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    You are in the right place...

    But it's been too long waiting to get that test out of the way. You couldn't possibly be in the right mind! Here's to hoping you can get growing as soon as possible!

    Oh ya, Did I mention that I got the wonderful surprise that the wife planned in a new completely stealth growroom, five or six times larger than the one before, with not only water, but a sink, and forced air in and out ventalation; secret, hidden, locked access with eight foot ceilings (more than 50 sq. feet)!

    Can't wait until November!



      All is one and one is all.


        New Look for the Junior Member

        Check it out!
        With a little help from a fellow member of the Growers Forums, this computer moron (me) was able to add a pic to his name. Had to start with one of my music heros from the 70's. You all are one great group to be a part of; makin' a middle-age fart like me feel like a 20-year old again. And if you happen to cross paths with "Spankin' Elvis" as you're browsing through the Growers Forum, please offer him a few kind words, and please . . .Don't Be Cruel!
        Kick Out the Chants, Brothers and Sisters!
        Find the good, and praise it


          Back to Pensacola

          Challenges are great and they continue but have been able to overcome them one by one,. I'm tired and drained and So Cal I appreciate you understanding I don't have much time to sit and chant. I do in my head, in the car, and laying down. I have spent hours on the phone trying to cooridinate two houses, two jobs, trucks, FEMA, etc etc. I think that I can't go anymore and something falls into place. Trust me, I know you guys are chanting. I will right more when I can. There isn't the time now. I have to go to MISS to get a truck, that is the closest but the guy felt sorry for me and is only charging me $450 for a 24ft budget truck to go 800 miles. THAT is a benefit! I would have to wait no telling how long and since the Gohonzon saved everything in my house I have to get it out before the place goes. Love toyou all, Tommy I sent you an email on your regular email address. Love, Cindy


            Over to Europe!

            So we are all going a mile a minute. SG, I hope you understand I would like to catch up with what has happened, and give you as much encouragement as I can, but you are too far from the nest this time little sister, and you don't need me to tell you what you need to do. Go or it. Use your wisdom. You have received a high priced education; time to put it to use!

            I am off to the airport! The Doobie brothers are being signed for TV commercials, a magazine cover and multiple shots all over the place (sides of busses and shit). This should be all of the media exposure they need to lauch their careers. Hopefully this will end up paying for their colleges.

            More from another third of a world away in a few days!



              Happy Travlin' To Ya, PTD

              Good luck to you in your travels and all your worldly ways, PTD!

              Wanted to thank you for your advice on keepin' my cool, and for your direction to the Wizards of Weed-Growing. Have made a couple contacts now and gotten lots of great knowledge from PMs and from staying on those postings. Hoping to make some re-arrangements here at my place soon, to make room for a new addition or two.

              So the Doobie Bros. are gonna be celebrities now! Take lots of pics for their scrapbook. Believe me, they'll freak when they see that stuff as teen-agers. A good reminder of how Mom and Dad have been lovin' them all those years. As teen-agers, they'll never admit how cool it is, especially to . . . PARENTS (UGH)! But it'll all change when that "phase" passes.

              Stay safe out there and come back soon with more knowledge from around the globe.

              May all the chants be with you,

              Find the good, and praise it


                The Heart Chakra

                Can you float through the universe of your body and not lose your way ?
                Flow with fire-blood
                Through each tissued corridor?

                Can you let your heart
                pump down red tunnels
                stream into cell chambers?

                Can you center on this
                Heart-fire of love?

                Can you let your heart
                pulse for all love
                beat for all sorrow
                throb for all pain
                thud for all joy
                swell for all mankind?

                Can you let it flow
                With compassion
                For all life?

                Taken from the Tao Te Ching
                (Medical Patient In Compliance)

                Nam myoho renge kyo !! Mugi wasshin
                your bud

                Peace/ Be here now

                Babba's Farm L.L.C.

                The political views, or conspiracy theories, of icmag ownership, do not reflect my own views and are sole property of the participants


                  the poet of the people, Walt Whitman

                  Why what have you thought of yourself?
                  Is it you then that thought yourself less?
                  Is it you that thought the President greater than you?
                  Or the rich better off than you? or the educated wiser than you?

                  in another poem:

                  What do you suppose I would intimate to you in a hundred ways,
                  but that man or woman is as good as God?
                  and that there is no God any more divine as Yourself?

                  Daisaku Ikeda says, "Yourself" here also can be read as Life - this is the realm of Buddhism and the world of the Lotus Sutra. Nothing is greater or worthier of respect than you yourself - this is the message that the Lotus Sutra calls out to every individual.


                    Never Sell Yourself Short

                    Wise words, SCH, from a great poet; and more wisdom from a great teacher.

                    The message I take from both is the same: when we allow the dark side of our nature to take the upper hand, we begin to deny ourselves feelings of importance or validity, we belittle ourselves and wear a mask of inferiority. Walt and Daisaku are asking us what possible good can ever be made by us ALLOWING this to happen? When there is infinitely more spiritual wealth and true happiness to be found when we embrace the enlightened portion of our nature, why do we sometimes persist in selling ourselves short?

                    I recently passed through a dark phase of my present existence when I felt I had no choice between the dark and the light; when all my rationalizations came to the same conclusion: I was basically useless to myself and to others around me, and whatever value my existence once served was now void. My kids were grown and were doing well without me, my wife and I split up, and I was laid off after working over 23 years at the same job career when the company left Indiana for Mexico. Everything appeared to be going wrong and my dark side was laughing it's ass off at me, convincing me I couldn't do a damn thing about it.

                    Since I'm not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, it took almost three years for me to realize this shit wasn't gonna get any better until I started liking ME! My darker nature was fooling me. I DID have a choice to do something about it. And so about a month ago . . . I did. I didn't move away, quit my not-so-great job, find a soul mate, or change much of anything in my day to day routine. I simply realized I had the power to make the choice and I chose to like, rather than loathe, ME.

                    In the past month, so much has changed my head's still spinning! I started waking up in the morning looking forward to the day ahead. Friends and family started coming my way from all directions, enjoying my company as I was enjoying theirs. My general health has improved as much as my outlook, and I'm now looking ahead to the future with confidence and lots of new plans (one of them being to grow myself some bodacious nuggets like the ones I'm seeing on the IC website - which was introduced to me by an old friend who, by the way, suddenly came out of the blue).

                    The choice belongs to US, brothers and sisters. The words of Walt Whitman and Daisaku Ikeda never rang truer or clearer for me than right now. Is it coincidence SoCalHippie decided to share them with us now? Don't know about that, but he (she?) sure timed it right to nail me between the eyes!

                    "Nothing is greater or worthier of respect than yourself"
                    NEVER sell yourself short.

                    Find the good, and praise it


                      so similar Gordy


                      I don't know you but reading your post led me to feel a connection to your life in a way that is mind blowing. The poem by Whitman had a great reflection on my life as well and then hearing your 'dark period' expressed....its like so similar to mine in so many ways. The timing is is scary in that everything you said pretty much co-insides with my recent experiences. I don't even know you but we must have some karmic connection. Wow! it still is making me think deeply about you and what you have gone thru....mirroring me!

                      I too was in a long marriage that broke up unhappily after 20 yrs. My kids (3)are older and on their own. My career, after being with a company for 9yrs(the longest I had ever worked for a firm) was lost after the recession in the mid-90's and it seemed ever since a 'dark cloud' hovered over my existence. No hope, no courage; not alot of positive optimism in anything. Late last yr, a best friend of 25 yrs died, my father died 2 weeks later, my mother suffered her 2nd stroke and had to be put in a convalescent home, my significant other at the same time found out she had breast cancer and was facing a future treatment of 2 surgeries, chemo for 3 mos and radiation for 2 mos......and,of course my job(s) sucked.....

                      This last occurence, my gf's cancer is what made me start to really practice (chant) again. My total focus was on her total recovery from this nasty disease and I chanted and chanted and chanted. I am happy to say at this time that she is a cancer survivor and cancer free and from my sincere prayers and practice I have come to realize alot about myself and what was making me suffer so.

                      I didn't like ME! what I had become and who I was. I never want to go there again!!! Ever! Once you begin to change that, you can appreciate your life again....and when that happens, you actually can open your heart and let others in. This is my life changing experience. For me, only thru chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo could I experience this and change this fundamental darkness in my life so I could become happy (again) and really enjoy life in its fullest.

                      I feel it is only by challenging adversity that we can develop the depth of faith necessary to enjoy happiness in this world. Obstacles arise as a function of the fundamental darkness innate in life, personified in Buddhism as "the Devil of the Sixth Heaven," which acts to keep us ignorant of our Buddha nature.

                      Gordy P....its nice to know ya!!! and good luck on those buds



                        I really hate to see you leave Natty. You are such a caring and sensitive person and I am sorry your experiences with some a**holes on IC has made you not participate any further.

                        I believe here at the chanting growers thread you have been treated with the utmost respect and you have never felt threatened in any way. Please reconsider if you read this. Chanting growers is a 'safe' place for all.


                          Keepin' Up With the Jones

                          Hey out there, Enchanted Land,

                          Junior Member GordyP reporting. Been reading my ass off, catchin' up with as many threads as possible, but this is the one I'm calling home. As a state-bound Indiana lifer, really enjoying the news from soooo many growers not only around this country, but around the globe! Gotta say contributors to this thread are unique with their mystic views on cause and effect, BUT... regardless where in the world postings come from, I keep finding myself grinnin' and noddin' when I read how similar we all are when it comes to the wildwood weed. Never heard of so much togetherness, helpfulness, generousity, and commonality from so many people, livin' all types of lives, in every fuckin' part of the world! Thanks, PTDoobie, for turning me on to this combination school, temple, and party. Hope you can find some time soon from all your traveling and diaper-changing to check in on your peeps here and give us all an update!

                          nattynattyG, sounds like you've been travlin' a rocky road for awhile but have bounced back with love and smiles for everyone! You stick around now and help keep the party goin'. For every A-hole I've found in the Grower's Forum, I've found a hundred super people there with advice and kind words (and Lots-O-Laughs).

                          And SCHippy, thanks for your reply and relating to my feelings about how great it feels to RESPECT YOURSELF. Damn, sounds like you've been down a rougher road than I have, with so many relatives and friends being ill or movin' on to the next life, and all so close together in time. Thinkin' about you a lot now. It's good to have buds out there who can relate so much with your feelings there's a kinship developed. It's gonna be a hoot traveling through the middle ages with ya, bro. I can tell from the thoughts you've been posting that you've bounced back with a vengence, too! You've got a strong heart and a sharp mind, and together with your faith, you've weathered the worst of times.

                          Now for the BEST of times! This is a Grower's Forum, and I'm always on the prowl for some growin' advice. I gotta get caught up with all this genetic stuff I keep reading from everyone: Orange, Blueberry, Strawberry, Bubblegum reefer? It's all lost in translation to an old fart like me, stuck here in the heartland these 50 years. Sounds like it's gotta be worth the expense and effort to grow and clone, but I gotta say how partial I am to that sweet n' pungent crop of Tennessee Skunk as it'll be finding it's way up here to Hoosierland pretty soon. It's gettin' better every year! If/When I ever send away for genetics from Seeds Direct or BOG, which variety will give me that good ol' Skunk flavor I like so much? I'm used to smokin' pot grown in the great outdoors, but I'm quickly putting space and gear together to farm my first indoor crop now that I've been inspired by I.C. Which genetic seed(s) can I grow indoors that'll give me that Tennessee flavor - I'm already assuming the buzz will set me on my ass, regardless of what "flavor" it is. Help an old man out, will ya?

                          Keep chantin' out the Jams, brothers and sisters,

                          Find the good, and praise it


                            Told ya I don't leave....I like to check out everything

                            No, I am not high-jacking this thread, just here to help! It's a great thread by the way, everyone could learn something by reading this long-ass thread!
                            Here are two very good skunks':
                            15$ -
                            25$ -

                            Peace, tRu
                            Originally posted by NOKUY
                            havent smoked schwag since 1993...havent paid for weed since then either (ppl pay me)
                            Support Your Local 420
                            ~~Pipehitters Union~~
                            THC & CBD R Good 4 U!
                            Your Government is Lying!

                            My DIY LST Techniques (With Pics)

                            The Union Movie: The Business Behind Getting High


                              tRu-ly the MAN!


                              What a nice surprise to come home from a hard day's work on a Friday afternoon, kick back with a cold beer in front of this tube to check out my fav-or-ite place to be in computerland, and find your helping hand directing me to some dynamite-lookin' Skunk seed! OOOOOH, just lookin' at the pic of that fat, fuzzy, red-haired bud of Sen Sensi Skunk, I'd swear I could smell that familiar odor comin' right out of the screen! I get a big kick outta reading the paragraph descriptions Seeds Direct puts with their MJ varieties. Some of em' really crack me UP!

                              Man, the guy who started this thread is a born and raised Indiana boy like us (though you'd never know it now). You know your input here is welcome ANY time, brother. I'm out there about every night scanning all the threads that look interesting to me, and most of them do. Happy to see you found my call for help.

                              I'm about finished rounding up all the necessities for my seed bed and grow "room". Probably spend some time this weekend puttin' the pieces together. Gotta get my heat and humidity tuned in before I get started. I'll think about CO2 generators, ultra-ventilation schemes, and fruit-flavored reefer genetics down the road when I've got one or two decent harvests to my credit. As always, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

                              Keep em' Green and Growin'

                              Find the good, and praise it


                                What a way to start my day!

                                Dudes and Dudettes!

                                What up? Back from the EU, and had the time of my life. What a GREAT time! I smoked SO MUCH GREAT POT! The wife spoiled me with some great new duds, and we laughed our asses off for 10 straight days! The Mystic Law was very kind to us time and time again!

                                Where the hell is Southeren Girl?

                                I now understand what all of the fuss is about with NYCD and Haze!

                                Gotta try and call SG right now and then report more in the next post! Gordy and SCH! You two fucks! I have been telling you about each other for over 30 years! I knew you would get along like best friends because you already are and have been for many, many lifetimes.

                                I never knew how it would happen, but always knew you two would be clones in your lifeviews and as it turns out, experiences. You both have the same relationship with me from two different periods of my life. I can¡¦t tell you how much joy it brings me to hear you two talk to one another the way you are now. I am glad ICmag has brought out the friendship you both have the opportunity to share!

                                I have gotten SOOOOO¡@¢õ¢é¢ö£B¡@¢ê¢í¢ö¢í¢î¢ñ ¢ü¢û¡I