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    So here's one of those chanting benefits...

    The wife and I get up and get ready to go out bicycling and are in a hurry to start our first independent day of exploration. Just as we are about to leave we decide to cool our jets and do gongyo and chant some daimoku. After finishing, the wife says she has the sense of feeling so much safer.

    We are bike riding through the town square of a major and ancient european city. It has been raining. Rail tracks criss cross the hundreds of years old brick pavements beneath us. I stand to drive more power into my accellerated pedeling, when at top speed and completely out of control I wipe out. The handle bars spin all the way around ripping off the headlight, as I catapult through the air over them.

    As my wife told the story of the scene, as she saw it riding from behind; she paid me the highest of compliments:

    "It didn't look like it could possibly be you!"

    Somehow in a split second I managed to do two summer-saults, tucking my head so it never hit anything, by landling on my wrist but somehow my watchband (a very good watchband, I might add) took almost all of the tork from the fall as I initially slid along on it on the slick brick pavement. Er something!

    Somehow I was saved without a scratch or bruise, with the exception of a tiny scuff of the first layer of skin on my knee that didn't even bleed. I had two cops over my face before I could get up, that I had to convince I wasn't hurt before they would let me go. They couldn't believe it.

    I couldn't either.

    Gotta love those Buddhist Gods!



      Easy Rider

      This is John Cameron Swayzee, coming to you from Amsterdam, where we've strapped this Timex watch band to the wrist of Buddhist bicycler, PassTheDoobie. He'll soon be giving our rugged timepiece band the ride of it's life as he races down a treacherous Holland street, hits this giant rut, then flys ass-over-applecart onto the pavement, riding this tough, but tastefully elegant, watchband all the way to curb.

      Here comes our cyclist now, traveling at a BREAKNECK SPEED! Watch closely now as he hits the rut.......and there he goes!!!
      Find the good, and praise it


        So then, here's another one.....

        We get to Paris. Had to take a different carrier there, Air France (which has the worst attitude of any carrier I have ever flown). We get the end of the baggage claim process and I am sweating and fretting. My large bag with most of my stuff in it hasn't come down the conveyor yet. Not lost luggage! From an international flight into a foreign country? Damn!

        After it becomes clear that it isn't coming, I am really pissed, but kind of surprised that the wife isn't in any way sharing my stress. She is almost smiling! "What a great life condition!", I'm thinking. However, as we begin walking toward lost luggage, to fill out a claim, she tells me what has happened. "I can't believe this! I thought about this happening before we took off!".

        "You thought they would lose our luggage and didn't say anthing to me?"

        "No, I thought how cool it would be if they did, as long as we actually eventually get it back! You know the new credit card we got that we have these free upgrades on? Well they also include as part of the deluxe membership package we got, lost baggage insurance! If these guys don't get that bag back to us within five hours, we get five hundred bucks!"

        "Yes, but that has all of my clean underwear and stuff in it."

        "That's what the money is for. They pay for you to buy new stuff, since you don't have access to your packed clothes. The money is for you to shop with. If you don't buy anything, you can't claim anything. If that bag isn't back at the hotel in five hours, we're going shopping!"

        We got to the hotel where I discovered to my surprise that I had NOT packed my clean underwear in the missing bag! Well the bag didn't arrive in the five hours, and we got too stoned and were too tired to go shopping. The next day we had set up business meetings with friends to legitimize the trip for tax purposes.

        The meeting we had set up was with one of the biggest vendors in Europe in their product specialization. His dad's dad built the business, so they are very old, established and moneyed. He was staying, and the meeting scheduled to take place, at the Paris Ritz Hotel. It was a wierd feeling to go through those revolving doors and look up at the security camera that had caught the last images of Princess Diana alive.

        I had nothing to wear to the Ritz now that the bag really wasn't back by the next day. It was almost 24 hours and no bag! So we called the customer care department. They said go shopping! If the bag isn't there within a 24 hour window, the insured amount goes up to $1500 per person. Since we are married and had shared clothing in the lost bag, we are BOTH entitled to the $1500 allowance! WE ¢å¢Ó¢Ü¢âSHOPPING!!!

        Can you imagine how much fun it is to spend $3000 on clothes in Paris for free? You have no idea. When you chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, and have a conviction to show actual proof for the sake of others, all kinds of great things happen to YOU as a result! I never stop talking about buddhism for this very reason.

        My realization is the thing that Gordy and SoCal both hit upon, and that I shared in commom with them as all three of us went through this shit at the same time: If you don't like yourself, you can't truly like anybody else.

        If you don't like yourself, you can't truly appreciate your life. Without appreciation, life is meaningless, and without meaning, there can be no lasting happiness. In short, feel joy for the things you have; rather than sadness, deprivation or envy for the things that you don't.

        The fundamental starting point is learning to like yourself again! It is the key to compassion for others which is the key to the fortune to experience lasting happiness in this lifetime. Give yourself a break, be your best friend!

        Just my .02.....



          awesome experience dude


          That is like one of the most unbelievable experiences I have ever heard. But then Nam Myoho Renge Kyo works in such mysterious and mindblowing ways. Wow! Can chant with a little more confidence hearing that. Glad you enjoyed your european adventure. Somewhat jealous, you know. Give my best to you lovely wife and a kiss to your kiddlings.

          And Gordy P, you have the makings of a marketing guru with your Timex adaptation. Very humorous. What kinda work are you doing now?

          Ive been kinda/sorta busy with my new gig so haven't been posting much lately. PTB...heard anything from SouthGirl???


            cool stuff

            Its like PTB is half a world away and we are like on the internet at the same time posting on IC.

            I would love to have a shopping spree in Paris! any others??? PTB says all you gotta do is chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.....cooooool. I'm doin it!


              Hangin' Free in Paris

              Leave it to that crazy twit to freak over his lost underwear. The real miracle here is that he's got a wife with enough brains and forethought to plan ahead and realize what a good thing it was he lost his tighty-whiteys! Oh, the things I would do with 3 G's if it suddenly dropped in my lap! Right now I'm picturing a big secluded grow room with about 10 big-watt hps grow lights, state of the art CO2 generator and a lifetime supply of the most bodacious kick-ass genetic seeds money can buy! Who needs clothes when you got that? To paraphrase the Fabulous Freak Brothers from Zap Comics, "Times with dope and no clothes sure beat times with clothes and no dope".

              Thanks for the compliment, SCH, but I'm sure as Hell no marketing man. Actually, I've been blinded by science and working as a Process Engineer in the battery business in the auto industry. It's a contract job (no benefits), but I'm gettin' real close to landing a full-time salaried gig in a metallurgy lab of another auto parts manufacturer. Do I need a life, or what? Happy to have reefer to smoke and take my mind off all that industry shit. Always lookin' forward to getting home every day to my dog Max, the clown prince of boxers. He loves it when I got dope to smoke and we howl at the moon together. With all the other similarities we seem to share, I'm bettin' you're a good ol' dog-man, too. They don't whine like kids, or bitch like wives.

              Visions of dope n' dogs dancin' in my head

              Find the good, and praise it


                Good Guess Gordy!

                SoCal is a serious dog dude. But aren't we all? Know many folks serious into this like us who doesn't? Dogs and Dope!

                Sounds like a great comic strip!

                Gordy don't forget the first rule of growing when you finally do....


                NO one! NO body! No one that can open their mouth to someone else they "trust". Don't break that rule under any circumstance and you will be OK.


                (if I could have spent the money on grow accessories, I would have too....)


                  Mum's the Word!!!

                  Dontcha worry, PTD; Mama didn't raise no fool.

                  Only the good folks here in this world can read about what's goin' on with me and this new hobby of mine. I've developed a good healthy wariness of people, places, and things over the years when it comes to reefer. From the beginning, no words have been spoken; only typed here in these forums. Man, you know how paranoid I've always been bout stuff like this! You were there 32 years ago when I started smokin' those $15 ounces of Mexican; sittin' inside a fuckin' CARDBOARD BOX with you in a BASEMENT (then stumbling across the street to Pay Less for thousands of glazed doughnuts....yummm). I AM thinkin' ahead to what the place might smell like, if I'm able to get some skunk seed all the way to flowering, but I'll cross that bridge when/if I come to it. Got lots of time to figure that one out.

                  .....just spent the last five minutes laughing my ass off when a dusty old door of my memory opened up: remember the lesson we learned about smell when we tried to dry out a pillowcase full of ditch-weed in your brother's clothes dryer? ...and we didn't think anyone would notice? (LLLOOOLLL!!!) Damn, I'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight cause I'm gonna keep remembering that one and crackin' up! Someone ought to start a comedy thread of old reefer memories on this site; bet there's a million of em' out there.

                  Happy to see your reply about how to spend your $3000 windfall from the luggage experience in Europe. Good to know I can still pull your chain once in awhile, you crazy fuck!

                  Always Being Careful,

                  Find the good, and praise it


                    You ole' Dogs crack me up. P-Doobie I can just imagine your ass taking first in the handle bars vault! :p And Gordo throwing herb in the dryer! Classic. Keep it up Ya'll and let me know when all gets to you Gordo.



                      Great Godo story

                      The first time GordyP did acid, he looked at me half-way through the trip and said in all seriousness,

                      "How much of this stuff would you have to take to be this way all of the time?"

                      God it's good to have GREAT friends!



                        What's love got to do with it?

                        This is the movie of the life story of Tina Turner.

                        Does anyone know what it's about?

                        You can be poor and be happy. You can be rich and be happy. You can have fame and riches beyond your wildest dreams, and still be in hell. It is all about you! It is about never, ever, ever, giving up. No fucking matter what! It is about winning against all odds. It is about becoming happy.

                        I hope ANYONE that has never had a chance to see this flick will go out and rent it! Please! NattyNattyGurrl!



                          Feel like I'm in the twilight zone....

                          Off again for the 4th eleven plus hour airplane ride in three weeks. Lots of heavy feelings right now because of so many peoples silence. I hope all is well with everyone and I trust I will survive the trip to say hello again...

                          enjoy what there is to enjoy...suffer what there is to suffer

                          I was able to attend a meeting with Vice President Takimoto yesterday! It was wonderful. I wish only the very best for all of you!

                          Take care everyone!



                            The Lesson of Water

                            What one values in the game is the play

                            What one values in the form is the moment of forming

                            What one values in the house is the moment of dwelling

                            What one values in the heart is the beating

                            What one values in the action is the timing

                            Because you flow like water
                            You can neither win nor lose

                            taken from the Tao Te Ching
                            (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                            Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                            your bud

                            Peace/ Be here now

                            Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                            The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


                              Thanks to my bud, babba!

                              You always come through. Thank you!

                              Southern Girl lives! God I have been scared to death for her! I am so happy to have gotten back to get a cell phone message she left for me Friday. I'm doing Sunday night again for the second time. This is just a quickie to stick my head in and send everyone my best wishes.

                              Please pray for Billy Goat! If you are like me and didn't know, he has run into some problems! Please send your prayers and warm thoughts his way!

                              To all of us that are struggling! We are all people that care for one another. You are never alone. If you suffer in secrecy, you are only hurting yourself. We have to do the work, but there are lots of people around that want us to win in life, be happy and be safe in the facing of these challenges.

                              Hang in there! If we use the strength we receive when we unite with others, the sun will rise, the darkness will fade away, and a new day will take us a step closer to winter becomming spring. Appreciate the good things and the bad things will diminish. Work at the good things, making them bigger and better, and the bad things will change or go away. The power of your own life is the difference.

                              YOU CAN DO IT!



                                I Stay in the Twilight Zone!

                                Hello Everyone!
                                Well this has been the longest 3 weeks of my life. I still haven't had a chance to absorb it all and the changes! Don't ever sit in front of your Gohonzon and say, "So where is it that I need to be to obtain my personal happiness and mission for Kosen Rufu?" Your ass will be blown out so fast you won't know how you got there! ha Seriously!
                                In 3 weeks time I have lost one home to a hurricane, claimed back another, traveled 2100 miles, changed jobs, and everything else in my life and moved my entire life from one state to another. The benefits and protection thru it all has been phenomenal. Too many to write at this time. It has all happened so fast that I still can't believe that I'm where I am. But I wasn't in Paris shopping for $3000 worth of underwear! PTB, I have not a clue what you were doing there or what is going on with you. When all of this completes then I will clue you in on the benefits. So much is still in progress. But the puter is up and I have missed reading about you all. Take care! Love, SG