners.

                  Of course ideas have evolved in religion and philosophy in totally different realms with the old beliefs of many gods to the belief in one god and finally some believe in no god.

                  It all depends on your defination of god but on one thing we do agree. Nothing ever ends. Karma is cause and effect and we do live in the present.

                  Many experiences await us in our journey and we all have our own goals. Hopefully we will help each other find what each of us needs.

                  How much do you chant a day? How often do you chant... how you sing it then? Should a chant be focused on a thing or thought or problem or...oh well. I will go read this all and then try to remember it. Wish me luck. BOG

                  And thanks for your answers...
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                    This is a good part I just found. I guess I became a bodisattva at age 15. BOG

                    Our Eternal Ten Worlds are inter-connected to the Great Law of Life itself, called Myoho Renge Kyo, Thus Come One. The Great Buddha of All life itself. We all are connected to this One Great Buddha and each other through this One Law of Life called myoho renge kyo. When we chant with the understanding our life is not just one life, but is inter-connected with all life, than we can we realize our Vow to save All living beings; The Four Debts of gratitude. The most basic teaching of Buddhism.

                    The debt of gratitude owed to All living Beings, The debt of gratitude owed to our mother and father, the debt of gratitude owed to our teacher, and the debt of gratitude owed to our sovereign.



                    08-08-2004, 03:58 AM #68
                    Bodhisattva of the Earth

                    Join Date: Jul 2004
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                    Posts: 358 For those of you who don't know it, that was about the most outstanding short explaination of the REALITY of the Mutual Possession of the Ten Worlds that one will likely hear in their lifetime. As ususal, all I can do is reread the fucking post a few times and say, "Damn Pat!!! That was a NAIL!!!"

                    Thank you from somewhere in SouthEast Asia....

                    I just rolled about a third of the World away from everybody.

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                    08-09-2004, 12:50 PM #69

                    Posts: n/a The Ten Factors


                    "The true aspect of all phenomena can only be understood and shared between Buddhas. This reality consists of the appearance, nature, entity, power, influence, internal cause, relation, latent effect, manifest effect, and their consistency from beginning to end."

                    These Ten factors; which we recite three times twice daily in gongyo; are in essence our "Self" functioning from moment to moment.

                    Our appearance changes from moment, reflecting our thoughts words, and actions. Our nature changes from moment to moment as well based on our thoughts words and actions. However our entity is consistant but influenced by our other factors from moment to moment. Our power and influence are self-explanatory.

                    Our internal cause, relation, latent effect and manifest effect, are no more than our mind and our Karma, the oneness of the person and the law. Their consistancy from beginning to end indicates the eteranl nature of our "Self".

                    These Ten factors are manifest within our "Ten Worlds" called "Self" These ten factors are highly influenced by outside forces as well as internal forces, like water in a container.

                    The water can heated, cooled, re-shaped, re-formed, vaporized, and on and on. In the end it is still just water in a container. That is how I life functions from moment to moment. The form our water or "self" tqakes on from moment to moment is influenced by external factors and forces, internal forces, internal causes and aeffects, as well as external causes and effects.

                    Our "Self" or Ten Worlds can be thought of as our Little Ego, while our latent "Self" Or Eternal Ten Worlds van be thought of as our Big Ego. Our Little Ego for "self" norrmally leads the way in life, while our Big Ego or "Latent Self" for others follows obediently. We possess the ability to allow our Big Ego to lead our little Ego instead of the other way around. We can accommpllish this by manifesting compasssion for others.

                    Each moment of our life we posses the ability to perform both good or evil in thoughts, words, and actions. Our ability to be influenced by either of these two directions is based on our big ego and little ego. From moment to m oment eah is infleunced by the other, as well as our inherent Buddhahood. One is called deliission, the other is called enlithenment.

                    These two states of delussion or enlightenment effect our eight consciousnesses. Our five senses; site, sound, taste, smell, and touch, form our physical "self" while our mind is just that our mind. The five senses are the five consciousnesses, the mind is the six , and the sub-conscious is our seventh consciousnes, our eighth consciousness is our karma, and the ninth is our buddhahood or just Myoho Renge Kyo.

                    Myoho Renge Kyo resides at the very center of "Self" as we know ourself both physically and mentally, effecting all eight consciousnesses. Our outer shell or the fifth, sixth, and seventh consciousnesses effect our external environment as well as our internal environment.

                    However, we possess the ability to "chamge" our karma; or our internal environement; as well as our external environment through embracing the Wonderful Law of Cause and Effect with our Very life; Myoho renge Kyo. The ninth consciousness, or our Eternal Ten Worlds Storehouse , or Myoho Remge Kyo, Thus Come One, Our Buddha; we can receive all the benefits oif all the Buddhas of the three existences and the ten directions, and these benefits we can shower both our internal and external environments simultaneously.

                    This is called Buddhahood or revealing our enlightened state of life we have possessed since before time began. Our Eternal Buddha. It is this Buddha that vowed practice Boddhisattve practices in the evil age after the Buddha's pasising, to save all living beings, and be equal to Shakyamuni Buddha, just as he desired in the Lotus Sutra.

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                      The alien had telepathy with me in a Kresge store in Birmingham Michigan when i was about 7. He started by telling me not to be afraid then he told me he was from another planet and that 1 million of his kind were on the earth to help us. He looked like a normal guy and I guess he saw that I would hear him somehow.

                      Am I an alien? BOG
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                        Message From Thomas

                        Hey Mr. Bog,
                        I spoke with Tommy today. He ask that I relay the message that he got the calender and loved it. Will be in touch with you very soon. (Trying to figure out what I have to do to get that also ) He is in the middle of moving everything to storage, where he will be in Asia for the winter. However, his 50 year old basketball knee has failed him and ask for all daimoku his way.

                        SoCAl if you would like to go down for the weekend that would be great! Seems when he was lifting a box he popped it. Gets the truck on Sunday.

                        In response to your writing Bog, Remember where Jesus got alot of the teachings that he brought back to modernize judism. And I never function from the straight standpoint of Buddhism. I think it is the collection of teachings and thoughts that have come together for me that made me who I am and brought me where I am. That does not mean that I or you have to tearn your back and all that brought you to this space. It is all those experiences that brought you here. So I always appreciate your input and thoughts.
                        As far as chanting, it is very individual. I use to do collectively about 3 hours a day and I think that is where PTD is now. But everyone contributes to it what they think there live and situations need. Sometimes it is done just for the peace of doing it. A specific problem, situation or need. For anothers dilemma. Every single thing that you would do a prayer for.
                        The traditional practice was Gongyo (set of prayers) done every am and pm. The diamoku is the repetition of NamMyoHORengeKyo, and is done for any and all of the above personal prayers.
                        I personally have returned and and I started out with just one Gongyo a day. I find that I chant in my head when I'm going to sleep, driving my car, at work, especially if I'm doing something invasive to another person. But when I enjoy chanting the most is when I'm alone at home, in the evening, have candles, incense, fireplace going dimmed lights and it is just me and the gohonzon. I use to go early in the am to the beach and chant when the sun came up.
                        So the answer to your question is when and where it best suits you. And about whatever problem or desire you need to think through. It becomes your best friend. I will look up the exact meaning of the words of NamMyohoRengeKyo for you today and put them in here.

                        NattyNattyGurrl, I have something to send you from PTD. You need to PM me an appropriate address to send to it to you sweet gurrl.

                        As always I enjoy talking to you all. Hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving! I cooked mine today for the kids since I have to work tomorrow. But it is double time and I don't have to do the family thing ha ha Love to you all and very happy to meet you GrapePunch! Southern Girl


                          Boy I need to reread for my typos!

                          Hope you guys could read through that one. Guess I better not partake too much before getting on here! ha ha But hopefully you got the jest! Love,SG


                            Happy Thanksgiving Day!

                            Hey Y'all

                            Some interesting reading since my last post. I'm gaining wisdom in not only in the practice of Nichiren Buddhism, but Christianity and some Hinduism as well. I welcome these views, observations, and beliefs. It's my belief there is much wisdom to be gained in the knowledge of all major religions. In the one or two thousand years since their creation, there've been some big-time wars fought, immense resources used, and millions (if not billions) of people killed in the defense and proliferation of them. There's got to be some good shit in all this for so many to sacrifice so much, right? I want to know more about what all this good shit's about. One obvious common thread that, by doctrine, ties them all together (including Buddhist practices) is their goal to benefit people and to nourish the human spirit, sometimes in very different ways. It's for this reason we must learn to respect and appreciate the value of major religious traditions here on earth. Lots of eerie and unpredictable similarities in many sacred traditions and beliefs around the globe, huh.

                            So much for beliefs. Now let me talk a little about my observations since I began chanting nam myoho renge kyo. Nam myoho renge kyo, those ancient words that define the essence of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, the supreme sutra in Nichiren Buddhism. I have observed others and myself chant for unlikely material good fortune, and receive it. I have observed others and myself caught in negative/dangerous situations who have chanted for a change and been delivered safely on their feet (sometimes as fast as a hurricane, right Southern Girl?). I've observed old friends who now live halfway around the world from each other, miraculously reunited through causes created and chanted for. In short, I've observed enough on my own, and heard more of the same from people I truly trust, to understand the wisdom of using nam myoho renge kyo. Use it. Use it whether you believe you understand everything about doctrine and traditions or if you believe you know nothing of these things. Use it. It works. If you call yourself Islamic, Christian, Hindu, whatever . . . use it. Then tell us all about your observations.

                            Sorry for not posting for so long. Been in a little funk since wrapping up the details for my new full-time superjob. You'd think I'd be on cloud nine and I am from time to time, but I've also got this inner voice asking me, "OK, now what?". Now that you've again demonstrated the shear energy of chanting to yourself, what's next on your list? Do you now devote yourself to chanting for only lofty ideals (world peace, no hunger, etc..), or continue to chant for a few not-so-lofty personal causes (like staying safe in traffic or being the "hero" at work). Well, I've got that worked out for me and my situation now, thanks to an unexpected personal message from S.G. and a lesson on the delusions of guilt. Unwittingly, I had created a cause to guide me in my chanting, I told no one of this problem with my "chanting ethics", and a few days later the answer to my cause comes to me from Southern Girl's message (Thanks, Gal!). Create the cause, receive the effect . . . mystic law. Okay then.

                            PTDoobie asked me to convey his apologies for not posting in awhile. He's kinda tied up with finding new digs in the States and dealing with a bum wheel at the same time. He did say his knee feels a lot better, though it's still weak and he's wearing a brace on it for now. I'll let him tell you the accupressure story. I think the dust has settled a bit and we'll be hearing more of his exploits soon, though.

                            Keep Em Green and Growin' (and Happy Thanksgiving!)

                            Find the good, and praise it


                              busy busy?

                              hello everyone, I can see we slow down a little bit here, I guess we all have a busy week ? PTD is my hero! he is doing ALL the work in Pasadena with a broken knee,thank you SOOOO much my lover.
                              and GordyP, there is always something for you to chant about, but if you realy realy can't think of anything, that means you are realy HAPPY, so very good for you! (maybe you can help out PTD's knee
                              and thank you SG, my face is getting a lot better, just give me couple more month, I will send you a picture of me and my kids, maybe my husband too ( if he can make it :wink: )
                              Mr. Bog, thank you for the calender, PTD said its beautiful thank you very much, I will put it in our new place, hope we can find a place soon in Vancouver and its good to have a friend there already
                              twice a year is our busy season May and December, (I am in retail business) and all I want is a good night sleep,( there goes another one you can chant for me GordyP ) I love you guys and I will try to keep up with you all
                              take care



                                They Shoot Horses, don't they?

                                stonegirl, stonegirl, stonegirl,

                                Which way to go with this; there are so many possible directions!

                                Wit and charm now added to the book on you. I love it! It's easy to see how you stole PTDoobie's heart so many years ago. The sarcastic jabs you throw have me rolling with laughter, especially as I try to imagine PTD's face as he reads your message here. You are the classic "female of our species", as Mr. Kipling described in an earlier post of mine. :p You know of course, between doing ALL that work in Pasadena and tending to a broken knee, PTD probably won't have time or strength to catch up on the thread and respond for awhile now. Hopefully he'll be able to hop back to you on one leg to be in those family pics you spoke of.

                                I've now got you both down on my list of causes to chant for:
                                1) a quickly healing knee for PTDoobie
                                2) a good night's sleep for stonegirl
                                I feel like Santa Claus (or the Sand Man) here!

                                My very best to you as you hold the household together while the work season is heavy and your husband is away. Find some happy time for yourself and keep sharing those witty pokes; keeps us alert and on our toes .

                                Good knees and good sleep to us all!

                                Find the good, and praise it