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    a.k.a. Bob Ewell

    Spank the monkey?

    WHAT KIND OF MAN ARE YOUUUU! Ya got chill'in of ya'own!
    Find the good, and praise it


      Thoughts and comments appreciated!

      A wise and respected friend PM'ed me this and then gave permission to share it which I will do now with great pleasure. We wish to know each other better, and as a starting point, he has made these comments to me...(paraphrased to a small degree)

      "I realize that I have far to go but my final result is not in question nor is yours. But, why did we come to earth? Look to your parentage to see a clue. Who are they and why did you choose to be born to them? What would they give you as parents and what would they enable you to do with your life?

      We both have much to learn and to teach and this avenue is one of the strange ways the spirit if life and evolution works. Spiritual and physical evolution is not an option. We never learn but we do evolve. The future is very bright but bleek times may come soon. Despite the strife of the world herbs provide relief and comfort as well as true healing. Opening the world of alternative medicine and spirituality through meditation is my goal.

      In todays youth a horrible nazi-like attitude has grown again. World peace is on the brink of chaos due to fear and ignorance. Will this ever end? I am troubled greatly by the strife and suffering I see in the world and even though I know that all is as it should be I cry a lot when I see things that make me feel the same delusions most people suffer from. Calling someone evil.

      I appreciate any help you can give me in my quest to re-enter the temple of energy I once visited. Perhaps I somehow went astray and didn't keep meditating as I should have. Perhaps enlightenment of a first stage satisfied me for all these years but I try and I get to the entrance of the temple of energy (love) but I cannot enter."

      Thank you my deep and soulful kenzoku-myo! (mystic principle of relationship)

      Any help I may offer is the same as you might offer meeting any fellow traveler. My understanding of the destination or the travails in getting there make me no more likely to arrive safety than you. Two together are better than one going it alone. That is why we find ourselves with others. It is our good fortune from the seeking. It is not by accident, nor is there merit innate within longevity along the path.

      A moment is the only thing that separates the sharing of experience and understanding. It is to be passed along freely and without reservation by all whom come to desire to reveal it once more. Were it not for such a preexisting connection, we could not have this conversation, as we would lack the fortune to manifest it.

      The fortune to be able to discuss and embrace the merit of the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra is simply beyond the comprehension of common mortals according to the Buddhas that have perceived the true entity of all phenomena. Make one thing clear: The Buddha's will is 'kosen-rufu' (world peace). It will occur with or without any of us as individuals.

      Our happiness in this and future lifetimes, the ability to profoundly impact the lives of others with joyful compassion; is what is at stake and what we have to gain from these efforts. Though we seek to selflessly serve the Law, the 'good-fortune' outflow back into our lives is a current we can never catch up with. You can never repay your debt of gratitude. No matter how much you wish to serve, the response of the karmic law is that YOU are served tenfold more!

      In spite of this we become lethargic! We become passive and permissive and forget our repeated promises. However, this is the lot of a common mortal, the cause of our suffering, and why the cycle is perpetuated. The universe is not shocked or judgmental. The Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the True Buddha or kuonganjo-no-jijuyushin, Buddha of beginningless time.

      The mercy of this Buddha is infinite.

      When at the entrance of the Temple of Energy, try replacing 'love' with 'respect and compassion'! See if that gets you past those temple security guards! THANK YOU! That's all for now, but I have much more to say in response. Just not enough time to type it!



        Greetings from Cowtown

        Hello to All,
        I guess I was asleep when all the other typing was going on. I couldn't believe all the entrys. That is exciting!
        First, so glad to hear Stonegirl and Doobies are fine. However, I'm a little concerned. Is Baby sister included in THE DOOBIES?

        And I don't care what anybody says. I did not come from no fucking monkey. Piece of dirt, tinkerbell.......whatever you want but not a monkey! Time as no beginning and no end, and that is as far as I ponder that one. Because I CANNOT be from a monkey.

        That note you shared was really great. I hope they will be more willing to contribute to all. Sounds like someone to stimulate the thought process. I truly enjoyed that.

        PTD & GordyP,
        I'm looking forward to your basketball games in here. Could be enlightening.

        Love to all of you,
        Southern Girl


          No Monkey's for S.G.

          No Gal, I'm convinced you descended from pieces of the bright side of the moon which fell to Earth a billion years ago, combined with a little bit of tinkerbell's fairy dust.

          I'm fairly certain I descended from a long lineage of the dog family, but created some really bad karma for myself and back-slid back into a damn human being in this lifetime as punishment.

          On overcoming obstacles and bringing about change:

          "When we conceptually relate to something, we are capable of looking at one phenomenen from many different angles. And this capacity of looking at things from different angles is quite selective for each of us; we can focus on a particular angle, a particular aspect of that phenomenon, and adopt a particular perspective. this capacity becomes very important when we seek to identify and eliminate certain negative aspects of ourselves or enhance positive traits. Because of this capacity to adopt a different perspective, we can isolate parts of ourselves that we seek to eliminate and do battle with them. These negative traits are called Nyom Mong in Tibetan, or Klesha in Sanskrit. The term literally means 'that which afflicts from within'. It is often translated as 'delusions'. To overcome them is a question that directly relates to the whole idea of whether it is possible to attain the full realization of our spiritual potential. And that is a vey serious and difficult question."
          Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness the Dalai Lama

          Use the power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo to battle your personal Klesha, or delusions. What greater ally can be found?

          Find the good, and praise it


            an answer to a question of why we are born here on earth

            "But, why did we come to earth? Look to your parentage to see a clue. Who are they and why did you choose to be born to them? What would they give you as parents and what would they enable you to do with your life?"

            We are born because of each other! (And Gordy, it's not a three or a ten!)

            dependent origination: Also, dependent causation or conditioned CO-arising. A Buddhist doctrine expressing the interdependence of all things. It teaches that no beings or phenomena exist on their own; they exist or occur because of their relationship with other beings and phenomena. Everything in the world comes into existence in response to causes and conditions. That is, nothing can exist independent of other things or arise in isolation. The doctrine of the twelve linked chain of causation is a well-known illustration of this idea.

            twelve linked chain of causation: Also, twelve 'nidanas' or twelve-linked chain of dependent origination. An early doctrine of Buddhism showing the causal relationship between ignorance and suffering. The Sanskrit word 'nidana' means cause or cause of existence. Shakyamuni is said to have taught the twelve-linked chain of causation in answer to the question of why people have to experience the sufferings of aging and death. Each link in the chain is a cause that leads to the next. The first link in the chain is ignorance (Skt 'avidya'), which gives rise to (2) action ('samskara') (also, volition or karmic action); (3) action causes consciousness ('vijnana'), or the function to discern; (4) consciousness causes name and form ('nama-rupa'), or spiritual and material objects of discernment; (5) name and form cause the six sense organs ('shad-ayatana'); (6) the six sense organs cause contact ('sparsha); (7) contact causes sensation ('vedana'); (8) sensation causes desire ('trishna'); (9) desire causes attachment ('upadana'); (10) attachment causes existence ('bhava'); (11) existence causes birth ('jati'); and (12) birth causes aging and death ('jara-marana')

            The twelve-linked chain of causation is seen in two ways: From the way of transmigration, and the way of emancipation. From the viewpoint of the way of transmigration, ignorance gives rise to action, action causes consciousness, etc.; finally, birth causes aging and death as explained above. Thus one is caught in the cycle of delusion and suffering. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of the way of emancipation, if ignorance is wiped out, so is action; if action is wiped out, so is consciousness, etc.; finally, if birth is wiped out, so are aging and suffering. In short, if one eliminates ignorance, which is the source of suffering, one becomes free from the cycle of delusion and suffering, or attains nirvana.

            'The Great Commentary on the Abhidharma,' a text of the Sarvastivada school, views the twelve-linked chain of causation as operating over the three existences of life, meaning ones past, present and future existences. (1) Ignorance and (2) action are together interpreted as the causes created in a past life; (3) consciousness through (7) sensation, as the effects manifest in the present life; (8) desire through (10) existence, as the causes created in the present life; and (11) birth and (12) aging and death, as the effects manifest in the next life. Aging and death in this life are thus the results of causes formed in a previous life.

            Definitions from 'Dictionary of Buddhism'


              So Cal Hippy

              So where and when would be a good time and place for us to have our meeting? Maybe we need to start coordinating our chanting.
              Guess everyone is busy with life right now.
     glad all worked out for you. We all seem to be in rhythm right now.
              Doobie.....I'm SURE you will know what your next step is
              GordyP....has that job right around the corner...maybe today!
              Hope you all have a great day! SG


                hi all

                Gawd damn,

                I'm busy for 2 days and come here and like you SG, it's like 'how do I catch up???'

                Loved your 'sincere response' awhile back; I'm under that umbrella with ya.

                Vinnie Barbarino on Welcome Back Kotter? Nope never watched that show and as I replied to Gordy, I must have been partying too much during that time it was on.

                Ha! Answer: Daisaku Ikeda! ??? (don't get it) Life force and devotion is what I also aspire for. Seems aspiration sometimes is all that is there. I do want to become a 'magnet'! Had to cut-paste and copy that answer PTD, pretty awesome.

                Gordy, I feel for ya "with all this shit bouncing around between my ears"---I am no " science-biased engineer as you are but as you seek and continue to chant, all questions/doubts will be answered, guaranteed. Keep on truckin. I'm glad you got PTD to 'kick your midwest ass' and he's diggin it in that regard.

                Great to hear "The stonegirls and Doobie Brothers are fine" (I think stonegirl(s) means the princess too, SG

                monkeys....tinkerbell.....hmmm , I'm a little lost there. That is as far as I got, gtg...and catch up later.



                  Well SHHEEIITTT!

                  Thanks for all them prayers there folks! That event stonegirl was so worried about that got resceduled got massive air play.


                  She was trying to hype the pending release for sale of a $15,000 piece of jewelry that they will only have 20 of. The media coverage was sooo intense they have received well over a hundred inquiries. They are projecting a sell-out within 10 minutes of their release for sale!

                  The difference was the media event and the difference was it being rescheduled when it was an impossibility to do so.

                  I know I chanted for four hours about it and alot of other stuff on Sunday. Whatever any of y'all threw in for good measure, was certainly a fine brew! I love seeing everyone seeing actual proof!

                  Anyone else got any good news?



                    It's All Good!

                    So happy to hear about Stonegirl's good fortune! I'll bet the jewlry maker is kicking himself in the ass right now, wishing he'd made 80 more of those sparklers! Stonegirl sounds like she could sell ice-makers to eskimos.

                    It's all good news for me now! Saved all my plants from disaster by fixing up a bunch of newbie fuck-ups (thanks, PTD); my sinuses are all cleared up from all the deep nasal chanting I'm doing; I'm suddenly catching all the green lights at intersections; made some discoveries at work that made me a big hero; will very soon be doing the same work as a salaried employee with big benefits, more money, stock options, and more days off; the Tennessee skunk crop is about to show up in Hoosierland and I'll soon be stopping my 4-month reefer fasting after starting my new gig; my self-esteem is quickly growing as my shyness is shrinking; I was turned on to the very cool doctrine of the 12 linked chain of causation (thanks again, PTD); and best of all, I'm suddenly building a super relationship with a very special person who recently came into my life. I'm ridin' the crest of one huge wave right now! These are my happiest times in many years.

                    Trust what your heart is telling you! Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

                    Find the good, and praise it


                      fusion of reality and wisdom

                      (Jpn 'kyochi-myogo') The fusion of the objective reality or truth and the subjective wisdom to realize that truth, which is the Buddha nature inherent within one's life. Since enlightenment, or Buddhahood, is defined as the state in which one fully realizes the ultimate reality, the fusion of reality and wisdom means enlightenment. T'ien-t'ai (538-597) discusses this principle in 'The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra.' In 'The Annotations on "The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra," Miao-lo (711-782) associates Shakyamuni Buddha and Many Treasures Buddha as they are portrayed in the "Treasure Tower" (eleventh) chapter of the Lotus Sutra with the fusion of reality and wisdom. This chapter describes Shakyamuni Buddha seated side by side with Many Treasures Buddha in the treasure tower. Miao-lo writes that these two Buddhas seated in this manner signify the fusion of reality and wisdom. Nichiren (1222-1282) identifies the Law that underlies the fusion of reality and wisdom as Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and asserts that he embodies his enlightenment to that Law--the fusion of reality and wisdom--in the form of the Gohonzon, the object of devotion he established. In terms of Buddhist practice for people in the Latter Day of the Law, Nichiren maintained that, when they chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with deep faith in the Gohonzon, they achieve the fusion of reality and wisdom within their lives and are thus able to manifest the Buddha nature and attain Buddhahood. According to Nichiren, the Buddha nature constitutes reality, and faith in the Gohonzon, the embodiment of that nature, corresponds to wisdom. Nichiren states; "Reality means the true nature of all phenomena, and wisdom means the illuminating and manifesting of this true nature. Thus when the riverbed of reality is infinitely broad and deep, the water of wisdom will flow ceaselessly. When this reality and wisdom are fused, one attains Buddhahood in one's present form....What then are these two elements of reality and wisdom? They are simply the five characters of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo".

                      From the 'Dictionary of Buddhism



                        Well I have missed everyone. Haven't seen anyone in here the past few days. I guess life is kicking everyone.
                        Glad for all your Good Fortune GordyP! Good luck to ya and keep chanting. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.
                        Stonegirl, So happy to hear that your "showing" was a great success. As you knew it would be. I would love to know more about work and see your work. It must be very impressive. From one woman to another, I'm very very proud of you.
                        I guess SoCal has to finish reading the other half.
                        I have had a good week. Tired and trying to get back into life. I have to tell you........I miss Florida! So I'm a little homesick right now. Hope you guys return soon. SG


                          We are all here


                          Right with you every step of the way. Why no mention of the super benefit from your PM? Stonegirl says hi to everyone. She is too busy to read right now, let alone type. The boys had their big photo-shoot and it drew over forty people from their offices, to come see them in the studio.

                          It's amazing how crazy people go over seeing those three kids! At any rate, they are going to use big head shots rather than a picture of the three on them on one package, so now each one will be the face on small, medium, and large size retail packs. They are already 'famous'!

                          I've gotten my biggest benefit seeing two close friends enjoy knowing each other.

                          If you're missing Florida, I KNOW I am going to miss LA. Going back to asia in the next couple of days. Everyone hang in there!



                            good month

                            Just found out from my mgr in SLC that I went over my quota in my 1st month. Cool, huh?

                            My quota is 250K....I did almost 400K in October. Question is: Where is the $$$??? It's coming, its coming (and she said!)

                            Finally doing what I have the most experience and love for. I think I related how I got this job awhile back. All benefits from chanting. Cora and I are still chanting in the eve; really asking the gohonzon to show her the most amazing actual proof.



                              Dude, you deserved a good month.


                              Had you not had one, I would have been as disappointed as you. Sincerely and for reals. It was important for me to see you get this victory. I'm kind of getting down on myself again.

                              I knew you were jamming when your posts got sketchy. Just don't forget your online pals that helped launch that winning life condition. We need you as much as you need us. Drift off, and all you'll do is come running back saying, 'Now why did I do that? Damn it!"

                              And on your post a couple back when you say "Life force and devotion is what I also aspire for. Seems aspiration sometimes is all that is there." In my experience, wanting it will eventually lead to getting it. The Universe expects you to fail. There is no shame in this. The only failure that leads to shame is the failure to continue. Nothing more and nothing less.

                              It is the exception for one to escape delusion. This exception occurs only after countless failures. Only a moment separates it from your potential to your reality. The aspriation you seek and flail yourself for not achieving is an aspiration so rare and profound that it guarantees its own accomplishment.

                              To aspire for this devotion and life condition; to be one with the life force of Nichiren Daishonin, is the Buddha Way. You are a magnet in the making, well advanced in the process of its fabrication. Have confidence in that. Reveal yourself to be the Buddha that you are....

                              Through faith that never waivers.

                              That is the truest way to demonstrate this life force and devotion. Seems to me, after knowing you all of these years, you are very much on the right track, frankly.

                              Last edited by PassTheDoobie; 10-30-2004, 05:40.


                                I will never forget!

                                Doobie Dude,

                                How could I ever forget after what has transpired in my life in the last couple months???? I have so much appreciation. My life has turned around 180degrees.

                                My impatience is my delusion as my pocketbook is still not where I need and want it. This gets me down on ocassion. Having Cora chant with me now is helping me eleviate that.

                                Don't you get down now as this thread and others rely on your compassionate wisdom more than anything else. I mean that sincerely. You don't how I read some of your posts in awe. Because of your profound sincerity and compassion for others you must be bombarded every moment from the Devil of the Sixth Heaven.

                                Devil of the Sixth Heaven: The king of devils who dwells in the highest of the six heavens of the world of desire. He is also called Takejizaiten, the king who makes free use of the fruits of others' efforts for his own pleasure. Served by innumerable minions, he works to obstruct Buddhist practice and delights in sapping the life force of other beings. He corresponds to tenji-ma, the last of the three obstacles and four devils. Nichiren Daishonin interprets the Devil of the Sixth Heaven as the manifestation of the fundamental darkness (Japanese, gampon no mumyo) inherent in life.
                                See also: Mara. Source: Dictionary of Buddhist Terms and Concepts

                                Devil of the Sixth Heaven: (Jpn. Dairouten no Ma-o) Most powerful of the devils, who dwells in the highest of the six realms of the world of desire. He works to prevent believers from practicing Buddhism and delights in sapping the life force of others.

                                Everyone is always in my prayers.